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Essay: The Far-reaching Impact of Aristotle’s Views on Politics and Society

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Paste your essay in here…Aristotle was an ancient Greek Philosopher whos views and ideas helped people from all aspects of their lives. He had

At the core of Aristotle's politicsal views lies his views on the common good. He sees injustice as a big hinderer on the growth of the people and this stops them from evolving by degrading back to their basic primal instincts. Being both a philosopher and a scientist gave him a unique perspective about life and how human beings interacting with each other played a direct flow in the function of our society.  Take for example his views on happiness which according to the article Aristotle's Account of the Subjection of Women of the Polis states that Aristotle living well and doing well can be directly correlated to happiness. Most fail to see that there is correlation between these things and argue that somehow Aristotle was trying to define something he didn't know anything about. His political views were for sure misunderstood and were very simplified. Aristotle notoriously stated that man is a “Political Animal” and only chance for achieving the good life is by living as citizens together in a state. These views challenged the social dynamics and impacted heavily the people of his time.

Furthermore, we get into how Aristotle viewed women in general. He often viewed the household as more important and often sustained and brought to light views of political health. It was the cornerstone of every successful state. It all started in the household. According to Recovering the Political Aristotle: A Critical Response to Smith the household was viewed as  a primary vehicle of moral education, the political communities most serious task”. He did however believe that women were inferior to men in many ways. Although he recognized the need that they both contributed to their household and society as a whole, he still wasn't about viewing women for there most base functions. That has been disproven and would never fly in this day and age were women are becoming the powerhouse in both business and the sports world. He believed in recognizing the very nature of a person which is what was his downfall. An although he attempted to “devine’ the very nature of women, he still couldn't get passed the fact that they were according to him “incomplete and inferior”

Another example of Aristotle's often misunderstood yet shining brilliance is his subject matter of Geometry. His impact illuminated minds although history and changed the scope of mathematics, to physics, and even metaphysics. You can seem his timeless principles and theories echoed throughout time which truly shows his magnificence. For example according to Aristotle on the Subject Matter of Geometry he was able to connect geometry to kinetics, medicine, harmonics, and optics. Leaving his footprints in all these studies which were viewed as separate and insignificant but thanks to him are seemed to be inter connected in ways no one could have imagined. Even to this day scientist argue with things like string theory which is the belief we are all fiber optically connected and function as one big moving brain. That's a simplified definition of course but the most fascinating thing is we are coming to this conclusion no with all this technology yet Aristotle managed to do it with only his wit.

One of his most notable accomplishments in his portfolio in my opinion is his economical achievements and understanding and how he used it to drive and influence society as a whole. For example according to Aristotle and the Political Economy  he brought an “understanding of the commodity and the historical social form acquired by the product of labour in a society whose social relations are those of specialized private labour and private exchange”. This information is insurmountable and has been a cornerstone for investing and understanding niche fields such as real estate or even a stock.  The stock market itself is based on the trade of such commodities today which he had a hand in helping define. The way he defines economics is simple. We get into problems because one man makes bread, another cleans shoes, on and so forth. Without a reasonable exchange of such goods and services then we have a dilemma. One man will not have shoes while the other will have three pair. Everything had to be equal and needed a value. Of course the value would differ based on who was making the assessment but there can always be an even exchange. HIs idea was things needed to be commensurable. Despite the tangled web he weaved by attempting to even define this back and forth of business exchange, he did open up society as a whole to produced one of the strongest markets known to man and that's the New York Stock Exchange.  

His religious views were almost considered blasphemous for his time. While everyone was praying to many gods and forces he believed and often referred to one God. It was also said that he was guided by a divine inner voice. Even his religious beliefs are showered in reality and his understanding of God comes from sounds, shapes, and symbols more than an actual being or beings which the people of his time worshiped. I might dare to say that he almost opened up the door for spiritual alchemy by connecting sounds, figures, and symbols and regarding them as something that moves in one through us. Almost like a flow of consciousness to say. Still there is no doubt he was a believe in the occult and has many of his principles taking from the great mystics of his time. He was able to add a pragmatic view and allow people and illusive glimpse at way otherwise thought of as the unknown.

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