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Essay: Discussing Ariana Grande’s Music Story: Y​ours Truly & My Everything​

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Music Marketing Analysis 1.1


The artist Ariana Grande was born on the 26th of June in 1993 in Boca Raton , Florida . She is an American singer and actress who started her career at a young age . Before she was signed with Universal Republic , Ariana studied at North Broward Preparatory School ​. Being capable of mixing music styles makes her an unique and unusual artist. Often she mixes soul vocals with contemporary R&B, pop, electropop and hip-hop beats.

Ariana Grande’s music career began in 2011 with the soundtrack music from ‘’Victorious ‘’. In 2013, she released her first studio album Yours Truly , which entered the top US Billboard 200 The album’s lead single, “The Way “, debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard 100 with critics comparing her wide vocal range to Mariah Carey .


Ariana Grande’s first album ‘Yours Truly ‘’ has been released on September the 3rd 2013 by Republic Records . Producers such as Antonio Dixon, Matt Squire , Greg Wells and Leon Thomas were included of making this album .

Yours Truly debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 selling 138,000 copies in its opening week. Internationally, the album reached the top-ten position in Australia , Canada , Denmark , Ireland , Japan , the Netherland and UK.

The cover of this album , Grande describes the album’s first half as a “throwback” to the R&B music of the 1990s, and the second half being “very unique and very special that I’ve sort of written” which is completely original. Also the quality of the design is really good .

Ariana Grande sells her merchandise everywhere and it’s sold all the time . In addition she tours in a lot of countries such as : US , France , UK , Portugal , Italy , Sweden , Ireland , Spain Lisbonandmore.YoursTrulyistheresultofthreeyearsofwork.[​4]​Theprojectunderwentsignificant conceptual and sonic changes throughout that time. Grande began working on the album in August 2010 while she was filming Victorious and formally started to work on it with a record label after she was signed to Republic Records on August 10, 2011.


Price :

The album ‘’Yours Truly ‘’ is currently sold on Amazon where the price is £5.10 . It is also sold on her official site (arianagrande.com) where the price for the album is £5.99 . In addition Ariana’s second album ‘’ My everything” is sold on Amazon for £6.99 and on her official site the price of it , it’s £11 . Due to the fact her albums on her official store are original, the prices are higher than the ones on Amazon.

The release of Ariana Grande’s album ‘’Yours Truly” was been released on the 3rd of September 2013 . A week after her album release The Weeknd released his album ‘’ Kiss Land ‘’ . The price for his album on Amazon was £5.99 , compared to Ariana’s who was £1 less . ​This may suggest that despite the fact they were both American artists, The Weeknd was listened and preferred more at that time .

In stores such as HMV , the album price ‘’ My everything ‘’ is £5.99 which is the same price like on her official site .

Promotion :

Ariana Grande is promoting herself and her music through her merchandise , albums and her tours . In this way it allows Ariana to show her musical skills and be a role model for young people. Also she has signed a makeup deal with one of the most affordable makeup shops ‘’Superdrug ‘’ . Through this deal Ariana is going to sell her brand name which will help promote herself and also promote Superdrug .

Another way Ariana promotes her music is by having posters and phone cases of her album “Yours truly ”. She also has posters for all her albums and most popular singles. Clothes and other items with the name of the album, songs and pictures are also sold. In this way she promotes her products. Mainly T-Shirts are and her albums are sold .

Other ways in which Ariana Grande promotes herself is by performing with other well known and listened to artists . For instance, her collaboration with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj on making the song “Bang Bang” managed to sell 3.2 million copies in the US.


Ariana Grande promotes her products on YouTube where you can find all her songs from all her albums. She also, has her own channel/playlist on Spotify, Itunes where you can also find her albums and singles.

Like every other celebrity, Ariana uses social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to promote herself and her work.

Furthermore, shops are another place where Grande uses promotion. By having merchandise of her products and advertising new singles/albums she gets people’s attention as they are more likely to see it somewhere on the high street.

People :

People at the Universal Studios are in the charge of marketing the album and distributing it . Her stylist was Law Roach was her personal stylist for her tour and also her album . Anyone who’s collabed on her album targeted her young fans also.

Market Strategy 1.2 :


The strength of this album and it’s release would be that Ariana has build a strong fan base which makes it easier for her to market because she has got loyal fans . Another strength for this album would be her artwork on the album as it is very detailed and made by unique artists .

Weaknesses :

Weaknesses are the critic reviews that Ariana gets .


At Metacritic, which assigns a weighted average score out of 100 based on ratings and reviews from mainstream critics, the album

received an average of 81, based on 9 reviews, indicating “universal acclaim”

Opportunities :

Ariana Grande’s makeup collaboration with the company ‘’Superdrug ‘’ is Alliance Marketing. This is because two businesses like Universal Music Group and Superdrug got together to promote big products. Her collaboration with the photographer Jeff Nelson and the international makeup artist Sammy Mourabit helped her release of the music video ‘’ No Tears Left to Cry ‘’ .

Both businesses were beneficial to each other in some ways. For example, Superdrug attracted more customers because of the world wide known singer Ariana Grande and got the opportunity to launch a perfume set product called “Moonlight” with her. This was beneficial to Ariana as she promoted herself and her voice on a really famous affordable makeup band. In addition, the perfume product gave Ariana the amazing opportunity to have .This type of marketing was definitely successful as Ariana got a large amount of sales in all the Superdrug shops around the world .

Ariana Grande has released a movie singing demo for the famous movie ‘’Beauty and the Beast ‘’ in collab with John Legend in 2017 . She talked about it on her social media and also interviews to promote it. This is Word Of Mouth Marketing and PR Marketing. This is because Ariana used the media to talk about her new collaboration . Also, this is a way of releasing information and news people have been waiting to hear about. Doing a small project Disney was described as something “indescribable” in Ariana ‘s words and has been said that the song isn’t a part of an album.

Having done a small part in the movie Beauty and the Beast is a way to attract the people’s eyes and talk about the new release. Furthermore, this is Alliance Marketing as she collaborated with Disney. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axySrE0Kg6k​ )

This was successful because Ariana says “the moment my fans heard the song , they played it over and over and over again and they’re going crazy”. This shows how the collab with Disney and the famous movie Beauty and the Beast intrigued Ariana’s fans.

Ariana Grande ‘s ‘’The Honeymoon” tour in 2015 is Event Marketing. Her tour was in the UK on 6 different dates. The reason to why Ariana tours is because her fans often want to hear her physically as she is a world wide known celebrity. Also, customers often need a reason to shop products and events are usually a way to promote them as well as give customers reasons to buy them.

​Marked by the sort of puerile whimsy that can

only really happen once a career, it split the difference between doe-eyed doo-wop and

remember-the-’90s pop-R&B (the latter intentionally courting the ensuing ​

Mariah Carey ​


Ariana Grande proved just the type to pull off this sort of broad-stroked pastiche: she’s a theater kid at

heart, slipping in and out of characters with practiced finesse (she’s got an arsenal of ​

​ on

YouTube, from Britney Spears to a crying lamb). In a way, it was a risk and also these sorts of

throwbacks were, if not totally unfashionable, decidedly out of season.​


Furthermore, ​ “An extra London date was added due to popular demand after tickets sold out for the first date” which shows how a tour is a really good way to promote yourself in many ways by traveling around and having people attend your events.

In addition, pairing up with other famous celebrities the way Ariana did to perform at a event like MTV VMA’s 2014, is a great way to impress your audiences and attract more people towards you as you’re heard by more people. For instance, Ariana Grande performed with Jessis J and Nicki Minaj which reached more than 1 Billion views. ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HDdjwpPM3Y

Ariana Grande’s Event Marketing was quite successful as tickets for her tour were sold out because of the huge amount of people that wanted to attend. Also, it was successful because of the invitation the three incredible artists received to perform at an important event like the MTV VMA’s. This impressed fans, other performers and helped to promote the product.

Ariana Grande provides her fans with information about her upcoming events, tours and new products on Social media websites such as Twitter. She does this for promotion. This is Social Media Marketing and Cross- Media Marketing. The reason behind this is to have more people see what’s due to happen. Twitter for example, is really used and famous nowadays therefore, Ariana Grande posting her official website, is to purposely get people’s attention and whoever is interested, to find what they are looking for and buy it of her.

Threats :

Threats of this release would be that she may struggle to produce the same quality album next time due to people’s major expectations .

Ariana Grande has changed the artwork for her debut album days after unveiling the original cover.

The singer was faced with fan criticism for her original image for her upcoming album Yours Truly , which saw her kneeling on a bed of roses in front of a baby pink background.

Political :

Ariana Grande is an US citizen which makes it easier for her as an artist to perform in different states in America . It is also easier for her to tour in other countries in EU because she doesn’t need a VISA .

Economical :

Ariana Grande’s net worth is $50 million dollars which will make her a highly anticipated artist . Also with those money she would not have any problems in creating a future album because of the covers she has . Also her first album ‘’ Yours truly ‘’ was extremely successful as she made

$679,360 from 10 shows.


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