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Essay: Exploring the Impact of Image Delivery on Comfort Women’s Lives Around the World

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Image delivery a lot of things such as information, facts by contrast with talking and writing once in a while. It can be able to appear the phenomenon which the language is all in our mind. To think about its fact of existence or nonexistence, its importance occupy the great scale of our life, just we fail to recognise about it. If so that image is added with talking and writing, then it can be ‘perfect’? In the photo collection, I would take some photos about the comfort women’s life who live in around all over the world, along with the movie will be adapt. In this essay, I will give a detailed account about processing how it can be adapted into an evidence of taking and a short video medium, while summarising the differences and the similarities which would mention from such an adaptation between these two mediums. Eventually, my aim is to communicate with people how much they can understand and recognise about it through both of mediums- photo collection and movie, and to describe to how these mediums can create the people’s awareness about the comfort women in the world. In addition, the importance of the existence of the image will be found.

Firstly, we learned about a single lens reflex camera; was the Asahi Pentax K1000, and it use a 35mm black and white film. Gwen Wark mentioned into a writing that titled ‘Definition of Black and White Photography’ (2011), that ‘black and white photography, also called monochrome, is the culmination of several other discoveries and inventions.’ And he wrote in additional that ‘the resulting image is limited to monochromatic hues, although filters may be applied to give a hue or tint. Different photographic processes and toners may also give a different hue to a black and white photograph.’ To describe with illustration, selenium-based toners give a reddish-brown hue, while sepia tones give an oxidized, brown hue. These chemicals combine with the colloidal silver in the exposed photograph differently, creating different chemical reactions and producing different results.  

Film that we used during our course was very sensitive to light. To produce a perfect photo, we had to check the exactly right amount of light which hit the film through the camera lens; the exposure by its name. According to this kind of the light exposure, a sensation can be changed that want to express through the photographs. The difference things that make the degree of lighting is only place where we are in and the light energy. In generally, it means that the exposure time play an important role for a perfect photo. Hence, I hope to use this feature for the comfort women’s photographs. ‘Up to 200,000 women are estimated to have worked as comfort women in Japan’s military brothels, most of them Korean.’ (Williamson, 2015) In quality, around the globe they deserve a consolation and compensation about what they were experienced suffering. Nevertheless, the society is not having any of it even an attention.  The trade of comfort women is just a massive violation of human rights that is been left out of our textbooks, leaving the individuals embroiled in the atrocious practice to be remembered merely as abstract characters in a taboo history.

According to Sontag (1977), ‘photographing any subject should bring out the correctness and suitability of the thing getting photographed. One should put one’s self into a positive relation to the world that feels like knowledge and therefore like power. However, it is the photographers who decide what object to take a photo of, what angle to frame the photo, which photography technique to use and what elements should be excluded from the photograph.’ And the standards have been set on images to ensure their accuracy, because of the viewer’s reliance on the truth of the photographs. I believe it can be used to help to make known realities about the comfort women and to solve these problems together. By the way, a substantial viewer must be allured to the photo collection I will be taking, as a matter of fact. Then it can be diverted the vision of the society looking at the women while the dominant player’s countries ignore them. Through this medium, the effect of variation must be peppered throughout the whole world, like as Psy’s Gangnam Style which is popular in many countries by YouTube and worldwide issues which is diffused by the mass media live in real time. I will do this by Dr. Julianne Newton who is a visual journalism professor at the University of Oregon. She said, ‘Images affect memory, and behaviour, and values. Images affect what you believe about yourself, about others, and about the world out there. Images are powerful, and visual ethics is about the appropriate use of powerful images.’ (Winslow, 2007) And this photo collection have to name as “Comfort Women’s Agony: past and present”, which would help to open people’s eyes who do not know about their greatness and just show a cold manner. However, an important point to attention while taking photos, is that the topic of the collection is a great pain for them. This is because they were forcibly drafted into sexual servitude by the Army. So, in order to make the collection, it must be paid special attention. And then, it can be made to be able to feel lots of thigs about their sorrow and deep resentment through each photos which describe a feeling of their own as much as I can into the photos.

A managing method is that it would be the creation a movie based on the photo collection. Although movie is not the most powerful medium, it is one of the mediums which arrest a lot of people’s attention globally. Hence, it would be easier spread through the media market. Following the UK film as underlined in Chapter 10, the Treasury considers that ‘Cinematic film provides a universal and readily accessible medium for the expression and representation of British culture and national identity. Films can help reflect, explore and challenge our diverse history, cultural beliefs and shared values.’ And they concluded ‘it is not only help us to reach a better shared understanding of Britain and its place in the world, but is also instrumental in spreading awareness and appreciation of British culture around the world.’ An age structure of cinema audience diverse. By the Korean Film Council (2015), a movie, ‘Roaring Currents (2014)’, hold the highest number of spectator- audiences totalling over 1,761 million. In other words, with or without a box-office determinants, movie would be one of the highest promotional mediums. So this prove my idea that an adaptation of the photo collection into a movie would influence at a high rate, while still remaining opinions from a reliable source.

Additionally, the movie would benefit towards the facts and information obtained from the photo collection, and as further more emphasis on its problems which must get solved to realism, would aim for my piece’s actual owner.

In conclusion, I have explained roughly my stimulation for my photo collection about the comfort women, while communicating the various ways I would use in order to accomplish that thought. I have suggested that the adaptation of my photo collection into a comfort women’s story movie by accepting the defects of photo collection and due to a goal to as captivate an audience as possible. I have tried to ensure the moral facticity of a photo collection and a movie by committing to appear reality through as a more accurate method as possible. Moreover, I demonstrated the way in which my pieces were made up in connection with various examples from the media. And it used the high specific of movie, a number of the factual information, and performed the well-founded ideas. And or realism inducing movie and photo techniques, that I believe that this would be start something up after the public’s awareness of comfort women. I have described how the media as a tool can be caused the permanent effects or can be aggravated the situation in the society as a whole. Additionally, I have shown I will use this way in order to change the public’s perception about the comfort women and the current social situation. While I have mentioned about the comfort women in this essay, plenty of minority groups are in activity for them, and now survivors of all people advance their opinion to the society. As a result, the society begin to be concerned about them. However, still quite lots of things should be changed.

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