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Essay: How Apple Success and Competitive Advantage Through IT Infrastructure

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Infrastructure Components

IT infrastructure is composed of seven major components:

1. Computer hardware platforms:

The hardware platform is including a combination of hardware produced by Apple, so the user can browse and read more details about this device and compare it with other devices, such as:

    Apple Computers:

    MacBook Pro.


    MacBook Air.


    iMac Pro

    Apple servers:

    Mac OS X 10.4 Server (Tiger Server): Includes NetBoot service that helps to support network image stabilization and improvement and is also designed as a source for Apple updates managed software on your network with the ability to directly manage users of Apple software updates on the network software can access and apply their computers.

    Mac OS X 10.5 Server operating system makes it easy for small businesses, workgroups, and enterprises to take full advantage of the benefits of a server. With Mac OS X Server, users can effortlessly share files, schedule meetings and events, exchange instant messages, send and receive mail on the Internet, access the organization's network remotely, publish podcasts, and host websites. This update includes general operating system fixes, as well as specific fixes, such as:

o Directory service reliability and authenticating new File Sharing connections, binding and authentication in Active Directory environments, editing Wiki content in Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer, sending 'Welcome' email messages to users in Server Preferences and enabling Software Update Server.

    Mac OS X 10.6 Server (Snow Leopard Server) includes unlimited client licenses. New features:

o Support the application of the new web calendar that passes notifications immediately and can send e-mail invitations to non-users, the address book server provides a central location for users to store and access personal contacts across multiple Mac systems and concurrent iPhones, Even, a new mail server engine that supports instant e-mail, so users can instantly access new messages However, Apple's implementation of instant messaging for e-mail.


    IBM: used to bridge the gap between Apple's mobile popularity, BYOD software (Bring your Own Device) and enterprise applications and provide the best solutions while giving users a lot of flexibility, reducing administrative costs and more efficiency in day to day business processes. Also, provides the necessary protection for information and institutional knowledge and what we can expect in future.

    Top Chip Producers:

    Apple (AAPL) iPhone chip suppliers Broadcom (AVGO) and

    Texas Instruments (TXN)

    along with equipment giants Applied Materials (AMAT)

    Lam Research (LRCX).

2. Operating system platforms:

3. Data management and storage.

4. Networking and telecommunications platforms

5. Internet platforms

6. Consulting and system integration services  

 – Mac OS X snow leopard (now stop update)

Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6) is the seventh major release of Mac OS X (now named macOS), Apple's desktop and server operating system for Macintosh computers.

 was made available for purchase from Apple's website and its retail stores at the price of US$29 for a single-user license. Because of the low price, initial sales of Snow Leopard were significantly higher than that of its predecessors. The release of Snow Leopard came nearly two years after the introduction of Mac OS X Leopard, the second longest time span between successive Mac OS X releases (the time span between Tiger and Leopard was the longest).

 Information system and information technology to provide you with competitive advantages:

Information system:

The organizational structure of Apple, with its global presence and different industries in the electronics industry, requires an information dissemination system that provides the right information for the right people at the right time to ensure that their business decisions are consistent and supported by the right availability of information.

Apple's main goal is always to be the innovation leader.  Same Philosophy itself extends even to the way they manage internal communication that displays their superiority. According to this concept, they have most operations that are hypothetical, as the company believes that virtual is the factor that will provide the company with a competitive edge in the future market.

Intel Intranet provides the platform required to perform this process, and this internal network at Companff enables Emolovis to access all redirects. Intel Intranet provides the platform to implement this process, and this internal network enables employees to access all the information required from the surface comfort of the office. From an external point of view, the company has Extranet, which enables the company to interact with major suppliers and developers for existing Mac applications. This enables the organization to build an apparently unlimited value chain "in the area of information by establishing a virtual relationship between suppliers and production units that are linked in turn to the retailer. Information has been transferred from the retailer to the customer service department which already has access to other information about Supplier and production details. Therefore, there is a huge amount of information to enable the company to provide services when the mouse clicks (in terms of availability of information, it seems that from party to party connecting all parties the company was able to provide customized services to its customers.

The company has contracted with Tel Communication. The company's services have gained momentum, which is called SAS, enabling the company to differentiate with other competitors in the market and make the public information management system more flexible. And effectiveness 3. Conclusion From the discussion above it can be noted that part of the MIS is very important and can provide a substantive advantage in the market for the company if managed effectively. At the same time, if the same planning is not effectively put, opportunities, Of decision-making without adequate information for managers. Thus, it can be said that MES plays a crucial role in favor of the company's overall strategy.

Michael Porter   s competitive forces model

    Provides general view of firm, its competitors, and


    Five competitive forces shape fate of firm:

1. Traditional competitors

2. New market entrants

3. Substitute products and services

4. Customers

5. Suppliers

Apple Success with information technology

Apple achieved business success using information, information technology and people by finding a way to make their product more interesting. With the use of information Apple determine in sales what would sell and who could benefit from their product and what would the pros outweigh the cons of their product.

for example, with certain products they make like the I Pad the size is easy to carry you can play games and watch videos type papers take photos its touch screen which the customers enjoy.

Information technology (IT) enables managers to be more competent in the business function and the organization departments to be more effective. Information technology can control the use of computers and computers software.

Who are Apple's (AAPL) Main Competitors in the Tech Industry?


The range of products and services offered by Apple, Inc. (AAPL) is broad, and the company is a fierce competitor in several industries, ranging from personal computers to entertainment media to mobile payment systems. Here is a list of the technology giant's main competitors by industry.

Personal Computers

While the personal computer running on Microsoft operating systems has remained a favorite of consumers since the 1980s, Apple has maintained a loyal following of users who report high satisfaction with the company's Macintosh computers and Safari operating system. Major competitors in this space include Dell, Acer, HP, Sony, and Toshiba.

Mobile computers

The iPad revolutionized the Apple business model and spurred an entire industry of mobile computing imitators. Apple is by far the most profitable and biggest selling company in this industry. Competitors include Alphabet Inc. (GOOG), Samsung, and Nokia.


The smartphone industry was once dominated by Canadian giant BlackBerry Limited (BBRY) (formerly Research in Motion Limited). That changed quickly with the introduction of the Apple iPhone. The iPhone has literally decimated BlackBerry's business model and caused the company to restructure several times. Alphabet Inc.'s Google produces the Android operating system, which is installed on most non-Apple phones produced by Huawei, Samsung, Sony (SNE), HTC, Lenovo, and others.

Entertainment Media and Applications

The two major players in this space are Apple and Google, with the Apple iOS running on its iPhones and iPods, and Google Android running on most competitor phones and tablets. Each operating system interfaces with iTunes and the Google Play Store respectively, allowing users to purchase music, books, applications and other media.

Information technology:

The company gets a competitive advantage by providing a product or service to customers to be worth more in the competition. However, information technology is one way to give the company this competitive advantage. Companies need to use IT in an innovative way by solving business problems in a way different from that of some other companies and it sure gives the company some competitive advantage.

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