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Essay: The Evolution of Disneyland: From 26 to Over 50 Attractions

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Disneyland opened in the year July 1955 with a starting cost of $17million. It has various locations, but the first location where it was situated in Anaheim, Los Angeles. Disneyland has drastically changed over the year, new rides are constantly been added. When it was first opened, at first it had 26 attractions, and 12 more was added to this figure before the ending of 1955. Currently, it has over 50 attractions, of which they are still building more (Disney and his world). According to Yi-fun and Steven, they made mention that Walt Disney was famous for this fact, which is his creations are always a work in progress, always left unfinished. They said “One could substitute Walt Disney for the sun king in this sketch: both are restless yet meticulous in their search for ideal workmanship and both have vast powers- technological as well as a human at their command. This was Walt’s idea by bringing in new attractions, people would never get bored but rather always look forward to the next visit, as they would always discover new attractions.  Human beings tend to get bored of their environment and activities they engage in easily, so we need a constant change of environment. By bringing in new attractions daily, it makes people more eager and excited to make the next visit to Disneyland. Currently, we are awaiting the opening of toy story land, which has its grand opening on June 30, 2018. Disneyland has various ‘lands’ apart from parks and some other areas. They are called Adventure land, Tomorrow land, Fantasyland, and Frontier land. It also has a fifth land, which was added in 1993 which goes by the name Mickey’s Toon town. One of the areas is called Rivers of America. Also, the entire Magic Kingdom which is a theme park, it is circled around the Disneyland Railroad expect for toon town. As visitors, you either step into the past which is represented by frontier land or into the future which is represented as Tomorrow land (Yi-fun and Steven). Tomorrow land lives in the magic kingdom. Here we see how the parks and lands all blend together into this concept of utopia. It also has the concept of the Caribbean. It’s best-known attractions are Jungle cruise, an eight-minute guided cruise along the dangerous waters and a close look at the menacing shores, and this is where model and natives lie in wait for their visitors. There is also an attraction which goes by the name Swiss family treehouse, the concept was gotten from The Swiss Family Robinson, and also Enchanted Tiki Room in which they have Audio-animatronic birds sing. I would expand more, how the animals are made as we go along. When we think of amusement parks, attractions we think children right, but both adults and children attend, the way it was desired, was to accommodate all ages, although the main people who they are marketing to our children. Take for example, your always working never having time for your family, and then you ask your child to make a pick of where they want to go, and they mention the theme parks to you, and then because you don’t want to say no, due to the fact you have been busy, now both you and your family have to go to Disneyland. This is many of several occasions when parents are forced to take their children to Disneyland. Did I mention that Disneyland is huge and you must keep a look at your kids whenever you're there because they might get missing? According to an article by Disney day by day it mentioned that Walt Disney world has about 25,000 Acres of land which is made up of the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood studios, and the Animal Kingdom.  The Animal kingdom had about 500 acres, Epcot has 300 acres, Hollywood studios has about 154 acres of lands and the magic kingdom has about 107 acres. These names I made mention of are only, sections of Hollywood. Disneyland has lots of acres of land, and that’s how they are able to create new attractions when they want to. I personally had an experience with Disneyland in Florida, it was the sunny summer of 2014, we only got to visit the magic kingdom, because we only had a day pass, it would take up to three days to go around Disneyland, we didn’t want to leave, but our flight was booked for the next day.

Speaking of tickets, I got some information about the pricing range which varies based on the number of people coming to Disney park and California adventure park. For a person, the price varies from $97, $117 and the highest is $135 when is at peak.  I would be using the USD banking currency to put the estimate of the tickets. For two people is from $105, again it varies by the children you bring. For kids below the age of 3 it is free for them, while from 3-9, you would have to pay for them. For three people its price range is from $93.34 and the magic morning is included same conditions for children is applied here too. For 4 people it starts from$76.25 and the magic morning is included, same conditions apply to children. For five people, it starts from $64, the magic morning included and same conditions apply to children. The more people are added to a ticket the less you have to pay, is more like a discount. And for 1-2 people magic kingdom’s are not included but from 3 people down to 6, the magic kingdom is included. They also have special events ticket, such as Mickey’s Halloween party which has been sold out, and this is for summer 2018. Tickets sell out fast in Disneyland and you need to book the tickets sooner than the expected days. There is another special event ticket currently available it is called “ A Disneyland after Dark 2nd Star war Celebration, the sales will start when the time draws closer am thinking it should start soon, as we are approaching the ending of April 2018. And this doesn’t happen all the time, they are strictly based on events. This one was made, due to the responses that Disney has been receiving about Star Wars night, this is a sequence for it, which would include out-of-this-world attractions, entertainment, and characters. It takes place at night because this party would be helped after the park closes to another guest. Disney also offers Annual Passports they offer valuable discounts, outstanding offers and invitations to pass holder events. There are as follows:

Disney Deluxe Passport

The prices start from Age 3+ from $729 upwards, but let’s say you are coming with 2 children it would be around the estimate of $1,458. It includes the visit to both theme parks on the same day during, the days you select in the days of the year. It offers up to 10% off select dining, 10% off select merchandise. But for this block out dates apply this will include both holidays and other peak days. You will have to check out, for the block out dates.

Disney Signature Passport

The prices start from Age 3+ from $999 upwards you can check in for the number of children your coming with, but prices vary. It includes a visit to both theme parks on the same day, but most days of the year. It offers up to 15% for select dining, 20% off select merchandise. It also includes theme park parking. The same conditions of block out dates apply.

Disney Signature Plus Passport

The prices start from Age 3+ from 1,149 upwards, you can check in also for the number of children, remember prices vary. It includes admission to the parks every day each time of the year. Get a visit to two theme parks on the same day. It also includes the Disney Max pass feature. It offers up to 15% off select dining, and up to 20% select merchandise and also theme park parking is allowed. This doesn’t have any block out dates, so am guessing you get accessed to it all the time, that way you get your money’s worth. The passport has good deals, and this helps you to save more money, compared to if your just paying for day passes. Imagine an amusement parks having passports, that’s to let the people coming in that, this is a tourist center and also people that are worth the adventure. If you never get to try out rides as much as you would like to, you could do that again by visiting. The tickets also vary depending on the theme park you are attending, the one I did for the day passes is Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure park. There is another ticket, this is when you select any theme park of your choice and then get tickets. We have 3 days tickets for admission to 1 park per day and it also includes the magic morning early access, it starts from $264 to $544. Then there are the 3-day park Hooper tickets which include Magic Morning early access. It starts from $314 to $644. Taxes are included for both tickets.From the reading by tom brown called the “The DVD of attractions, it made mention that some modern children and family DVD seek to recreate the thrills of theme parks and fairgrounds and that some films are themselves based on rides. And that’s true, based on some DVD production by Disney, the characters are displaying Disney attractions. This is how people get drawn to Disneyland most times by what it promises in films. Tom goes further to suggest some famous film theme park ride synergy. DVDs of the primates of Caribbean. The curse of the black pearl (Verbinski, 2003)(2004) and also Disney’s the haunted mansion (Minkoff 2003(2004), they actually tend to document more about the rides that then to inspire them and also some special features which, to a greater or lesser extent, recreate the experience of the rides. It was saying how in the Pirates of the Caribbean you get to experience the film through the thrill of the rides. This by the viewer going through “travels” below deck or through various rooms and also clicks on particular parts of the ship, so they can uncover it’s history, which in turn underlines the research that went into the film production. Basically what Tom is trying to say is that the viewer experience Disney from a different perspective through DVDs. Also in Tom’s reading, he said that early cinema soughed to emulate the thrills of the fairground, and the kid’s DVDs also tend to simulate theme park simulation rides. In Dora the Explorer, the viewer is taken towards so many adventures of looking for items. This representation is part of Disneyland. Always searching for new things, is a part of the thrill which the viewer is expected to feel. As Disney disc is organized in different continents, also is Disney theme parks, which seeks to offer “a whole world in one place”. It encompasses of “Mainstreet USA”, the nostalgic heart of both parks, also the vague European fairytale space(with castle) of the “Magic Kingdom” and also the Animal kingdom park which is new, and it enters on a safe and sanitized version of an African safari. They incorporated the concept of the theme parks and bring them into their DVD disc and this also continents. For example is the design movie called Madagascar, featuring different parts of Africa into the film scenes, and this is exactly true for the Animal kingdom park. This is exactly true because we are experiencing that park but in a different way, through DVD, you can experience it in the comfort of your sitting room. And also in adverts, we find such, in the reading by tom it gave an example of the disneyholidays.co.uk which was one of the first advertisement if featured a child who was chasing a Mickey Mouse bacon through Disney-world. Seeing this advertisement the viewer to come to Disneyworld, to experience more of the movie they are watching. It promises you more, and if you like the movie, you definitely want to watch more, and that’s what Disneyland is for. Mickey Mouse is a famous Disney character and I get the idea behind why they would want to use him, instead of any other character.                                                                

When Walt Disney came about the idea of theme parks, he wasn’t only thinking about the cartoon characters he had created, rather he was thinking about paying tributes to America’s past and also to develop a way of providing the vision America needed for the future. According to Karal in her book, she stated that Walt Disney’s goal has always been to create a happy place, more like an escape from what is happening in the world around us. He designed a sort of paradise, with the belief that people would share in his vision. An ideal society was the struggles of everyday life wasn’t felt. A sort of paradise like the Garden of Eden (power Disney). Most people pay a visit to the theme parks twice a year or more, this brings in more revenue to the Disney cooperation. According to a website called Disney news (this is not owned by the Disney cooperation), they conducted a statistics report and this is their discovery (these figures are not current, it was taken in 2016).  

The magic kingdom has the highest attendance of 20.4 million people in attendance, and Disney Hollywood studios being the lowest of 10.8 million. A lot of people often pay a visit to Disneyland. Although over the years, they have to be a decrease in the figures, according to an article written by a Kate Samuelson on June 2, 2017. Kate made mention that Disney theme parks were more quiet than usual. She also conducted a report on the attendance of people in the United States, and this showed a decline by 1% (2016), in comparison to 2015 which had more people in attendance. The attendance at the magic kingdom theme park In Bay Lake, Florida, decreased by 0.5%, also the location at California was down by 1.8%. Now, this might not sound like huge figures, but it is counted as a loss of revenue to the Disney cooperations. This concept of Disneyland being that we are a part of cartoons because most of the attractions we see are not real but actually robots. That humans design, we become characters in the theme parks in a giant cartoon. The French theorist who goes by the name Jean Baudrillard who made a statement and I quote “Disneyland is presented as imaginary in order to make us believe that the rest is real”. In the article by the guardian it said that “Reality has become a map without a territory, Baudrillard snootily surmised, and it is basically all Disney’s fault”. Most of the attractions are not necessarily real, like when people visit the magic kingdom, they use their imaginations. That Is what Disney sells to children today, that magic could make any of your troubles go away. An example is the movie Cinderella, where her fairy godmother appears to give her a pair of glass slippers, and helped her to get ready for the ball, she made us of magic to do this. What happens is that when children visit Disneyland they want to experience this, because it has become a part of their reality. So instead of focusing on reality as a map with territories, we are thinking of places to go but no real territory. As the case was there is no magic, one has to imagine it, and this makes believe that a whole place is a real place which exists. This whole spilled between fantasy and reality is one that embodies the term which Walt Disney coined, for the people who created the theme park, is called “Imagineers”.

Disney also tends to provide security, as Karal Ann Marling’s defined it in her study of Disney called it “the architecture of reassurance”. Basically, Disney is filled with so much fantasy, it is a place for you to open up your mind and embrace things such as magic, imaginations and so on. If you’re a religious person, Disney might not be a good place to go to. For example in Christianity, magic is associated with demonic activities, homosexuality according to Leviticus 20:33 which says “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination they shall surely be put to death; and their blood upon them “mostly. It might vary from different religions but aside religious difference booth children and both adults enjoy Disneyland. When Walt designed design her was thinking about children. His two daughters inspired him to want to build an amusement park, but the design was not aiming for a small amusement park but rather a big one, with various locations around the world. We have six various Disneyland located around the world, they are as followed: Disneyland California, Disneyland Florida (This is the Disneyland I got to visit, which I made mention of earlier, Tokyo Disney Resort Japan, Hong Kong Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Shanghai Disneyland

People visit Disney regularly, but Disney but it has never aspired to be a private home to reside in. The people who come to visit, come as ‘guest’, which is what Disney officials refer to them as. The idea is for people to come visit, maybe a day or two then leave, that way they never get bored. Disneyland land has achieved the model of a visionary board than a habitat(yin andSteven). It makes sense why they would do this, because if it was a home to all and people woke up every day in Disney, they would have known all the attractions, taken the rides, and even see the inner works of the behind the scenes, which will might reduce the number of the people, who visit Disneyland.

Disney theme parks consist of six different parks, they are named as followed:

Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Disney’s Blizzard Beach,Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, Toy Story Land which opens on June 30, 2018. Among the six I listed, the magic kingdom is the most visited park. It had the highest attendance in 2016. The most visited is the magic kingdom.

Disney parks also used the concept of the Garden of Eden for the Animal Kingdom. In the reading by Yin and Steven, they stated that they had quite a challenge building Eden, not only that but also how it would be a paradise on earth. The climate was reviewed, and humans were unable to achieve such,  and so few places where favored such as southern Italy and California. The animals could not bring together, and they couldn’t all live at peace with one another in this paradise which they were about to create, they vary from humans. And here is when the builders, of Disneyland today resorted to technology. They made animated beings. And this is why Disneyland is filled and alive with animated creatures. It sustained the “peace” which they were seeking. Eden is a place of peace and for happiness to exist they have to be peace.

 In conclusion, I want to say, Disneyland is a place to explore, people should go and experience this feeling of utopia that, Disney creators have made. Buy your tickets and explore! You're not getting to see just one to two attractions, but a lot of them, although it would be much fun with family, I would highly recommend them.

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