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Essay: The Story of Lincoln Electric: Their Passion, Technology, and Commitment to Employees and Shareholders

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Lincoln electric  is a manufacturing company developing  some of the highest quality welding equipment, cutting and joining products their passion is developing technologies. That allows the user to be more productive and successful by using their equipment. Lincoln electric distinguishes themselves through an unwavering commitment to their employees and a relentless drive to maximizing their shareholders value. John C Lincoln founded  the Lincoln Electric company with a capital of only $200 the product John C Lincoln design was an electric motor of his own design. From 1900 to 1919 a welding set is first made by the Lincoln brothers. Lincoln Electric introduces the first variable voltage single operated portable welding machine in the world. The company is primarily engaged in the manufacturing and in sales arc welding products, electric welding machines and metal electrodes the Lincoln company also produces electric motors which constitute about eight to ten percent of their total sales. James Lincoln stated all money usually needed for the expansion is supplied by the customer in retained earnings. It is obvious that the customers interest and not the stockholders should come first.  James C Lincoln's philosophy is the last group to be considered are the stockholders who own stocks because they think it will be more profitable than investing money in the company and in any other way. Attitude towards unions James C Lincoln  criticize the labor movement for selfishly attempting to better their position at the expense of the people it must serve, but he still had kind words for union members to excuse their abuses of Union power as the natural reaction of human beings to the abuses to which management has subjected them. James C Lincoln's idea of  the correct relationship between workers and management  are properly not warring camps they are part of one organization in which they must and should cooperate happily and fully.  Lincoln Electric desire goal in business is  fulfilling customers needs. Employees performance and productivity are the means in which these goals can be best achieved, it is Lincoln's attitude toward his employees which create the  success  in his company.  One of the greatest fear of the workers which is the same greatest fear of the industrialist is when operating a company with a lack of income. The industrial manager has to be very conscious of his companies need for uninterrupted income.  He has to be just a eager as any  other manager to be part of a team that is organized and is working to advance in our economy. He has no desire to make profit for those who are not holding up their end in production, any absentee stockholders or inactive individual within the company. There must be complete honesty and an understanding between worker and management if high efficiency is to be obtained. Lincoln employs 2,400 workers in two u.s. factories. Exceptional worker performance at Lincoln Electric worker are proceedingly busy and thoughtfully about their task there is no idle chatter most workers take no coffee breaks there are many employees who operate several machines and make substantial component unaided. Manufacturing procedures appear efficient and they are no unnecessary steps, no wasted motion and no wasted materials finish components are moved smoothly and subsequently two other workstations. Organization culture structure at Lincoln Electric they have never had a formal organization chart the objective of this policy is to ensure maximum flexibility, and an open door policy is practiced throughout the facility personnel are encouraged to take problems to an individual that is most capable of resolving them. Perhaps because of James C Lincoln's enthusiasm in quality the Lincoln Workforce supervision is almost non existent. Each supervisor evaluate his subordinates twice a year, the employees performance criteria, quality and dependability ideas and cooperation as well as output they considered to be independent of each other individuals scores normally range from 80 to 100. Personal policies recruitment and selection at Lincoln Electric they are advertises internally on their companies bulletin board any employee can apply for any job so advertised, external hiring is only done for entry-level positions selection for these jobs are done by personal interviews  there is no aptitude or psychological testing not even a high school diploma is required except for engineering and sales positions which are only filled with graduated engineers. After one year each employee is guaranteed that they will not be fired or discharged except for misconduct and they are guaranteed at least 30 hours of work each week, since 1949 there has been no layoffs at Lincoln Electric. Employees participation and in decision-making at Lincoln's Electric formal Authority is quite strong Lincoln electric places a good deal of stress in protecting management authority. Management in all successful departments of the industry must have complete power. Management is the coach who must be obeyed. The men/ employees however are the players who can win the game  Despite this attitude employees participate in management at Lincoln in several ways the most important participative technique Lincoln Electric uses is giving more responsibilities to employees they stated we give more responsibilities to a high-school graduate than any other company gives their foremen. Training and education production workers are given a short period of on-the-job training and then placed on a piecework pay system. Lincoln Electric a medical plan and the company paid retirement program has been in effect for many years,  

 In conclusion it is easy to believe that the reason for Lincoln success is the excellent attitude towards their employees the willingness to work hard faster and more intelligently than other Industrial companies Lincoln continues to expand in 2012, acquiring four companies in the high-growth areas of automation and alloy-based consumables which predominately serve high demanding applications in areas such as the oil and gas sector.  Lincoln Electric continues to invest in growth and innovation with the acquisition of Easom Automation Systems for heavy fabrication automation solutions, and RealWeld Systems Inc., which expands Lincoln’s educational and training solutions. Additionally the Company licenses technologies from Helical Robotics and from NanoSteel for high-performance weld overlay and thermal spray technologies. The Company continues to generate record financial results in 2014 from its operational initiatives as it pursues its ‘2020 Vision & Strategy. Today, Lincoln Electric’s global automation offering represents the industry’s broadest portfolio of automated arc welding and cutting solutions.  The initiative is focused on achieving $500 million in revenue by 2020.  

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