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Essay: Interviewing My Sales Manager: Insights on Leadership and Management

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I went ahead and interviewed my current manager for my sales job that I work during the weeks. I was going to actually interview my boss from my weekend job, but he ended up tearing his bicep tendon and had to get surgery. My manager is a leader to us and helps encourage us in many ways. To me he is also a mentor and life coach. We meet weekly and he helps me set up my weekly goals and schedule for school.  Some days he may be disappointed with us for not making as many sales in the week, but then he steps back to look at what they he can help us approach the sale or how we can fix things and incorporate a better direction to all reps that way this issue no longer occurs with anyone. Knowing that at every job I have had was from the bottom and I worked my way up I feel that as I continue to grow, I am continuing to learn more. I am only 22, I feel that I am already with a slight advantage in how quickly I can pick things up and how much joy it brings me when I am there to help encourages others as well. Communication is key to success whether it is over how many people can be sat or how much food needs to be prepped. The slightest bit of bad communication can cause drama, mistakes, loss of money, etc. After beginning to train as a salesman, I started to see how deep managers are in their office constantly watching over his team and helping all of us. He has to run an office for a section of Phoenix that always has a goal to beat the other offices in sales such as Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, etc. Another reason why I see management as an intense career path, but on that will be worth it. They love to watch us grow into young adults. I just think about the stress they are under and the fact that when they were younger, these simple mistakes were also made and they want us to learn from it. Managing any type of business takes a lot of time from family, from life, your sleep, etc. but in the end if you love it this is the strong route to go.

My first question for my boss Tim was how he handles the four functions of management? The four being: planning, organizing, leading, and organizing. He said leading involves in bringing together physical human resources to maintain the productive relationship among them to reach the goal of the organization. To organize a business we need to gather all human and non-human resource together to the organization structure to provide knowledge about the aim and leading them in the correct way to reach that goal. Organizing is the part of managerial function, which includes the organizational methods to work efficiently for achievement of organizational purposes. It considers life of the organization which sets it in motion the action of people because planning, organizing and staffing are the preparations for doing the work, which deals directly with influencing, guiding, supervising, and motivating for the achievement of goals in sales. Staffing is the function of managing the organization structure with proper resource and has greater importance due to advancement of technology, increase in size of business, complexity of human behavior etc. The main purpose of staffing is to hire the right candidate for the job. Controlling is one of the best management functions, which plays a critical role at any of the organization. The purpose of controlling is to ensure that everything occurs in conformities with the standards. An efficient system of control helps to predict situations before they actually happen. Controlling is the process of checking whether or not progress is being made towards the objectives and goals and acting if necessary, to correct any errors. My second question was how does he go about motivating his team when they aren’t doing well? Motivating the team is a challenge before any kind of the organization, which is mainly to retain them or to retain the skilled and experienced persons in the organization can be helpful to reach the tasks which are framed before them. The opportunity that we are given working for Vector Marketing gives us the opportunity to make endless amounts of money. Everything is laid out for the sales rep all they need to do is apply themselves. If they do, then they will most likely get a good outcome with very big check. He provides his experience with the company that he’s had for the last ten years to show how we can all make it to the top in sales. My third question was how does he motivate his team if one of them is having an off week? He also related to a lot of us because at one point in his life he was in college doing this job with very little help from anyone. Everybody has bad weeks, it is nothing to be worried about because one no-sale takes us closer to our biggest sale. The fourth question is how can social media communication help with relationships with the team? If the communication is polite and motivating then the relation between the employer and employee will be positive. Regardless he always is positive with us regardless if we are doing well or not. My fifth question was why he wanted to become a manager? Tim came from a Hispanic middle class family that lives in El Paso, Texas. He told me that he will never forget the time when he got his check from Vector and it happened to be more than what his own father made. THAT is when everything got real for him and he had reached such a high point in his sales that the company offered him a position to open up an office in North Phoenix and become the manager. The sixth question is what is the hardest part of the job? The hardest part is not achieving goals and profits, which is nothing but handling the human assets because they come with different attitudes and mindsets. As a manager he needs to implement the company culture and structure and need to work accordingly. We need to handle them very well with some tactic to safeguard the remaining environment.

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