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An unknown compound was discovered in a local landfill. Investigation of the identity of the unknown compound served the purpose to determine the reactivity of the compound and its hazards to the environment to determine if it was safe or toxic for the environment and needed to be removed from the landfill. The goals included determining the identity of the compound, determining its chemical and physical properties by observing the compound and analyzing its chemical behavior, and devising two syntheses of the compound. This exploration began with preliminary observations. Preliminary observations of the sample confirmed that the unknown compound looked much like a salt and was odorless. The compound was white with a solid, crystal-like structure much like that of table salt (NaCl) just not as fine. The pH of the unknown compound proved to be 5. To test for pH, the unknown compound was dissolved in water and litmus paper was put into the solution. The litmus paper turned color and the color was compared to a pH chart. The method of investigating the identity of the unknown compound consisted of the completion of a series of tests in order to determine physical and chemical properties of the compound. The series of tests were performed to determine the solubility of the unknown compound, which cations and anions were present in the sample, its conductivity, and much more.

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