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Seeking meaning in a purpose driven life is a part of human nature. Humans attempt to find meaning through value and positive social afflictions. Judaists in particular base their meaning of life, in a primary belief in God, As Karen from the Jewish board of studies NSW says that Jewish adherents “Belief that there is only one God, the Creator of the world, who also provided guidelines for how we should our lives and thereby make ourselves better people and the world a better place. By equating the meaning and purpose of life by searching for the ultimate reality through the transcendent. They acknowledge the Bible and Jewish Religious literature by using anthropomorphic language to develop a deeper meaning, and to gain understanding of the nature of God. A way of gaining purpose of life and meaning is through the occasional stopping and thinking about our lives and experiences. This as an individual decision and sense can lead us to find meaning and purpose to the lives we already live.

Jewish adherents principally believe in the 13 articles of Faith. Which are

God is the creator

God is one

God is incorporeal

God is eternal

God alone is to be worshipped

God has spoken through prophets

Moses was the greatest prophet.

The whole Torah was revealed to Moses

The Torah is the unalterable word of God.

God has knowledge of and concerns for everything humans do

God rewards those who keep the mitzvoth and punishes those who do not follow them

The messiah will come

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