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Essay: Nestle’s 80 Yrs of Quality & Care in Middle East: History, Growing Presence & Social Impact

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Back the legacy and history of Nestlé Middle East to more than 80 years, specifically to 1934, when it was first imported in Lebanon operation. Since then, the company founded by the girl on consumer confidence which managed to become the region's leading company in the field of nutrition, health and wellness.

Nestle today owns 18 factories meet the needs of the region and provide direct employment to more than 11,000 people, belongs more than half this number to Nestle Waters; as well as indirect job opportunities for thousands of others from various countries in the region.

Ncit Nestlé Middle East officially in 1997, and located its head office in the United Arab Emirates, to manage the company's total business in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates), as well as Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Yemen – are covered in a total population of more than 220 million *.

The company's total investment in the region reached US $ 400 million over the last five years. The Middle East for Nestle represents growth, promising future, talent, skill, and innovation; it also represents some of the challenges in business administration.

Middle East feature is the diversity of all the punch of meaning. There are nascent economy and other advanced as there are people of other rich and live on a small income. The majority of consumers and beneficiaries are from the younger generation, but the proportion of older people is growing.

Nestle fully understand the health challenges facing the region and to ensure that their products have been designed according to the latest nutritional recommendations for healthy living. The Nestle mission is to improve the quality of people's lives to provide good food and drinks everywhere. In the Middle East, we strive to do this by providing a range of delicious and healthy products that meet local needs in terms of quality, safety, delicious taste and fun – also meet the needs of specific nutrition to contribute to a healthy and balanced system for all ages.


The grasslands of the largest competitors Nestlé where today possesses huge production lines include both dairy contributing by 45 of the profits, juices and poultry products, cooking, desserts, yogurt and bakeries% to be the latest of infant formula manufacturing, in partnership with Mead Johnson Nutrition, to its quest to acquire the activities of business outside the Gulf states a consumer buys his belongings from foreign companies including Nestle, the Swiss company, the first food company in the Forbes list of America.

Perhaps what happened with the global company the size of Nestle regarding product of infant formula under the Nestlé name, produced milk contaminated with melamine industrial chemical that led to its withdrawal from the market, and stop all imported shipments, highlighting a major challenge in the face of grassland, new in this area in order to quality assurance in product and earn the trust of customers.

Suppliers :

Thanks to its ability to develop innovative solutions to provide broad support, awarded the company "Nestle" US company "Rockwell Automation" Supplier Award purchases and praised the "Nestle" the United States the ability of "Rockwell Automation" superior to look at the results card to manage relationships with suppliers across the organization "Rockwell Automation" use it as a resource to assess the performance of the company "Nestle".

economic conditions for nestle :

Last year was challenging . We will continue to be disciplined in driving our performance in line with the Nestlé Model of profitable growth and resource efficiency. We therefore expect our 2014 performance to be similar to last year and again weighted to the second half, outperforming the market, with growth around 5% and improvements in margins, underlying earnings per share in constant currencies and capital efficiency.

Sales of CHF 18.9 billion, 5.6% organic growth, 4.8% real internal growth; 18.9% trading operating profit margin, -10 basis points.

    The Zone’s real internal growth outpaced the market with strong performances particularly in Africa, the Middle East, Indonesia and Malaysia. Also noteworthy was Japan where a focus on innovative products and business models delivered good growth in the long-standing subdued trading environment. Pricing in the Zone reflected our commitment to remain competitive in the face of relatively low inflation.

    Most categories in the Zone contributed, notably ambient dairy and cocoa and malt beverages which grew double-digit with Milo a highlight. Ambient culinary and chocolate enjoyed high single-digit growth. Again there was a high level of innovation across the Zone. We successfully launched new Hungroo Maggi noodles and Alpino in India, and in the Middle East Nescafé Traditional Arabic Coffee. In Central and West Africa we continued the roll-out of the new Nido Nutripack and fortified Maggi products and in Egypt Dolceca ice cream. In China, Yinlu had a particularly strong year, helped by its new premium congees. Another strong performer in China was the adult and senior nutrition milk powder range Yiyang. A slowdown in its category had an impact on Hsu Fu Chi.

    The Zone’s trading operating profit margin was 18.9%, down 10 basis points. External events in different parts of the Zone were challenging. Nonetheless our effective portfolio management and increased efficiencies helped mitigate the effects and allowed us to increase brand support driving strong real internal growth and market share gains.

social cultural for nestle :

As an integral part of the communities we operate in, Nestlé teams up with various organisations in the Middle East to provide aid, relief, support and material needs to places damaged by war and natural disasters. We also work with NGOs and charitable institutions to help children suffering from various illnesses, as well as children separated from their parents due to tragedies.

Recent social development programs we have participated in include the Dubai Cares charitable campaign, wherein the funds that we raised were contributed towards providing children in developing countries with access to quality primary education. We also supported the cause of women's participation in the economic growth of the region, under the aegis of Dubai World and FORSA.

In support of cultural preservation, Nestlé contributed to the restoration of historical sites in Syria, such as the Damascus Citadel.

In appreciation of our humanitarian efforts to war-ravaged regions of Lebanon, where Nestlé provided food and shelter for the needy, we were awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Nestlé in the Middle East also joined hands with numerous government organisations to play an active role in rebuilding regions of Oman adversely affected during Cyclone Gonu in June 2007 .


Emirates National Oil Company Limited "Enoch," the Dubai-based, was established in 1993 with limited liability in the Emirate of Dubai; a wholly owned subsidiary of Dubai Investments, owned by the Dubai government.

And took "Enoch" Since its founding in 1993, it is important steps towards achieving the general objectives, which expects to achieve a wide and rapid increase in work projects as the company, either directly or indirectly owns 31 Hrkhtabah and joint ventures.

And working "ENOC" through five sectors, namely:

• logistics, trade and manufacturing sector: by addressing natural gas and gas condensate and oil trade.

• storage facilities sector: by storing various petroleum and chemical products.

• Marketing Industry: that the marketing of jet fuel, lubricants, chemicals and industrial products.

• Retail sector: by selling fuel and provide services that are not associated with fuel at service stations.

• projects and other investments sector: includes investments in companies and participate in a variety of commercial activities.

Meaning "ENOC" today to provide the necessary support distinctive growth of Dubai energy; where you play an influential role on most of the developmental aspects and thus taking its name firmly on the world stage thanks to its support for the sectors of oil, chemicals, aviation, shipping, storage, and information technology, retail, travel, real estate .

The company enjoys high responsibility and credibility as well as its continuous innovation and development, making it the best partner in the energy sector. "ENOC" It also seeks to achieve further global expansion, starting from the shores of the United Arab Emirates and down to the Far East, Europe and Africa.

The company will now enter a new phase of the exercises in the growth of trade and diversity.

social cultural for Enoc :

Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) "launched the career rules of conduct" to serve as a practical guide ensures consistency of staff performance with applicable laws and regulations, and their commitment to the principles of integrity and ethical standards; which in turn lays a solid foundation for sustainable future growth.

 Benefit the "thread" of the leading position enjoyed by "of Enoch," in order to find opportunities to motivate employees to contribute to the development and construction of an educated society with a healthy sense of social responsibility.

As you look after "ENOC" the development of the work environment in the institutions used many methods to promote a balance between personal and professional life for employees, and by increasing cultural and health awareness, and promote special programs employ highly qualified and retention.

And "ENOC" strives to be a positive active member of the community through its position as a trading company or employer or institution committed to the principles of social responsibility. In addition to its leadership in the field of community initiatives and active participation in civic activities, the "ENOC" train and support individuals from underprivileged social groups across many internal training programs that will give them new opportunities to upgrade the lives of their families.


Suppliers are selected according to the conditions and accepted standards in the selection of suppliers, which reflects the quality of service and product.

Considered Halikun area, located in the eastern part of the Caspian Sea in the territory of the Republic of Turkmenistan, the main area of productive assets the company.

It is the (company's global technology services) institution of administrative and technological consultancy, and information technology value-added services to many customers in various sectors and geographical areas.

Gulf  Energy  Maritime  main provider and independent tanks petroleum production.


It has been the United Arab Emirates to adopt liberal economic model and adopt competitive mechanisms and prevent monopoly, and pursuant market forces that link at the end of the matter to the optimal allocation of resources available to the State in order to achieve efficiency in the employment and fair market entry and exit. However, not only for the market to provide the environment in which each item within the state price equal to the difference in its signs as a market one.

In the area of distribution of hydrocarbons found in the state four companies compete and owns plants for distribution and are the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company "ADNOC", a company owned by the Abu Dhabi government, owns 170 fuel stations are concentrated in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and spread in the northern emirates except Dubai. The second company is the Emirates National Oil Company "ENOC", and the third Emirates Petroleum Products Company "EPCO", which are owned by the Dubai government, and they have 180 distribution in Dubai and the Northern Emirates Station. Finally, there is the Emirates General Petroleum Corporation "Emarat", which owns 150 stations .

economic conditions for Enoc :

The ENOC company has increased its revenue by 50%, while profits rose by 39% and has recorded all of its major business units in marketing sectors, retail and storage facilities, logistics, trading, manufacturing, positive performance benefiting from increased demand in the market where the company has expanded its presence in the many of the key emerging markets in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, which has contributed to increasing the size of Aaidaha.

Company achieved the highest refining capacity in the 2013, with a growth of 28% compared with 2011, as increased storage facilities recorded in the capacity by 33%, while sales to third parties grew by 49%.

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