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Written Task A

Part 1- Language in a Cultural Context

Radio Transcript Interview on Gun Control

By Indigo Wallace-Knight


Written Task A is centered around “Part 1- Language in Cultural Context”. This content specifically relates to “Radio Transcript Interview – Wayne LaPierre Gun Control” by interviewer Olivia Burwood and the song ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon. The transcript uses emotional language and imagery, such as Olivia’s story about the boy Jake and references to children and guns to convey the message of peace. The transcript also relies on statistics to back Olivia’s claims and strengthen her emotional position.

The song ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon is said to be an anthem for the people, inspiring them to live out their dreams and stand up for their beliefs. Through powerful and inclusive language Lennon states, “You may say I'm a dreamer, but I’m, not the only one”. Lennon invites the world, all countries, religions, and genders, to take a journey with him, to believe nothing stands in their way of making the world a better place.

I used the format of a radio transcript as it is a valid method to portray both emotions and facts related to a critically important topic – gun control. Also, using transcript allows both sides of a relevant argument to be heard thereby increasing the credibility of the case. The interview between Olivia and Wayne went into great detail on the effect guns have on all generations but specifically on millennials. Olivia uses a rhetorical and emotional question asking, “Weren't the guns meant to protect them?” thus challenging the belief, so immersed in American culture, that guns are used to protect people.

Both these emotional texts explore the idea that a better world is possible thus inspiring younger generations to infuse their beliefs into society, creating a better, safer world. One that is hopeful. One that does not need guns.

Words: 292

Radio Transcript Interview – Wayne LaPierre Gun Control

Saturday 3 February 2018 12:41 PM

Oliva: Hi! Welcome to WWD FM. Today we will be talking with Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the National Rifles Association about an issue that we are all too familiar with -gun control! The topic we will be exploring is – in a firearm immersed American culture how power is given or taken by certain individuals. Wayne, you are a significant supporter of guns, why is this?

Wayne: Olivia, what I want to say to your listeners is this. Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. It is every person’s constitutional right to carry a firearm. Life is dangerous, so people should be able to defend themselves. What people all over the country fear today is being abandoned by their government and the only way they will protect themselves when they are vulnerable, is with a firearm. The critical point is that a man needs to be able to protect his family.

Olivia: But Wayne, if you keep a gun in your bedside draws aren’t you worried that a child will find it and think it’s a toy?

Wayne: Well, then you would keep it in a safe.

Olivia: But if someone broke into your house where is your immediate protection? They won’t wait for you to open up the safe.

Wayne: … Ah…..

Olivia: Why don’t you believe in gun control, Wayne?

Wayne: It doesn’t work, it never has and never will.

Olivia: Well it has worked in Australia.

Wayne: Australia still has murder, drugs, and crime.

Olivia: Wayne, let’s put this into perspective, America’s murder rate is 12,996 per year with the US being ranked at 9th worst country while Australia is ranked 42nd with only 229 murders. That’s a significant difference.

Wayne: But that still doesn’t change the fact that even if we changed our laws to be like Australians people will still be able to get guns off the black market. If we have people who intend to harm others with their firearms, why shouldn’t we be able to protect ourselves?

Olivia: Point noted, but the firearm used in the Sandy Hooks massacre cost $1,000 at Walmart while on the black market the same gun costs $34,000 – that’s a significant amount of money.

Wayne: People are still able to purchase it though.

Olivia: That’s correct, but I’ve never seen a teenager with $34,000.

Wayne let’s do an activity. I want you to close your eyes and imagine a 13-year-old boy, called Jake, just starting middle school. Each day Jake is being told that guns will protect him if he’s ever in danger. Jake is best friends with Mark. They did everything together. Three years go by now Jake is 16 he’s on the football team. Jake still has the same thought about guns. Guns will protect him if he’s in danger. Even though there’s school shooting, he knows that this will never happen to him. Why would it? Jake is friends with everybody though he's no longer close with Mark. If anyone were feeling upset, they would talk to their friends. One day Jake comes to school like any other day and, the most significant thing on his mind is passing his chemistry exam. He sits in class thinking over and over the notes he had memorized. Then he hears a loud bang. People start screaming running down the halls terrified for their lives. Jake follows the crowd hoping to keep up but not registering what’s happened. A teacher pushes Jake and a bunch of other students into a music room and locks the door. Everyone goes silent, and all that could be heard were footsteps in the hallway. They hear another shot. It goes quiet they aren’t sure what’s happened. There were no more shots just a knock on a door. Everyone is petrified. A manly voice announces he's with the police force and they have detained Mark Lakev. Jake doesn’t understand how this could happen. How could he not have seen this? Jake and Mark spoke now and then. Why didn’t he ask if anything was wrong? Weren't the guns meant to protect them?

Do you see the issue? Guns used to protect are be using to attack.

Wayne: I don’t think guns are to blame. The boy had mental issues and should’ve sought advice. It is also why I’m supportive of the new proposal of teachers having guns as this will allow them to be able to secure the class safely and potentially de-weapon the student who is armed.

Olivia: You can’t just keep providing more and more guns. What if the teacher is mentally unstable and one kid pushes too far? Students will often try and prove they have power over a teacher by making sneaky comments. What if the teacher decides it’s time to show who has the power?

Wayne: Guns do provide power, but it can be used to help others.

Olivia: It’s given a predominantly negative power over people. People with guns believe they have superior power over others due to the continuous reinforcement of firearms having power immersed in our culture. The difficulty is in American society it is continually prompted that guns will protect us. There is no safety in America anymore. Someone could see in here and harm us all right now.

Wayne: I understand your point but it’s not a gun’s fault, people kill people.

Olivia: By using a gun. I’m not saying get altogether rid of guns I’m just saying we could have more detailed background checks. Get rid of automatic firearms. We could save so many more lives. Weapons provide an unfair power to individuals that are usually catastrophic. Any final words Wayne?

Wayne: I have faith that guns will protect us in the future as they have done in the past.

Olivia: Well that’s all we have time for thank you for coming on the show today Wayne, it was interesting having you.

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