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Essay: Measuring Comcast’s Organizational Performance: An Explanation of Internal and External Factor Evaluation Matrixes

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The following information is to help you with the discussion regarding the measurement of Comcast’s organizational performance with the Board of Directors.  You will find an explanation of Comcast’s internal and external factor evaluation matrixes along with a revision for both.  Then discussed is how Comcast actually measures up against the stated objective of increasing customer service representatives.

The original IFE Matrix identifies Comcast’s strengths as the operation of six business segments, being the largest paid for cable service, having a large existing diverse workforce and continuing to hire more diverse employees, providing employee groups, and diversifying operations.  The weaknesses were identified as the overall company success relying on customer satisfaction, changes to business affect profitability, needing greater retention of our existing employees, payroll being the companies largest expense, and overall company results fluctuate because of the timing and performance of cable television markets such as when shows are released.  

The revised IFE Matrix focuses on management’s ability to effect and grow employee groups.  This affects the weakness of retention.  If employees feel supported by management to participate in work groups, they might stay with the Company.  Working with production companies to better set the television lineup allowing viewers to watch a variety of new television shows would allow for marketing to add more commercials to the number of viewers.  

The original EFE Matrix identifies Comcast’s opportunities as continued increased revenue and cash from operating activities, expanded and enhanced services in different and growing markets, striving for higher customer level satisfaction, increased demand for the entertainment segment, and the ability for users to stream their DVR at home on their mobile devices.  The threats were identified as increased competitors as the market changes across all six business segments, the increase cost of advertising affecting profitability, the inability to expand in new markets both competitively and in infrastructure, net neutrality laws, and FCC and Government regulations.  

The revised EFE Matrix focuses how competitors have reacted to Comcast’s business decisions.  When Comcast allowed customers to take their DVR with them by being able to download their DVR to their mobile device, DishTV made a strategic change with their technology to do something similar with DISHanywhere (Dish Anywhere). Our competitors however, have not been able to keep up with our customer service hiring that was done to counteract low customer service scores.  

It is important to measure Comcast’s organizational performance.  To do this, we want to look at how Comcast has performed over different time periods, compare Comcast’s performance to our competitors, and compare Comcast’s performance to industry average.  The financial performance of Comcast and shareholder return is an indicator of organizational performance (Singh, Darwish, & Potocnik, 2016), Comcast’s revenue increased 7.3% from 2015 to 2016 (Revenue, EPS, & Dividend, 2017).   The earnings per share increased as well.  This is a strong factor because the EPS is an indicator of Comcast’s profitability (Revenue, EPS, & Dividend, 2017).   The dividends paid to shareholders also increased in 2016 over those paid in 2015.  

In 2015 you stated, that a company objective was to have higher overall customer satisfaction (Carter, 2015).  This objective was to be met by hiring an additional 5,500 customer service representatives over the next three years.  One of a company’s best assets is their employee.  Therefore, Human Resource Management is a strong business strategy.  In the study published by the Brazilian Business Review, the analysis shows that there is a direct relationship with the value of employee performance and organizational performance (de Brito & de Oliveria, 2016).  Comcast has moved towards this goal by transitioning to Center of Excellences (COE’s) in all call centers throughout the United States.  Having each COE being able to focus on one area of business required additional hiring of those customer service agents in two geographic areas.  This also required collaboration among different business lines.

If a company wants to have the competitive advantage, they must by will to collaborate across business lines and not work in silos (Mirea, Ghilc-Micu, Stocia, & Sinioros, 2016).  To ensure a complete collaborate process make sure there are specific individuals from different entities within the organization, there is an agreed upon governance of the group, there are several different workflow engines producing a collaborate output, several decision makers, trust, and strong communication (Mirea, et al., 2016).  

It is possible to measure organizational performance in a subjective manner based off key informants, like managers, input (Singh, et al., 2016).  Based off the analysis published by the British Journal of Management, subjective measures such as manager input are considered valid and reliable ways of assessing organizational performance (Singh, et al., 2016).   These leads into how important effective leadership are for Comcast.  Effective leadership is key for company success especially when organizations face new challenges (Nagendra & Farooqui, 2016).  In a study published in the International Journal of Research in Commerce and Management found that strong leadership from management is necessary for a company to be a global competitor (Nagendra & Farooqui, 2016).  Reformatting the company to COE’s added more employees, which led to hiring more managers and relying on their input for overall success.  

The stated objective was to increase customer service representatives over three years.  This objective is being met by creating COE’s throughout the United States.  Using competitive advantage, leadership, and using Human Resource Managers, Comcast is being successful with this implementation.  Since there is no corrective action needed, it would be recommended that the business continue on the present course for success.

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