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Essay: The Importance of Ethical Values in Technology for a Secure Future

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The Myth we live in today is we believe that everything which are secured and protected by Password is actually secure but it is not. Ethical values play a great role in a person’s life. Everyone has a different take on how they describe themselves when it comes to their own ethics and background. Ethical value and technology are meant for the betterment of the world, to bring the world together, and improve one’s life. Technology can have if used wisely, a positive impact. We can use this tool for betterment and serve our purpose to unite the world. Technology with ethics will help to make this world more secure and safe.

Data innovation have set their own ideas in the lives of individuals over the globe. These Technologies makes the very critical structure for survival, for example, PCs, cell phones, the web, web and cell phone applications. Technology is changing every day and shaping new forms of these technologies are working their way into every aspect of daily life. Now and again, for example, can be seen in hugely multiplayer web-based games and social networking sites, these technologies are even opening up new ways of interacting with each other. While this technology brings each other together but it has the downside of itself.

People often make decisions based on their personal beliefs and that may be good or bad for others. Technology is a very useful tool but it depends on people who are handle it. A software is made by few people but their ethical egoism plays a very important role because his values would not match other people (users) values using it. With the appearance of long-range informal communication sites, protection concerns have achieved another height. One, especially risky concern, involves bosses asking for login permission to mainstream online networking stages. Often we have to make decisions when all the facts cannot be known with certainty. In such cases, we have no choice but to rely on the best information we have, and when we are not experts ourselves, this means deciding which experts to trust. (The Elements of Moral Philosophy, p. 9)

As we have known that internet is not a secure place to live with, there are numerous ways that people can hack web webcams, experienced PC clients can turn on any webcam of any PC on the web and they will approach your private life, numerous big names have been casualties of these online stalkers and is been covered up by name of protection.

While numerous individuals may consider this demand exploitive, they may not admit being dishonest. One reason might be the faulted conduct of vanity. Vanity, in any case, comes in different ways, not all of which would demand protection. We explain how one prideful person point of view gives a resistance to protection even with out of line data get to demands. Ethical egoism offers an egotist way’s to deal with morals that qualify singular protection on balanced, self-intrigued grounds.

In one of the infamous incident, people were asked to participate in a survey through their Facebook account. Once all participates answered the survey question a profile was created which included their personal information from Facebook mainly likes, Dislike and searches. Which was sold to the third-party person then more adjustment was made to promote and gain more customers for their personal benefit.

As said in Mahabharata ‘One should not just think about him/ herself but also about other and one should learn the art of being Good and the sublet art of dharma.’ This means that a person should not forget his ground’s that he is a human and it his/her duty to help others and do betterment of humanity. Data has empowered us to share and find important data on the web. But with flexibility and safety, it also makes our lives very insecure. Social media has abused our life in many ways.

The move from one set of dominant information technologies to another is always morally contentious. Socrates lived during the long transition from a largely oral tradition to a newer information technology consisting of writing down words and information and collecting those writings into scrolls and books. Famously Socrates was somewhat antagonistic to writing and he never wrote anything down himself. Ironically, we only know about Socrates' argument against writing because his student Plato ignored his teacher and wrote it down in a dialogue called “Phaedrus” (Plato). Towards the end of this dialogue, Socrates discusses with his friend Phaedrus the “…conditions which make it (writing) proper or improper” (section 274b–479c). Socrates tells a fable of an Egyptian God he names Theuth who gives the gift of writing to a king named Thamus. Thamus is not pleased with the gift and replies. (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

I discovered each organization needs to consider three manners by which online networking can affect it. To start with, it needs to address how workers utilize online networking on their own, non-organization utilize. Second, it is logical to think about how it and its workers utilize online networking for the organization's business targets. Another issue of web-based social networking includes where an organization needs to set rights and duties regarding the non-representatives it welcomes to take part in its web-based social networking exercises.


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