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I have long been intrigued by Biology and Forensic Science in particular. I excelled in my Science lessons at school and enjoyed reading science related books. My passion for the subject continued in college and confirmed my desire to study a Forensics related degree at university. I am fascinated in the biological aspects of Forensic Science and toxicology, particularly DNA testing and the examination of minor contact traces, involving blood, hair and fibers. Additionally, I enjoy watching crime related programmes, true stories and reading fictional novels relating to crimes committed; learning how different techniques and methods are used for solving crimes as I am intrigued to acquire new knowledge.
The subjects I am currently studying have equipped me well for a course based in Biological Science. Studying Biology, I have greatly improved my practical skills by successful completion of regular experiments; this has enabled me to improve my data handling skills and use them for numerical graphs. This has ensured I am very meticulous with my work. English literature has helped me to develop my note taking skills; I am able to write down essential information such as synopses quickly and effectively. I feel I can successfully transfer this skill to university for lectures and seminars. I have learnt strong written communication from my essay writing and oral communication from reading dramas in class; this has also given me the ability to exchange information and knowledge with others.

Psychology has greatly increased my interest in Forensic based sciences as I have developed knowledge in the human mind and what drives people to commit the crimes. It helped me understand why people commit crimes and I believe it would be advantageous when studying the criminal aspect of forensics.

After recently completing a whole two month work experience at a local Veterinary Practice I gain many skills that I can carry forward to university and onto my career path. I was able to support the Vet and the Veterinary Nurses in theatre carrying out major and minor operations. This enabled me to develop precision and hone my concentration skills when in high pressured situations. I was also responsible for sterilising the equipment prior to the operations and testing the water used in the hydrotherapy tanks. I had to keep a very close check on the anesthetised animals, which greatly improved my time management skills.

Additionally, I shared post-operative responsibility of the animals with the Veterinary Nurses. This involved making regular checks; including taking their temperature and ensuring they had food and water. I was responsible for checking that their operative wound was clean and dry. Working in such a professional environment greatly improved my self-confidence and reinforced my desire to pursue a future career in some aspect of this field. This experience has also given me a real insight into the level of empathy, enthusiasm and stamina required to pursue a successful career in the field of Forensic Biology.

I have been a member of Barnsley Youth Choir for the past 5 years. This involves attending a weekly practice, requiring commitment and dedication. I have had the opportunity to perform at numerous events, including a festival in London and at Manchester Theatre. I also practice at home, learning pieces of music for the following week. I have worked very hard to effectively manage this commitment alongside my A level studies. I contributed to my college life by helping at the open evenings enabling me to express my interest for the science subjects to other students.

Currently, I am fostering a rabbit for the RSPCA. I am keen to support this organisation and have several pets of my own. This experience has enabled me to understand the level of commitment required when fostering an animal. I spend time with her regular every day supporting her development to become more sociable. This should ensure that she has a successful placement in a permanent home. By doing this it has helped me appreciate that doing jobs and work is not only for the set times, it has to be completed and researched into after hours. I will be able to apply this to my university life as I will have to look into topics before and after lectures and group projects.

I look forward to furthering my knowledge in Forensic Sciences and achieving the qualifications and skills required to work in a professional environment. I am keen to specialise as a Forensic Biologist and toxicologist as I believe I have the determination and requisite skills to be successful.

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