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Essay: Analyzing Campaign Strategy: Case Studies and Section Assessment Questions

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Amanda risch

12.1 Case Study Q's pg.735 ALL;

  • Why do you think Kennedy tried to link Nixon to Eisenhower?

    ◦ Kennedy tried to decrease Nixon’s supporters hoping to Gain the undecided vote.

  • Did the debate benefit Kennedy’s campaign strategy? Why or why not?

    ◦ Yes, it benefited Kennedy. He was shown as a confident and good looking man, and Nixon was the complete opposite.

  • Do you think television has a positive or a negative influence on election campaigns?


    ◦ I think the media is known for making it have a negative effect on the elections because people go based off of feelings instead of research. So if they promote it right they can easily get someone else’s attention.

    Section Assessment Q's pg. 746 1-3

  • Identify What are five major staff positions in a candidate’s campaign organization?

    ◦ Finance Chair: creates and carries out fund-raising plans, Pollester: conducts polls for


    ◦  Media Coordinator: professes candidates message, Scheduler: manages

    candidates time

    ◦ Issue Advisor: aware candidate of pressing issues or situations.

  •  Explain Why is identifying the candidate’s supporters so important to campaign strategy?

    ◦ Encourages undecided voters to vote based on people who support it and by the GPT(group

    polarization theory.

  • Do you agree that the media coordinator is the most important staff member in an

    election campaign? Explain why or why not.

    ◦ I agree because the media coordinator helps promote the candidate and share their message

    to citizens.

  • Describe What is a demographic?

    ◦ demographic is a set of beliefs/culture that are placed in a certain area or location.

  •  Analyze How big of an influence are Internet-based communications on modern political

    campaigns? Explain your answer.

    ◦ Internet based communications are important because most people are involved with social media in their daily lives. Ads, and posts on social media are everywhere.

  • Evaluate What do you think about judging a candidate based on a sound bite? Should the

    media take better care to not judge a candidate based on a sound bite? Explain your answer

    ◦ I think judging a candidate based on a sound bit helps people to focus on what is said rather than what is seen. Therefore they wouldnt be votin based off of looks and it keeps the voting polls at a true rating.

    12.2 Case Study Q's pg. 753 ALL;

  •  Should Traficant have been expelled from the House? Explain.

    ◦ Yes, because he was a criminal, Traficant should’ve been expelled.

  • Was it right for House members to pressure DeLay to resign? Explain your answer.

    ◦ I don’t think so, i think it should have been sent directly to the higher executives.

  • Should concealing the source of any campaign contribution be illegal? Explain.

    ◦ Yes, being that campaigns should be open and honest about funding, it should.

    Section Assessment Q's pg. 764 1-2

  • Identify From what four sources do most candidates get the money they need to run for

    political office?

    ◦ Individual donations, PACs, Political Party contributions, and Public Funding for Presidential campaigns

  • Summarize What campaign finance requirements did the FECA and its amendments


    ◦ FECA requires all political parties to report contributions. The amendments established parties to not to spend unlimited sums of money on plans that did not support specific candidates.

  • Predict Under what circumstances do you think presidential candidates might refuse public

    funding in a general election?

    ◦ I think presidential candidates might refuse public funding in a general election to prove that their are financially stable or wealthy enough to fund themselves.

  • Define What is a leadership PAC?

    ◦ committee of people that can be formed by congress members as well as other political


  • Analyze What do you think are factors that influence an individual’s political attitudes and

    actions in regard to donating to PACs or 527 groups?

    ◦ I think some factors are loyalty. I believe the people who donate aspire to help America or feel like they are contributing in some way to better the U.S.

    c. Design What are some possible ways that the current met

    12.3 Case Study Q's pg. 772 ALL;

    1) Do you think the media was helpful or harmful to the 2000 election results? Explain.

    I think the media played a big role in the 2000 election. I feel like it helped America see the

    truth about the candidates.

    2) What Were there flaws with the Florida ballots? Explain.

    There was a demand for the votes to be recounted but did not happen, because the issue did

    not include standards on hoe the votes should be recounted.

    3)Should there have been a recount in Florida? Why or why not?

    Yes, because Florida is a huge state with many electoral votes.

    Section Assessment Q's pg. 781 1-3

  •  Define What is redistricting?

    ◦ Redistricting is deciding a selected area into new political projects or school districts.

    – Draw Conclusions Why do you think it is important for congressional districts in a given

    state to contain approximately the same number of people?

    ◦ I think this is important because it evens out with the population and is fair.

  •  Elaborate Why do you think a candidate’s campaign might not conduct GOTV activities in

    all areas on election day?

    ◦ I think its because the presidential electors don’t cast their votes until weeks later. Also,

  • Election Day is the busiest day of the campaign, and is often the goal to recieve as many

    votes as possible from citizens. Analyze Why are get out the vote campaigns important to the maintenance of a democratic republic?

     encourage people to go to the polls and vote

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