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Essay: Anti-Café: A New Type of Business for Studying and Socializing

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.Anti café


The research that is carried through below and the results that have been extracted represent a new vision for a new type of restaurants, being a new method of approach. The idea, even so, is simple and uncomplicated, making the project even more stimulated. The project introduced below is tagged as anti-cafe and stands for a new variant of establishing a new business company.

The main idea of this business is providing space for visitors who are looking for a quiet place to work, study, find new friends and make new connections  

The main idea in this business is a shаred spаce, designed both for work аnd fun, which feels like a student’s home.  One cаn work on а project or prepаre for exаms, new teаm members can be “discovered” in this socializing place, chаt with friends or plаying boаrd gаmes being other two interesting alternatives. The Аnti-Cаfé hаs sepаrаte аreаs for eаch of these аctivities.

    The business is quite fleshly , it was firstly implemented by Ivan Mitin, in December 2010, in Moscow. The concept of anti-cafe is a successful movement in Russia, and the creator has started up his business in London,UK in 2011. Regardless of a huge number of disputes and challenges, the anti-cafe "Ziferblat" become an immense success, which makes a worthful experience for the concept elaboration in new countries.

Kolding is a little city in Denmark, with a bunch of students. They are mainly students Of International Business Academy and Syddansk University.

This is not a private thing that group work assignments take an important role in the study procedure in Denmark. As a student, researchers found out that in the metropolis is an insufficiency of public spaces where is enough place to have study meetings for groups or working on an assignment. That is why I consider that establishing an anti-cafe in Kolding could suit an extremely valuable business.

Problem definition

Setting off the main point of the research was to transform Kolding City in a more appealing student city by opening an Anti-Cafe for students at a stage of entire absence and unknowingness of it.

Coming out of the research idea and support all the mentioned factors, the main research question is:

What kind of amenities and activities would a coffee shop have to have to get customers to pay for their time spent rather than the purchase of products (in Denmark)?


Time will be the heaviest limitation in this research, which may be an obstacle on long-term consequence aims.  Environmental factors, such as economic factors, are out of control of the researcher and can produce many changing within the research. In this study will be using a small sample of participants and the results may not be efficacious relevant for the general population.


Because of the extensive nature of this area of study, I could not approach all the literature worrying customer satisfaction and service quality because it would have been very large in volume. To accomplish the objective of this report, this written paper will supply relevant literature about marketing, business strategies, economy and innovation.

Geographic, I opt to build this research only for Kolding, Denmark because here it has not been developed yet this trend of anti-cafe. I took out the other countries and cities  because of the conflict of culture can place their score on the search results. The sketch is managed on the consumers who are only in Kolding, so the report does not indicate the preferences of the consumers from other regions of the globe.


Research methods are developed therefore after determination of research and approaches, these being the unavoidable pinion of the research, making it more leisurely to understand, publish and execute.

Research methods, make the frame of the research and deliver it as a result of starring that lead to finding responses to doubts.

I chose to do a questionnaire because so I know that I can start out the view of the customers and this assists me to get out what are their demands . The survey, which forms the most perfect effect of the research, lie with 22 questions, controlling both qualitative and qualitative dates, being questions for those who responded were able to pick out from a list already existing solutions  and some questions with the ability to choose several answers but also the response to the customer letting free to state their view.

The results of the research are presented in a survey, that all answerers had to fill in at the final stage of the experiment, together with the observations of the researchers. The study had to be fulfill online using the Google Survey system and then the statistics were processed.

A total amount of 35 respondents contributed to the assessment. All inquiries have an important part in research and give us an accurate answer for following the research aims.

The responses received indicated that the chosen target group for the anti-cafe are students because the average of age is approximately 54.3% of people under 25 years old, both females and  males (the consequences for gender are 60%  to 40%), most of them are from Denmark (29) and the remainder are from Belgium, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and Romania.

The respondents noted that they normally have 2-5 free time hours per day, which they mostly choose to work out in their spare time, watching TV, reading a book or playing video games. Also, mostly they spend 2-4 hours for studying, most of them being at home or in a library.

The overall opinion of the member of the survey is really confident and that reaction to this character of response once again proves good chances of a success of a beginning in a short time, everyone notice that will suggest the anti-cafe with their family and friends.

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