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Essay: Reduce Your Rely on Computers and Technology in the U.S.

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Computers and technology have been an essential key to growing the United States, but what else had computers and technology done? Computers and technology had replaced many factors of life, which brought many consequences to America both mentally and physically. We had gradually become more reliant on these machines that could only be told to perform tasks with a lack of knowledge. The computers and technology’s lack of knowledge could be easily manipulated into hurting America as a whole. To allow us to become less reliant on these machines, U.S. citizens need to rely less on computers and technology.

Computers and technology are susceptible to bringing a health risk to U.S. citizens. The health risks of the use of computers and technology are further emphasized by a health article, “Health Effects of Mobile Technology”, in which the article expresses that “mobile devices” are able to“interfere” with “implanted medical devices” (“Health”). The mobile device’s negative impact on medical equipment exerts the susceptibility of computers and technology bringing a health risk to U.S. citizens because of how the interference of medical equipment could interfere with how an injured patient is treated, which can hurt the patient more or potentially kill them. Then, on the same health article, “Health Effects of Mobile Technology”, also conveys the health risks of computers and technology by describing that “user-end devices” can “emit RF radiation”, which has been known to “cause cancer” (“Health”). The radiation released by computers and technology indicate the risk of computers and technology towards health since the radiation given off by the devices cause diseases, such as cancer. The health of U.S. citizens are deteriorated when using computers and technology since they can both affect the state of U.S. citizens in contact with computers and technology, which enforces how U.S. citizens should use fewer computers and technology.

The use of computers and technology bring a lack of privacy towards U.S. citizens. The lack of privacy is developed by an article on internet privacy, “Internet Privacy”, and asserts that medical technology creates a “digital patient medical” record, and increases the “access to personal health information” (“Internet”). An easy access to a patient’s medical record online justifies how computers and technology bring a lack of privacy to U.S. citizens because the information online can be accessed by anyone who can find and leak information online, which expresses a lack of privacy. Another excerpt that illustrates the invasion of privacy by technology and computers is also still indicated by the article on internet privacy, “Internet Privacy”, which articulates that “modern mobile phones” can “leave a trail” of “data about the phone’s user” (“Internet”). A phone’s data on its user reveals that computers and technology leave an invasion of privacy since the data left by a mobile phone could be used to access private information about a user, which invades their privacy. A U.S. citizen’s privacy is important to themselves, their family, and their community since it affects their connection to his or her own society, which is negatively affected by the lack of privacy given by computers and technology, and would be fixed if we used fewer computers and technology.

 Computers and technology are also capable of ruining the social capability and reputation of a U.S. citizen. The loss of social capability and reputation is conveyed through the article, “Teens and Technology”, in which it communicates that “children who use technology” will lose “human interaction” that is important for “healthy mental development” (“Teens and Technology”). The loss of human interaction from technology manifests how computers and technology ruin social capability and reputation since the lack of human interaction will lead to a U.S. citizen becoming harder to socialize with, which will ruin their social capability and reputation. Then the article, “Teens and Social Media” provides another reason on why computers and technology ruin the social capability and reputation of a U.S. citizen by specifying that there is a “difficulty of erasing photos and personal details” online, which can negatively affect “a teen’s reputation” (“Teens and Social”). The struggle of deleting photos and personal details asserts that computers and technology ruin the social capability and reputation of a U.S. citizen because of the dire effects that the details could cause if spread, which will affect their reputation to their community and discourage them from interaction with their community. The ability to socialize is essential to growing stronger over time to U.S. citizens, but socializing is held back by computers and technology, keeping users in a jail away from society.

Most of the population may try to defend computers and technology by saying that they allow for an easy way of socializing and communicating; however, the easy communication and socialization given by computers and technology can further cause more U.S. citizens to be harassed online. The harassment that computers and technology give are further emphasized by the article, “Teens and Technology”, which the article illustrates by exerting that the “anonymity and lack of direct feedback” online allows for an accessible way of making “harsh and unkind comments to be made” (“Teens and Technology”). The accessibility of making mean comments anonymously online provide how easy communication and socialization given by computers and technology cause more U.S. citizens to be harassed online because of how the easy access of communication and socialization not only makes it easier for people to communicate, but to be harassed online with little to no consequence for the person giving harassment to other people since they can be anonymous.

To become less attached to the unhealthy and dangerous actions of computers and technology, U.S. citizens should become less dependent on computers and technology. When U.S. citizens use computers and technology, they are vulnerable to risks for their health and reputation. The risks for using computers and technology include bringing diseases, affecting medical equipment, bringing a lack of privacy, ruining your social reputation, and allowing for easy harassment. The risks that computers and technology produce may seem impossible to fight against, but there is a simple solution that you can do. The solution would be to use fewer computers and technology to keep yourself at a safe balance between using them as tools and hurting your health and reputation, and spread awareness on what consequences the overuse of technology will have on your friends, your loved ones, and your community. Using less technology and spreading awareness of the dangers of the computers and technology are important because of the drastic effects that the technology may have on the surrounding people to keep them safe and to keep yourself safe.

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