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Essay: Natural Beauty Products: Worldwide Market Potential

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Worldwide beautifying agents showcase is required to earn $429.8 billion by 2022, enlisting a CAGR of 4.3% amid the gauge time frame 2016-2022. Beautifying agents Market (cosmetics or magnificence items) are blend of substance by and large used to improve the appearance or scent of the human body. Sun care, healthy skin, hair care, antiperspirants, cosmetics and shading beautifying agents, and aromas are a portion of the makeup items that are prevalently accessible and utilized by people. Retail locations including markets, selective brand outlets, and claim to fame stores among others are the significant circulation channels, with online channels picking up prevalence among purchasers.

There is a significant ascent in dispensable livelihoods over the previous decade. The development in worldwide economies, evolving ways of life, rising requests of skin and sun care items because of differing climatic conditions empowers the development of the market for beautifying agents. A move of inclination towards common and natural excellence items, especially in U.S. furthermore, European nations, encourages the development of the beauty care products advertise. Rising interest for regular, natural and natural excellence items makes potential open doors for makers to improve and grow new items in understanding to buyer inclinations.


Rising pattern of the utilization of regular fixings in corrective items is seen among different makers. This pattern takes into account the regularly expanding interest for common or natural corrective items among clients. Utilization of home grown restorative items limits thodds of any conceivable reactions of the item. This at last expands the utilization of beautifying agents among people.

Organic cosmetics

The worldwide natural magnificence item advertise is guage to increment from USD 14.8 billion out of 2017, to USD 28.7 billion of every 2024, enlisting the CAGR of 9.9 % amid the gauge time frame. The development of the natural magnificence item showcase is ascribed to developing interest for natural beauty care products with different advantages and unsafe impacts of synthetic concoctions which have prompted different infections, for example, growth and skin hypersensitivities. Additionally, the expanding research and advancement exercises alongside developing per capita consumption on wellbeing and cleanliness items are invigorating the market development.

The report fragments the worldwide natural magnificence item showcase by item compose (healthy skin, hair care, oral consideration, cosmetics, aromas, toiletries, antiperspirants and others), by dissemination channel (retailer store and online store), by sexual orientation (female and male), by district (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa (MEA). The report contemplates the worldwide natural excellence item advertise over the estimate time frame (2018-2024).

Natural magnificence items basically comprise of affirmed natural fixings combined with different therapeutic advantages and no or least symptoms that meet private gauges. Stringent government directions particularly in created nations have implemented the organizations managing in magnificence items market to present natural items over substance excellence items.. The report ponders the worldwide natural excellence items advertise over the conjecture time frame (2018-2024).

The greater part of the natural individual consideration items accessible over the globe are fluids, while the remaining are either semi-solids, solids, powders, or in different structures. Sellers have the alternative to look over changed bundling positions for their merchandise. They are thinking of advantageous bundling outlines, for example, little and convenient bundles and travel-sized items. They are additionally presenting condition amicable bundling that is prompting an expansion in the utilization of containers. The perfect bundling for an item is one that isn’t messed with amid transportation and consistent utilize. It must be utilitarian, savvy, and imaginative with the goal that the item and the brand can be separated from others.



Lush is a maker and retailer of crisp carefully assembled beauty care products. The Company delivers and distributes creams, cleansers, shampoos, shower gels, salves, lotions, scours, masks and different beautifiers for face, hair and body utilizing just veggie lover or vegetarian formulas. Lush gives its items through shops, web and phone, and additionally associations with neighborhood establishment holders globally.

For any individual who cherishes excellence, cosmetics, and haircare items, the sentiment of strolling into a gigantic beauty care products store is an exciting experience. Every one of the hues, the lights, the scents, the excellent bundling, the new items.

When we are shopping, for beauty care products or else, we don’t frequently consider what has gone into making these items – where the fixings originated from, who developed the fixings, regardless of whether the item was tried on creatures.

It’s less demanding to forget about it and simply appreciate the item. Yet, there is an ever-increasing number of beautifying agents organizations out there who are ensuring their items bolster the earth and creatures, and in addition, every one of the general population who helped make the item.

“Beneficent giving is at the core of our business, and we advocate for natural assurance and recovery, creature welfare and human rights,” LUSH Australia and New Zealand Director Peta Granger revealed to The Huffington Post Australia.

Why LUSH ?

1. Battling against ANIMAL testing

Lavish has been battling the merciless routine with regards to testing beautifying agents items on creatures since the mid 90s, or, in other words individuals know the organization for. Moreover, every one of their items are veggie lover, with an expansive part being vegetarian.

“We don’t test our fixings and items on creatures, and effectively battle to end creature testing in the restorative business,” Granger said. “Adhering to this main is the reason we as of now don’t exchange China where creature testing is obligatory.”

2. Decreasing packaging and waste

In the event that you’ve purchased from LUSH previously,

you’ll realize that numerous items come ‘naked’ or in paper packs. For most beauty care products, you’re paying more for the bundling than you are for the item. Something like seven sections bundling and three sections substance is the standard, and that is only for a marked bundle of shower gel.

“On the off chance that you can think of items that are 100 percent what you need to utilize, at that point you’re not discarding anything and you can spend more on the crude materials”.

3. Promoting ethical buying

The organization additionally works together with farmers around the globe to begin maintainable undertakings sans preparation, and have built up a system of steady associations with agriculturists in less monetarily created nations by offering budgetary help through the Sustainable Lush Fund (SLush).

4. Suitable for vegetarians

While other soap and beautifying manufacture depend on animal ingredients, we effectively source veggie lover options. For example, the glycerin we use in our cleanser base is produced using non-GMO Belgian rapeseed oil, bringing about lavish, 100% vegetarian soaps.

Now and again, we do utilize fixings like nectar, honey, yogurt and eggs in our vegetarian items, yet rest guaranteed! We work vigorously to guarantee that each fixing we utilize is sourced just from providers who are as staunch about their very own cold-bloodedness free practices as we seem to be.

There are many more characteristics like these which support the way lush work and impressing their target customers like hand made products, appreciating individuality of making by giving name and details of the one who made the product.

LUSH spends zero on advertising

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics spends nothing on promoting and rather utilizes online networking, content showcasing, and a solid brand reason to construct buzz around its items.

As per Natasha Ritz, Brand Communications Manager at Lush Cosmetics for Australia and New Zealand, this methodology reflects a center estimation of the brand itself: authenticity.

“lush has a ‘no worldwide publicizing’ policy. So every bit of substance that we put out does not have the chance to have cash put behind it,” Ritz said in a select meeting with Warc

Notwithstanding natural reach via web-based networking media stages proceeding to decrease, Lush stays focused on the procedure in Australia in spite of the fact that it prioritizes in-house PR and working with online influencers.

“We truly need the individual getting drew in with our brand or sharing substance about our image to share how they genuinely feel, what their genuine experience was, and to share something that is extremely bona fide about how they’ve communicated with the brand – instead of (Lush) paying for something and afterward perhaps not really getting a genuinely valid reaction,” Ritz said.

SWOT analysis




Real handmade

Popular brand ambassadors

The Products Weakness

High cost of retailing

Low volumes

Unable to match up


Growing of chemicals

Long run benefits

Social awareness Threats


Difficult to attract costumers

Running out of raw materials

Pestle analysis

Lush operating metrics

FY, 2014 FY, 2015 FY, 2016 FY, 2017

Countries 49 49 48 49

Stores 898 933 928 932

Manufacturing Facilities 4 5 6 7

Items Produced 124,000,000 140,000,000 171,000,000

What do you see as the greatest difficulties in the magnificence retail space at this moment, and how is Lush attempting to address and defeated them?

We’re seeing declining movement in shopping malls, an expanding movement to digital and consumer demanding more and better from every one of us. Eventually, the purchaser has more control over what we deliver, how we offer it and where we offer it than at any other time. At Lush, we’re always looking to see more from our faithful clients: What fixings do they need us to utilize a greater amount of or less of? How might we do the truly difficult work for them so they can assume that Lush is the place to buy moral excellence items? We have moved our business technique toward these greater shops to urge activity to our retail stores. In advanced, we keep on taking a gander at how we can offer our items to our clients where and when they need them — a testing accomplishment while delivering carefully assembled items from new fixings. 

Lush staff members are synonymous with the Lush experience. You can’t resist the urge to feel fierier when leaving a Lush store just [because of their own] vitality. They are not just enthusiastic about the brand and its ethos, yet they are energized and learned about a broad scope of crisp high-quality items also. They take honest to goodness pride in offering individuals just what they require and just what’s appropriate for them; they are the way of separating Lush from different brands.

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