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Essay: Apple: Revolutionary Innovations in Technology – Vishu Prasad – Innovation in Info Technology

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     Apple Creating Technology

      Vishu Prasad

    IT-515-08080 Innovation in Info Technology


Company: Apple Corporation

Product vs Process Innovation- iPhone 1st Generation,  IOS( iPhone Operating System),

Radical vs Incremental Innovation-  iPhone X, MacBook Pro

Competence Enhancing- iPhone XS, Apple Watch

Competence Destroying- IPod,

Architectural vs Component- Apple store, Apple Pay.

Product Innovation vs Process Innovations

The iPhone 1st generation is the biggest product innovation from Apple Corporation introduced by Steve Jobs.  It was released in June 2007. It was the first multi-touch phone introduced by Apple.  When the product first launched there were thousands of people waiting on the line to purchase the iPhone. There has an incident declaring the shortage of iPhone availability in the market (stores). The iPhone included had a 3.5-inch LCD screen with 4, 8, and 16 GB of storage memory also with 2 Megapixels camera. .The operating system was revealed as iPhone OS with the release of the iPhone SDK. The OS X (Operating System Software) was built in iPhone as an Operating System with the release of iPhone SDK.  It also included Visual Voicemail, HTML email, Safari web browser, threaded text messaging, and YouTube. One of the most incredible innovations by Steve Jobs was iPhone. The Purple experience project was working for more than two years to build the iPhone.

There was the tremendous change in the Phone market after launching the iPhone. The other companies were offering physical keyboard on the Mobile Phones, for example- Motorola, Samsung and Palm Smartphone which faced downfall on their production. As for Process Innovation for iPhone was the Operating System (IOS). A large amount of customer service has been provided after the iPhone launch, to give direction how to use the Multi-touch phone, the user manual, and to update the Operating System to the date. In the whole History of the Apple there iPhone has the highest customer satisfaction which led Apple to profit maximization. Secondly, if we see in the timeline from 2007 to 2018, Apple has succeeded to provide the IOS software updates in the timely manner, which shows a positive process innovation. By providing updates the company offered various features. The Apple held a journey providing IOS software updates from 3.1.3(2007) to IOS 12(2018).

    Radical Innovation vs Incremental Innovation

One of the most Radical Innovation by Apple is from the Nokia 1100 to iPhone X. The Apple Corporation has succeeded in providing multiple features and services compared to other mobile phone companies. In previous days people were using mobile phones just to answer calls, outgoing calls, “nowadays the era has changed”. Moreover, it was really hard to carry the mobile phone in the pocket due to heavyweight. Hence, the iPhone X provides all the multiple features (functions) which could be provided from the MacBook Pro, just in your pocket. The black and white screen time has been developed to High definition touch screen with much lighter weight. .The iPhone X provides 5.8-inch Super Retina HD display, charges wirelessly, 12 MP camera with portrait lightening.   One of the Incremental Innovation is MacBook pro-Which is very popular notebook in the market.  The Apple has launched a skinniest version in all of the market comparing to the other companies For example (HP, Dell, Samsung) etc.

The MacBook Pro could easily navigate and save time.  It launched by the newest version of Operating system which called Mac OS X Lion. The product has created demand worldwide and fascinated tons of customers. Apple believes in incremental innovation and launched a tremendous product which is making people lives easier. Another incremental innovation launched by the Apple is I phone XS. The I phone XS can keep up the internal memory up-to five hundred and twelve Giga Byte which is the maximum internal memory provided by Apple corporation. The iPhone XS also comes with LCD Li Retina Screen which is useful for customers because it provides smooth lines and higher quality image, which helps customers to read properly.   The Touch bar of MacBook pro is easier to use than the previous versions of MacBook.

Competence enhancing vs Competence destroying

The I phone XS is the competence enhancing because the I phone XS is in the great demand in the marketplace which shows the positive sales resulting in higher profit maximization. I phone XS has the larger capacity of storage in all of the versions. Even though the battery life is decent for the regular I phones, it provides 9; 41 minutes after fully charged of the phone. The iPhone XS provided the latest processor which called A 12 bionic. Secondly, there has been another product which is competence enhancing, that is called Apple Watch .There are two available sizes for Apple Watch one is 38 mm long with the wide size of 33.3 and the other size is 42 mm long with the wide size of 38 mm.  The main feature of Apple watch is that connected with your phone, so you get all the notifications. There two types of Apple Watch on is cellular and the Non-cellular. The cellular Apple Watch provides you make and receive phone calls and SMS text messages, plus provide Internet access, even when its companion iPhone is far away or turned off while in Non-Cellular you can access to phone calls, SMS, but you can only use Data from your iPhone. For example- I’m a Tennis Player, and I can keep the records of my footsteps, calories, which could help me to maintain my diet.

Non-Cellular Apple watch only provides you internet connection when it’s connected to your iPhone and when is next to you. Hence, there has a disadvantage of cellular Apple watch that it is only available in the United States. So, if I go back to the home country (India) I cannot use the Cellular features, which I could use in the United States. Usually, the iPod launched a few years ago. Hence iPod could not hold a strong resistance in the marketplace. The cost of iPod was in the range between 100$ to 229$. There was only one year warranty provided by Apple regarding iPod. Also working on flash drives was a bit hard. Moreover, iPod could be used as excessive storage, Hence it was really hard to use as a less experienced user. Hence just using listening to Music… The Apple has a tough competition between the IOS App store software and Android. Usually, the people prefer Android because it could be compatible bit more mobile phones just only one. The IOS only works for iPhones, and usually, the majority of applications are paid.

Architectural innovation vs Component Innovation

The Apple Store is one example of Architectural Innovations. The App store has created a positive impact on the market in previous years. It gives multiple apps from the child to an adult. For example- A teenager can use App store for candy crush and an adult can use it for Microsoft Excel.  Another Architectural innovation from Apple is I Tunes. I tunes have succeeded to provide music to all the Apple users. It provides the best music quality truly speaking ‘I use iTunes’. I can listen to music wherever I go, without data on. For example- The flight from New York to New Delhi is 17 hours, I could listen to my favorite music on board without paying any data charge

   The component innovation at the Apple would be the Apple pay because it is the modular change on the App Store which does not alter the overall design. Moreover, that allows the customers to pay from their convenience devices. We can use Apple Pay from the latest IOS 9(iPhone Operating System 9) which the Apple customers can use as a digital Payment form. The way of payment got much easier by the Apple Pay. For example- People don’t need to find their wallet or card, they can just pay from one touch. The Apple books solve all the problem that how customers can use Apple Pay. The Apple made the innovation much easier by providing Apple books.

S curve:

 The main purpose of the S curve is to show a timeline of a specific project. As I have mentioned the innovations of Apple from 2007 to 2018 September. Apple has created a dimension of technologies in all aspect wherever it’s marketing, designing, advertising and innovating etc. Apple is in the Maturity level of Curve, as it started from infancy when Steve Jobs introduced I phone 1st generations till now because it had been continued from the incremental innovation. The series of iPhone have been continued from the 2007 June, to 2018, September.







An Analysis of Apple’s Newest MacBook Pro Lineup.

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