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Essay: Breast Cancer

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  • Breast Cancer
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Breast cancer is a serious disease that has been a huge problem around the world and has killed millions of people. There are a bunch of causes and symptoms of breast cancer. There are 5 stages of breast cancer, and some of the things you can do to cure it have serious side effects. There are many forms and effects of breast cancer. You may not know it but a friend or family member might have breast cancer in their future and it is important to know about systems, cures and some of the other important details in this essay.

Cancer is when a cell grows and reproduces uncontrollably also known as a tumor. Breast cancer is when a tumor is growing in the breast. You usually have malignant tumor a kind tumor that invades the tissue or other parts in the body. Breast cancer is the second leading cancer death among women. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. The one out of eight with breast cancer will have five years since the cancer formed to live if they can’t get it treated.

You can’t pinpoint the exact cause of cancer. Cancer might run in the family but you can also get it from drinking alcohol. Cancer happens when a DNA cell gets damaged. You cannot get cancer from someone who has it. Another way to get breast cancer is to have combined hormone replacement therapy, or have a sedentary life style. Another risk factor is if you were diagnosed with breast cancer in one breast then you might be at risk of getting it in the other breast. Also if there is mutation in some genes then that can raise a higher risk of breast cancer.

There are five different stages for breast cancer. In the first stage there is no invasive trace of breast cancer. The second stage is when cancer cells are breaking through the tissue in the breast the tumor is 2cm big. In the third stage no tumor can be found but cancer cells are found by the breast. The fourth stage of breast cancer the tumor is 5 cm and cancer cells are in the lymph nodes. The final stage of breast cancer is when the cancer cells had spread to other organs.

There are 7 different forms of breast cancer. Breast cancer appears in two broad categories noninvasive and invasive. Most breast cancers are usually carcinomas which is where the cancer starts in a cell and lines the tissues and organs. One form is called Ductal Carcinoma where the cells that line the ducts look alot like cancer cells but aren’t because they have not spread yet, so it is hard to find it at first. The most common is called invasive ductal carcinoma this one breaks through the wall of the a milk duct turning into a fatty tissue of the breast, but at this point it might beable to other parts of the body. another form is called invasive lobular carcinoma where the cancer starts in the milk making glands and travels to other parts of the body. The rest aren’t quite as common they are usually the 1% to 3% of kinds of breast cancers you will get.

There are 6 ways to treat breast cancer surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy and bone-directed therapy. For surgery they basically remove the tumor, but for radiation therapy they use high radiated chemicals like x-rays to get rid of the cancer in your body. For chemotherapy they enter drugs into your bloodstream reaching the organs with cancer cells killing the cells but might damage normal cells. Hormone therapy only works if you have hormone receptors in cancer cells it hormone estrogen promotes cell cancer growth, but hormone therapy doesn’t stop cancer but helps prevent it after surgery. For target therapy it is a kind of drugs, but different from chemotherapy because they have target the extra protein in cancer cells which stops the cell growth. This drug called bone directed therapy can heal the bones that are weak when cancer spreads.

There are quite a few symptoms for breast cancer, but because one of them is happening doesn’t mean you have breast cancer. There might be a tenderness near the breast or underarm. The skin on the breast might start to feel weird or the pores in the skin start to enlarge also the skin might start to become red and scaly. You also might feel a bump by the breast if so you should go see a healthcare professional. Also the breast might start to change size or swollen sometimes the breast start discharge milk when not breastfeeding. Even if you don’t have any of these symptoms that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a scan to make sure.

There are quite a few long term and short term side effects, for example emotional distress and depression, and fatigue or trouble sleeping are some effects of breast cancer. You might get depression from cancer you will probably have for the first year after you have been treated if so you might want to see someone. You might have loss of sleep this usually goes away for most people but sometime stays for a couple years. If you take chemotherapy to try to cure breast cancer than for women over forty their period might start up again and it might be permanent. If you do radiation therapy then you might give your skin a serious risk you might to get a sunburn like thing on your skin which can make your skin flakey and dry. Those are some of the aftereffects for breast cancer.

Breast cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer. People all over still have to live with it and even though there are some cures they still have serious side effects sometimes these cures sometimes don’t even work and aren’t able to help people with breast cancer. You might not have or know someone with breast cancer but that is no reason to try and help stop it, and the more that help the quicker we might be able to find a cure. A lot of people have done things to help raise money for breast cancer sports stars sometimes wear pink sweat bands to help support and I know people who have done a garage sale to raise money to help out. I hope this paper gave you some reasons to help cure cancer.

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