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Essay: 3-Year Business Action Plan for Community Center in Greenwood, MS

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 The purpose of this 3-year Business Action Plan is to provide the resources and insightful principle to those who will be vital in helping McPherson's Family, Inc., create a “safe haven” for those in the Greenwood, MS and surrounding areas community.  Throughout this business than the goal is to make sure that there is a common understanding of:

 Mission, vision, and goals of Helping Hands, Inc.  

 Facilities and Location

 What service and activities should be provided.

There will be yearly quarterly meeting to discuss the areas of improvement, community-based scholarships and budgets. The McPherson’s Family, Inc. will also continue to discuss goals, expectant results, growth and community involvement.  We will continue to thrive by identifying trends and providing services that will make a substantial impact on the community.

Executive Summary


This business plan is will describe and guide the establishing and services at Promising Tomorrow Community Center(PTCC) over the next three years with annual updates to the service and Business Plan.

Business Plan

In the fall of 2019, Promising Tomorrow Community Center (PTCC), will be located on the outskirts of Greenwood, MS.  The building will sit on at least 10 acres and will be a state of the art, fully equipped to accommodate every possible activity.  It is my hope the facility will be in the heart of the city so that it will be close to most families. The business portion of the Community Center there will be 5 office rooms and 1 meeting room to handle the daily operation. I would also like there to be two kitchens 1 bowling alley, 2 basketball courts, 8 classrooms, 1 recreational area, 1 gymnasium, a daycare center, computer room, swimming pool, gardening center, 3 rooms packed with bunk beds for sheltering, and 10 restrooms and theater room.

Business Action Plan

The Business Action Plan is to discuss the tactical approach to meeting the goals of the PTCC. The goals represent the focused worked that needs to be done to achieve the vision and mission. The goals are:

 Reach out and Engage the community

 Implement a Budge that Acquires Building and Facility Improvements

 Educational Training for Employees

 Enhance Sustainable Management Practices

The BAP will be used and edited throughout the year to track progress and adjust to the need of the community.


Budgeting will be very important for the survival of my business. I am estimating that the financial budget for the community center should be more than 26 million dollars. I am hoping that this money is generated in massive amounts of grants and a direct loan with a low apr.  Grans will be used to help Build community facilities, technological advances and more. There will be many fundraising activities that take place to help with costs of the nonprofit community center. I would also like to hold a nonprofit ball each year that will solicit sponsors in surrounding areas to help with the financial strain.

Business Profile

PTCC enjoys a close relationship with the neighborhood and considers them to be more so “family”. PTCC was founded and strives on providing activities and services that will benefit the community’s youth and families.  Daycare service, after-school care, summer programs, extracurricular activities and, tutoring =, mentoring classes, and a shelter for those who are in need. PTCC is invested and devoted to the development of these it serves.


PTCC is committed to a program that will create a space where parents can drop children off at daycare service, after-school care, tutoring and mentoring classes.  Mentors and tutors will be individuals invested in seeking the community progress, teaching children to stand up for what’s right, how important education is and how to become financially secure, among other things. There will be a host of recreational activities such as cooking classes and basketball games. PTCC could also have programs that help parents with issues, such as financial burdens, resources, and food pantry. The shelter will also be equipped rooms for sheltering homeless individuals or lost children. It will be a safe haven for babies. The gardening center will be used for teaching the importance of healthy food choices. Hopefully, a farm as well.  After closer, review if there was a service that PTCC did not offer, I would start that service or partner with another company that offered it.


PTCC and recreational opportunities give members of the community a place to enjoy extracurricular activities, gather in a safe place as well as receive resources that they would normally not have access to. Greenwood’s residents will treasure and care for this center as a cornerstone for the betterment of understanding the past, working in the present creating a better future for generations to come.


McPherson’s Family, Inc, a Sole Proprietorship

 Establish partnerships to build that would aid in people’s success.

 Incorporates family in every aspect, whether it is mentoring and tutoring the kids, cooking classes and childcare for the mother, or mentoring and leadership classes for the father.


McPherson’s Family vision is to be the cornerstone for the community, – enriching, engaging and enlighten the community.

Location and Hours

PTCC will be located in Greenwood, MS, in the center of the city above Main St. The hours of operations will be:

Monday through Thursday 8 am- 9:00 pm

Friday & Saturday: 8 am – 9:00 pm

Sunday: Closed; Birthday Parties and Rental times available

Hours of operations are re-evaluated and may change based on shelter and community needs.

*Holiday Closures: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.


In conclusion, PTCC is committing to helping others in every way possible, with the help of the community my center will thrive. It is my hope that with all the services offered a positive change will take place in Greenwood a city that is desperately looking for a glimpse of hope. I have high hopes for the children my center will be mentoring, who knows one of them could be the next LeBron James, inspire the next civil rights leader, or impact someone to give as much as we are trying.

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