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Essay: Wild and Into the Wild: A Journey of Personal Reinvention in the Natural World

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Paste your essay in here…The books “Wild and “Into the Wild” are overflown with challenges facing people in the world and the different paths and dimensions that people take to recover and get back on track. The differences between the two stories are the reflection of the actions of adventure and exploration in the natural world.  The hard-fought struggles and personal reinvention. The difference in the purpose and reason for the reinvention. Whereas Chris is rebellious wandering seeking a fulfilling life, Cheryl’s past and actions haunt her and want to redefine herself and make a fresh start to her life.  

Into the wild displays a young man who thinks violence and anger is too much to handle. His journey through nature is to live life the way that he thought should be lived. The story gives a glimpse of a young kid that creates bonds with people that he meets along the way. Christopher in the book is described as a victim of the abundance of wealth and lack of love. His adventurous journey is meant to lead him to off the coast home where he is never bothered by the people. He hid in his intellectual strength, knowledge, and philosophy. On the other hand, Cheryl is raised in a different and opposite situation. She blessed with love although the love is gone when her mother dies, she, however, lived in a shortage of wealth. She takes the journey to reinvent herself before returning home.

Chris McCandless is a young man who has freshly graduated from college. He has been brought up in a middle-income society, where his parents could afford to cater to his needs. However, he is not happy with the capitalistic system and wants to break away from modern society to a place where he can live independently and off the coast. He is a selfish young man, and his selfishness is clearly shown when as he abandons his family without even informing them of his plans and disappearing. In the story, “Wild”, Cheryl’s marriage is dissolved, and amidst all the confusion, she hurriedly makes a rash decision.  Cheryl’s life has not been a comfortable ride. She goes through challenges that make her view life differently. She turns to drugs and reckless behavior to get her mind off the problems she was facing. However, she seems to be worsening the situation.  

As told in “Into the Wild”, Chris McCandless is reflected as a young man who intentionally isolates himself socially from the rest of the world. Chris is a loner who is interested with exploration. He seems to be doing great with his life, he has graduated and has the ability and gift of making money. However, his love for adventure makes him donate and burn all his money and go on an adventurer’s spree. In “Wild”, Cheryl is a young woman who has been raised through hardships. Cheryl is not a loner and adventurous type, but misfortunes happening in her life fuels the stray. She is caught up in a situation where her mother is dead, and she has gone through a tumultuous divorce. She indulges in anonymous sex and heroin addiction to help her get over the rough patch in her life. Her choice of hiking is however emotional based; she only makes the rational decision to let her mind cool off and forget her dead mother’s memories. The film covers both the inner and outer hiking journey with less fuss. Flashbacks reveal extreme instances and Cheryl’s life and are hardly doled out. Despite her bad choices she accomplishes her mission and is healed.  

Strayed in the book brings out grief, desperation, sadness, sex, and drugs. The story denotes challenges that women face. She has to be continually vigil, deal with disbelief and praise that she gets for doing things that are associated with men. Cheryl must meet the challenges coming her way despite the danger that might come her way. The author tries to highlight a female acquired experience despite problems that she is facing. Completing the adventure is a heroic feat given that she did not have any experience. It displays a message of acceptance despite bad choices made in life. The book “Into the Wild” depicts Chris as rebellious. He goes against societal norms. Although we all need interaction with other people, Chris rebellious life is shown as he locks everyone out of his life. He doesn’t come into contact with people for a long time that makes him rebelling against the norms.    

Cheryl’s a thousand mile walk along the Pacific Crest trail is captivating. Memories of her past percolate as flashbacks. She is, however, focused on the reasons that made her start journey rather than watching the trip unfolding. She, however, completes the quest and heals. McCandless adventure, on the other hand, does not end well. Lack of food and the extreme weather conditions in Alaska results to loss of his life. his tragedies can be associated with misjudgment.  

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