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‘Better things for Better living through Chemistry’, taking this thought as a motivation for my objective to pursue graduate studies in Chemistry. My interest in this field is determined by my majoring in Organic Chemistry with a research experience in the relative field persuaded me that I had made the right choice of study, heading to pursue active research as my career. I appreciate this opportunity to present myself at ””.. University and to apply for Doctoral studies at your esteemed department. A full familiarity with my qualities and shortcomings, I believe that I will be successful both as a Graduate student and later as a scientist in scholastic milieu.
Ever Since from my childhood I saw my grandfather with a variety of herbs (he was a teacher and Ayurvedic specialist – President Award for his remarkable work) and this is the thing that set off my astounding for Organic Chemistry. This energized me to pursue my Bachelor’s degree – triple major comprising Chemistry, Zoology and Biotechnology. Amid that period my interest towards the chemistry was intensified and found that my goals get accomplished if I could gain core knowledge in the branch of chemistry which inspired me to opt for teaching where I learnt how to take an issue in front of the students furthermore make subject straightforward so they simply just not comprehend the topic but also implement the same for the real life based problems that resulted into a manner where teaching is not just a profession as well my obligation how to teach science.
My past involvement with Chemistry is the principle catalyst for me to look for further in this field that enlivened me to join MSc in Organic Chemistry, where there are conceivable outcomes for the disclosure of new molecules through innovative methods. During my Master’s course I was acquainted with the concepts of Organic Synthesis, Bioorganic Chemistry, and Organometallics that developed an enthusiasm towards the field of exploration. At the meantime I got an opportunity to work in Shipra Pharmaceutical, Indore, India as a summer research intern that gave me the experience of working in a team committed towards the quality research. In the course of time I spent there, my interaction with pioneers of the industry taught me several fundamental things and also ”” to go inside the subject.
During my MSc project work, I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Gurunath Suryavanshi at the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India as a part of his project titled ‘Synthesis of Novel Copper Catalyzed Multicomponent Reaction of Terminal Alkynes, Arynes and Diazocarboxylates for one pot C-C & C-N Bond Formation.’ It has been a lifetime experience to work with many highly qualified research fellows who taught me the implementation of the theory and also helped me to understand how things differ in actual practice. It gave me a new point of understanding and visualizing the subject which I would like to embrace in future endeavors.
Currently I’m working on research project that deals with Synthesis of various drug intermediates where to develop a novel and effective process is always our aim to meet the demands of the over growing population and also to revolutionize the scenario outside. In this project; we have developed some methods to prepare moieties in good yields and also with better purification techniques like we have subsidized Column Chromatography with Crystallization methods. This will not only help us to save a lot of solvent which results into saving the environment but also this technique can be implemented for bulk production of the compounds where this will help us to provide cheap and effective raw materials for many important medicines. These experiences have made me realize that taking this as my future perspective won’t just help me to live my fantasy additionally I can provide something great for my fraternity.
The urge to explore further the greater depths of this well coordinated yet mysterious system coupled with my experience has inculcated in me a strong fervor for research in chemistry. So, undertaking research and making original contributions to the field of Organic Chemistry would be the ultimate goal of my graduate studies. There are reasons behind my decision to pursue research studies in a presumed department, such as yours; firstly, It is essential for an individual yearning for an exploration profession. Firstly, living up to expectations for a proposition under the direction of a master whose work can serve as a model is the best system for changing an research study into a to a great extent free specialist making critical unique commitments. Besides, the accentuation of graduate study on escalated and autonomous investigation of a particular territory is a perfect method for making an understudy fit for arriving at the boondocks of information in a subfield rapidly and staying up to date with the most recent advancements.
In the wake of concluding, I can assure you that my genuine proposition towards research, my past experience, solid foundation in biology and chemistry will add on my graduate studies. Attending your department would not only motivate me to do better as well as it will provide me a nature of environment where world class researchers and phenomenal educators and high class equipments will gear up my quest. I am completely aware about the ups and downs in this field and also well prepared for the sort of eagerness, diligent work, and determination that it calls for. I feel that I am sufficiently ready, both in having the capabilities, and in having the right attitude for doctoral level Research work.
I am enthusiastically looking forward to joining ”””’ University as a graduate student at your esteemed department.

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