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Essay: Easy Taxi Company | Providing Excellent Taxi Services in Seaford, Newhaven and Eastbourne

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A. Mission Statement:

Our mission statement is to provide an excellent service to Seaford, Newhaven and Eastbourne passengers. We are aiming for perfection and in return benefiting from a good word of mouth promotion as well as, establishing a strong customer base in the taxi-firm industry. Furthermore, we will achieve this by foremost considering our customers as part of the family of easy taxi company. Second, by maintaining a high level in safety and cleanliness of vehicles. Lastly, hiring respectful, cheerful and well-trained drivers.

B. Current state of the business:

Our company is a Private Limited company owned and operated by four family members. We are now a new start-up business with a low customer-base and no brand loyalty is formulated yet.

C. Product/Service:

Our cabs will be unique and a one-off compared to other taxi companies as, they will be painted in Blue and Purple. Which is a sign of loyalty, professionalism, reliability, royalty and luxury. Moreover, we are planning to register with the copyright office in the UK as well as registering with the trademark and design patent protection. This is aimed at, sustaining our logo from being imitated by other taxi organizations. Thus, preventing customers confusion since; we have the right to sue any competitor who attempt to copy our logo, design patent or trademark.

D. Competitive Advantage:

Our competitive advantage is that our business provides customers with an app to book a taxi. Conversely, if our customers do not have access to the internet or does not have a smart phone they can alternatively make a call and a taxi will be dispatched to their location point instantly. Regarding the payment method, it is quite easy and convenient to everyone at which, card machines are available upon request along with cash payments. On top of that, we have a wheel-chair accessible taxis to old people or those who are disabled. Most importantly, anyone who suffer from a listening disability a microphone is placed at the back seats of the car where the passenger can maximize the volume as appropriate for him/her and communicate with the driver easily.

E. Target market:

Our targeted market aims to serve all people regardless of their age or gender. To be more precise we are targeting a large and homogenous customer baser.

F. Customers’ needs/wants:

As a start-up business, in order to enjoy a good word of mouth promotion and a repeat of purchase we must meet the perceived and actual needs of customers. Therefore, to be able to meet their perceived wants we will value their time. Upon which, giving accurate duration of when the captain will arrive thus avoid customers dissatisfaction. Also, convenience where customers chose a taxi firm that makes the use of their money more efficient in terms of the quality of service provided. Besides that, offering our clients a safe, high quality service and setting convenient prices that is in line with that of competitors.

G. Marketing Mix (7P’S)

 Price: The price charged each journey, with a distance of 75-100 miles is £100. The initial pricing strategy we will be using is Penetration pricing. This is a where, our businesses offer its customers the transportation service at a relatively low price in order to gain market share and brand awareness. Overtime, as our taxi-firm is well established in the market and a sufficient customer base is established we can then raise the prices. The main reason behind using this Market-based pricing strategy is that; there is a lot of competitors and substitutes thus we tend to introduce our service at lower prices than that of competitors. In view of the fact that; rivals charge £125 for such a journey of multi-passengers.

 Place: Since, Easy-Taxi company relies on the use of technology we would not need too many offices. Yet, our main office will be headquartered in Seaford (East Sussex). Where, all the meetings and trainings are to be held there. Also, since we benefit from direct contact with the consumers; our company will enjoy a relationship marketing leading to a strong customer base, brand loyalty enabling us to obtain first-hand information. Thus, minimizing the costs of primary market research.

 Promotion: we will promote our business organization through the use of both mass media non-direct selling techniques (ATL) and non-mass media direct selling techniques (BTL). Specifically, a Facebok page is to be created as well as our website that has all the information regarding our prices and discounts. We will also, make some students discounts every once and then to maximize our profit margin and attract more students to deal with our taxi-firm. Consequently, creating a brand value and raising awareness of our newly launched taxi service firm.

 People: this refers to transactional face between the customers and the company. It also involves the skills of those who are providing the service. And their experience whether they are trained or not (Zeithaml et al, 2008). Our drivers (employees) are sufficiently trained therefore deliver high quality service to all passengers. Moreover, most of our drivers are residents of Seaford, Newhaven and Seaford to provide them with more job opportunities that are flexible and meet with their lifestyle. Since, their living areas are close to our offices.

 Physical Evidence: The environment in which the service is delivered, and where the firm and customer interact, and any tangible components that facilitate performance or communication of the service. We will be opening plush offices in Seaford, Newhaven and Eastbourne. However, our main physical evidence is our cheerful taxi drivers.

 Process: Customers can fill in their details and their exact location on the app, then the nearest driver will pick them and drop them off at any UK Air or Ferry port they desire. Also, payment is made either on the app, by cash or paying by card through the card machine available at the taxi.

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