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Essay: Joined Engineering Services SAE: A Leading Contracting Company Specialized in Engineering and Other Fields

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Building is one of the claims to fame and specialties in the group, which is worried about concentrate the different expressions, sciences and arithmetic and applying them together in imaginative approaches to plan and concoct machines, devices and establishments, create them, outline and administer the way toward assembling these applications in the most ideal approach to guarantee security and viability at the least conceivable cost.

Science is for the most part not the same as designing, since science ponders regular marvels, breaks down them, and recognizes inestimable wonders around us. While builds in some cases do such occupations, the essential capacity of designing is, for the most part, to utilize these disclosures that researchers find and use on the ground. Connected and plan creations and machines.

This assignment is going to talk about a leading contracting company which specialized in engineering and other fields. This report is going to include and discuss different activities of the company, different requirements processes for the company, source of additional funds as well as marketing activities of the company related to the promotion. The main method used in this report will be by using websites. The structure of the report will start with discussion every objective one by one then conclude the report with a summary of the main findings and last there will be references.  



Joined Engineering Services SAE is one of the most established oil field benefit organizations in Oman. Its clients incorporate Oman Petroleum, Oman Oil, Oxygen, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Weatherford, Mohammed Al Barwani Oil Services, Cameron Oil Services, Dalma Energy, Shiffani Drilling, Med Wesco, PTTP and Great Wall.

The Engineering Services Company has three business branches: producing, deals office, and penetrating gear administrations. As a component of the business course of action with Smith, and after securing 100% of the designing administrations organization, the penetrating gear administrations ought to be overseen by United Engineering Services to another joint wander. All present and future contracts for boring gear administrations will likewise be doled out to the new venture.

The organization was built up under the name Smith International (Oman) SAE, where Smith claims 53.75% of the offers and United Engineering Services Company possesses 46.2% of the offers. Under the Technical Services Agreement, Smith offers various administrations, including particular apparatuses, new advancements, footing administration, auxiliary specialized administration and administration faculty for the new organization. What's more, the designing administrations organization offers help administrations for the new venture.

For the practical territories of the organization, United Engineering Services has given business delegates in various prestigious organizations that produce and supply oilfield gear and devices, chemicals to oil organizations and the penetrating business. These deals depend on critical standards. This field has four fundamental branches: oil, gas, hardware, water, gear, and administrations. The organization's fundamental clients incorporate PDO, Oman LNG, Oman Gas Company, Occidental and government services, for example, the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Defense.

Building a successful project is contingent on the management capabilities of the company performing the work and always based on client satisfaction. Continuously building quality projects requires a company-wide mindset that unites all team members behind one main purpose – Building Excellence. At OUES, we believe integrity and high-performance standards must come from the top; this is why our senior executives are involved in our projects from day one and stay involved until the final closeout. The key to professional project execution is fundamental – anticipate and eliminate problems before they happen. Our team works with the owners, construction team, designers, and engineers, with the detail that only specialists can provide, to plan, budget and schedule every aspect of your project.

 Once construction begins, sound management skills, seasoned field supervision, and sophisticated computer management technology work together with competent subcontractors and suppliers to keep your project on track. The result is a quality facility that is completed when promised, as promised.

Recruitment processes for the company done by the official website & social media programs. They are looking for fresh & new ideas. They care about a positive attitude, innovation, integrity, respect, accountability as well as flexibility.

The organization is utilizing 800 profoundly energetic work constraint including 150 specialized staff, 100 non-specialized staff or more 550 laborers. The organization likewise procures labor from outside market and draws in sub-contractual workers as and when required.  

The organization is overseen by all around qualified experts and is following built up frameworks and controls, in dealing with its operations.

The organization possesses an armada of around 200 vehicle/hardware, which incorporates Bull Dozers, Graders, Vibratory Compactors, Wheel Loaders, Back Hoe Loaders, Excavators, Water tankers, and Tippers. The organization is additionally, procuring vehicles and gear from others as and when required to serve the group as well.

Cash that a man or organization rises from inside to start or grow operations. This is called inside source extra supports, it more often than not originates from the organization speculation itself. Between External wellsprings of the back are found outside the business, typically from the customers.

The objective of advertising is to emerge and be taken note. Great promoting continues attracting the clients' regard for the organization items and administrations. The more current the organization in the market, the harder it needs to work to draw in and hold new clients. A considerable lot of the organization showcasing exercises will concentrate on imparting to clients the elements and advantages of the items. Considering which limited time exercises will best meet the organization advertising needs.

Publicity, made by sending media discharges to print and communicate media, offering meetings to the media and from informal. Besides, direct marketing – includes sending letters, messages, handouts, and pamphlets to singular target customers regularly took after by individual offering or telemarketing.


In conclusion, this report included a full review about Oman United Engineering Services. The main function

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