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Introduction and background

The Operation and Technology Company [OTC] was established in 2008 as a system integrator for supplying, Design, Installation & Commissioning contractor for Telecommunication Networks targeting the below activities & solutions that summarized as:-

Indoor/Outdoor Survey for Copper and Fiber Optic Networks. Network Design for Telecom Providers. GSM Network & Telecom Towers.

Transmission Equipment & Services Extensions. FTTH Technology & Infrastructure Replacement. Structured Cabling Systems for Buildings. Low voltage & Security Systems for Buildings.

OTC has excellent staff to execute OSP work fiber and copper cable technology. The work includes pulling, splicing, jointing and testing. OTC has brilliant engineer to perform its best implementing telecommunication OSP network.

OTC with its highly educated and expert engineer having years of experience and armed with all equipment can perform any survey for FTTH and Copper networks in professional way which can be articulated in the following.

Perform Site Survey for Civil works and Fiber Networks. Designing infrastructure using advanced designing software such as Network Engineer.

Performing detailed survey for existing ducts infrastructure. Provide Professional Technical consultancy for FTTH. Network Planning, Designing by preparing the design guideline to develop standard, Qualitative and optimize FTTH Network.

OTC one of the leading system integrators in Gulf Region in designing, supplying and installing Low voltage and Security Systems in both commercial and residential buildings.

Advanced Unified Communication. Designing Advanced Wireless LAN. LAN Design and Implementation. Unified Communication VOIP. Network Servers Installation and Configuration. Network Active Components Design and Implementation (Switches, Router).

OTC Vision and Goals:-

OTC Vision is to Provide excellence, consistence, secure and Cost Effective Telecom/Contracting Services in due course, and above Customer's Expectations.

To develop scalable Networks solution for Public and Governmental Domain.

OTC is tailoring its services for next gen networks landscape that is going to span the kingdom in coming Decades.

To create Sustainable competitive advantage while deploying new Emerging Network Technologies.

In a bid to become long term pioneer and integrators of various solution OTC is creating rigid partnership with vendors that innovate, Suppliers that Deliver and employing teams that builds forward.

OTC Mission Statement:-

OTC has a Mission to provide services pertaining to fiber optic Networks GSM lowers low voltage sys, terms, Structured Cabling Systems and much more.

We Integrate, Design, Supply and Implement Networks and Telecommunications System.

In Effects we will Revolution the Networks Industry in the Kingdom by Establishing ourselves as your Turn Key partner in Technology. You can Count on OTC for cutting Edge Solutions.

Aim Of The Study

To make a Research Report on OTC Operation and Technology Company Saudi Arabia Riyadh and Learn about the strategies, Requirements, Rules and Regulations, Terms and conditions being used by the Company.

Research Objectives:-

‘ To know about the Introduction of the Company

‘ To identify Mission And Vision Statement of the Company.

‘ To study about the Products and Services of OTC.

‘ To identify the marketing plans of the Company.

‘ To identify their Business Plans and Business Strategies.

‘ To identify the Operational Plan and Trainings.

‘ To identify the Financial Management and Plans.

‘ To identify their Budgeting System and Strategies.

‘ To identify the Marketing Management and Plans.

‘ To know about their Marketing Strategies.

‘ To identify the HR Strategies of the Company.

‘ To identify their Services and Facilities to Customers and Employees.

‘ To know about their employees Performance and Job Description.

‘ To identify the Organizational Chart.

‘ to provide Recommendation.

Significance of the Research:-

Through this Research Report, I will be able to take all the needed information on OTC Operation and Technology Company. I will be able to identify the Suggestions to the company and I will be able to know about these four Department Operational Plans, Marketing Plans, HR Plans and Financial Plans of the Company. While working on this Research Project I will be able to Increase and Develop My Knowledge Of Business.


Project Management

OTC have a major contract with STC Saudi Telecommunication Company.

We are proposing a joint project organization between STC and OTC to facilitate the completion of the project. The roles of the project participants are defined in the Project Management Organization and Staffing Plan, which will be developed at the start of the project and will address the overall project management organization and staffing.

STC project manager and OTC project manager will meet on a regular basis and they will both report back to the management committee.


Describe, in specific terms, what items will be procured and under what conditions:

[include the following with as much details as available:

Product or Service Description

a. Functional and performance requirements

b. Quality requirements

c. Cost requirements

d. Other

1. OTC Responsibilities

‘ Assign a single point of contact or project manager with sufficient authority to take final decisions on behalf of OTC.

‘ Complete the proposed scope of work in a professional manner.

‘ Maintain   project   communication   and   administer   the   project   change   control procedure with STC project manager.

‘ Adhere to STC quality assurance standards where necessary and as agreed during the start of the project.

‘ Support STC with the coordination of the project.

‘ Support STC through participation in the management committee.


The project will rate each identified risk (e.g., Impact Score = High, Medium, Low) based on the likelihood that the risk event  will occur and the effect on the project’s objectives if the risk event occurs.  This will be a subjective evaluation based on the  experience of those assigned to the project’s ) :

    Default rating/scoring system is as follows:

   Risk Score (in the Green, Yellow or Red boxes) is defined as ‘Impact Score’ x ‘Probability’ and is shown in the following chart.  Priority is  based on Risk Score.  

   Impact Score


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