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Essay: The Sound System of English Language: Understanding Phonology and Vowel Sounds

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Language is defined as:

The way of communication and source of communication. Language is the main path to meet with each other.


Language is a system of usual and traditional speech, speak and writing. All nations have their own languages to which they communicate each other.


Phonology is the branch of linguistics which concerned with the study of sound system of languages, it is the physiology and anatomy of English language. It has concerned with the organs of speech and it use in our daily life whenever using English language.


A set of material for the replication, reproduction and amplification of sound.

  The pattern and design of the English sound system make the proper sense in the sentence. The sentence should be making in the sequence and link with the sound of a previous sentence and also next sentence. The patterns of the English sound system make sense in form of how sounds are made,  

particularly for vowels and  how sounds are perceived.  There is a connection and relation between English spelling system and English sound system. The relationship between sound and spelling is neither straightforward nor obvious.

Although it is obvious in an intellectual, cognitive sense that sounds and letters are not the similar  thing most educators working through sound system of English language will on occasion make errors through mistaking sounds for letters. The sound system of English language is easy understood, it becomes easier to make sense out of the spelling system and it becomes possible and attainable to make some sense out of the paragraphs educators and people have learning to spell, speaks and also learn the pronunciation of modern English language.


There are two major types of sound are given below:




The letters in English (A,E,I,O,U) are called vowels. Sometimes Y is called the vowel. The letter Y can be a vowel in the words fly, cry, sky, dry, etc. The letter Y also a consonant in the words yam, yesterday, yoyo, yarn, etc. These five or six letters stand for about 20 vowel sounds in most English speech.


1- Monophthongs

2- Diphthongs



Monophthongs is a Greek language word which divide into two simple words where ‘mono’ is the first word which means ‘single’ or ‘one’ and the second word is ‘phthong’ whose meaning is ‘tone’ or ‘sound’. The words which spoken in one sound or only in one tone execute these are called Monophthongs. In vowels sounds there are 12 Monophthongs in English sound system. These vowel having pure vowel sounds which are unchanged. These types of vowels are also known as STABLE VOWELS.


A tone produced by combining two vowels in a single syllable. In Diphthongs two adjacent sounds of vowels in the same syllable. The process of the movement of sound from first vowel to another this movement of sound is known as GLIDING. Thus Diphthongs vowels are also called gliding vowels and moving vowels.








A consonant is a speech sound of pronounciation. The word consonant comes from latin which means “letter”. The word consonant is also used to refer a letter of an alphabets that denotes a consonant sound.In the English alphabets there are 21 consonants b,c,d,f,g,h,j,k,l,m,n,p,q,r,s,t,v,w,x,y and z.When we pronounced the consonants the tongue,lips and teeth are take part to move.Consonants are majority in English alphabets. Consonants are all the non-vowel sounds, or their corresponding letters: A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y are not consonants.The International Phonetic Association(IPA) is a system invented by linguistics to assign a unique and unambiguous symbol to attached each consonant. In consonants there are so many sounds but some sounds are voiced, like b, d, g and some are voiceless, like t, p, k are unvoiced consonants.


• “Knowledge” in this word k is unvoiced.

• “Guard” in this word g & d both are voiced.



 A part,unit of pronounciation having with or without consonants or vowel sound forming the whole or a part of a word.when we define syllable it means in which parts we pronounce a word. When two (or more) vowels are next to each other, the number of syllables depends on the number of vowel sounds. Syllable is also the basic components in phonetics and phonology.


• Cat is a syllable having only one syllable.

• Canada is also a syllable having three syllables.


There are some types of syllable are given below:

1- Monosyllable

2- Disyllable

3- Trisyllable

4- Polysyllable

1- Monosyllable:

A word that consists of a single,one syllable is called a monosyllable and is also called monosyllabic.


• Cap

• Dog

• Jump

These are the examples of monosyllable.

2- Disyllable:

A word that consists of two syllables is called a disyllable and is also said to be disyllabic.


• Water ( Wa & ter )

• Candle ( Can & dle )

• Pencil ( Pen & cil )

These words are include as the examples of disyllable.

3- Trisyllable:

A word that consists of a three syllables is called a trisyllable and is also said to be trisyllabic.


• Beautuful ( Beau, ti & ful )

• Potato ( Po, ta & to )

• Triangle (Tri, an & gle )

These words are include as the examples of trisyllable.

4- Polysyllable:

A word that consists of more than three syllables is called polysyllable.


• Watermelon ( Wa, ter, me & lon )

• Avocado ( A, vo, ca & do )

• Independent ( In, de, pen & dent )

These are the examples of polysyllable.


Foot is defined as:

“A word contains two syllable these two syllables combines and are called foot”.


• Banana ( Ba, na & na )

Banana contains three syllables in which two syllables combine and become a foot.


The definition of footnote is “A note that gives more logical and creative information and detailed about the single page of any topic at the bottom of the page”, so which reader easily understand the main idea of the page. It is used bottom of every page as a conclusion of page.


• Main idea in the form of conclusion.

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