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Essay: The Importance of Advertisements and Choosing the Right Outlets for Your Target Audience

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Advertisements are graphical norms that has various meanings and importance throughout the world. Political contenders, businesses, and even non-profit organizations use advertisements as the foundation of their marketing tools. The way businesses seek to reach their audience in order to market their services or products include outlets such as, social media, newspapers, and billboards. Ads can reflect a positive or a negative reaction from the intended audience. An example may be a startup home health care business whose target audience is a much older crowd that is more familiar with newspapers or magazines; therefore, choosing the correct outlet is evident. In comparison, if it is a startup clothing store for teenagers an online media advertisement such as, Instagram would be the way to go. Marketing strategies and acknowledging appropriate outlets for advertisements within a the target audience help enhance views and opinions.

In many various forms people may choose to advertise from one that is very common  is in the form of newspaper or magazine. That means the advertise is printed throughout the newspaper or magazine for others to see. The difference when comparing these two forms is that when printed in a newspaper the company or individual may choose where throughout the newspaper to advertise from. Most of the times companies or individuals may find it more cost effective as well as a better option to share the advertise locally. Meanwhile from the magazine the advertise gives a more visual and appealing outlook it is more costly when people choose to advertise this way. The neat thing about advertising in a magazine is that it can either be published in or out of state and that is to the benefit of the advertiser since the product or company being advertised many be seen by many others.

Another way advertisement  is seen is through the television. It’s very common that at times it’s not taken into consideration how many are seen throughout the viewing of a favorite show. That is why a lot of advertisements are broken into time slots. For example, a family will be sitting around the television around noon time and they see an advertisement for a jump park in the area. In the other hand a night club will broadcast at a more later time since they want to attract the later audience who is watching the television that late. The advertisements shown through the television not only give people a visual but they become curious of the new latest tendency. Advertising this way is more on the pricier range than the previous two forms of advertising costing up to the thousand even millions range as we’ve seen during the super bowl. This may be a reason why not a lot of people choose to advertise this way or if they do they have to choose the correct time slot to advertise.

Social media is a great source for advertising since people all over the world can see it. It helps not only the company or the product but by having the online reviews of others it makes it much easier to get a response from the audience. By advertising online the company or product doesn’t necessarily target towards one type of audience since everyone is on the internet.  This helps the company get attention globally and not only local or nationwide like the other various forms of advertising.  The possibilities of advertising through social media are in a sense reforming since the internet is always changing.

Lastly, another type of adverting is trough transit or outdoor. Billboards are a form of advertising seen when commuting somewhere. These types of advertisements are usually filled with bold text or eye catching visuals while transit advertising is more than likely the same simply just printed over a bus or some type of transport. While commuting somewhere the  billboard is only seen one or twice throughout the journey but when an advertisement is on a bus it can be seen all around town. Both forms are around the same cost to promote but the downside to advertising that way at times becomes not effective or doesn’t target any audience group in particular. At times people may just glance and wonder what is being promoted but won’t take time to do research of  what they just saw. Unless they recognize the visual from previous background experience and make a connection.

Advertising is a source used in our everyday lives and for that it is very important to be aware of its various forms. Some ways of advertising can be either beneficial or not to an upcoming product or company whether it be in a visual outlet or in print. It can either gain the attention of millions or to the smallest population of a town. Seen in our everyday life yet some people aren’t aware how crucial it is for success as well as the growth of its audience. In all, advertising is a very useful source of many various motives and that is why we should use it for the better.

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