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As an adolescent when I tagged along with my parents to the grocery store I remember quickly jolting myself towards the magazine racks to pick up the newest edition of Flex Magazine to examine the latest and greatest bodybuilder on the cover. I quickly became a muscle enthusiast and got a gym membership. However after months of training and dieting, I found myself disappointed with my physical changes it wasn’t what I envisioned. Consequently, after accepting I was being constrained by my own incomprehension of the mechanism of muscle growth I commenced my quest in researching the complex biological system of muscle growth along with a manifold of biological factors correlated with muscle growth. This article is to inform the audience of Hypertrophies effect on muscle growth and explain how Microtrauma is an imperative biological factor that assist muscular development through the medium of the immune system along with an illustration of Training Variables correlated with the greatest hypertrophic response and it’s biological mechanism.
Before we get started have you ever daydreamed of being an elite bodybuilder with all the chicks? Well, as an overweight adolescent with an insignificant pick up ratio I did so I needed to get to work, How does muscle actually grow?
Hypertrophy is the expansion of the size of a muscle fiber or cells with a change in overall dimensions. Hyperplasia (Hypergenesis) opposed to Hypertrophy is the splitting of new fibers or cells that increase in numbers of fibers or cells contrary in Hypertrophies overall size. According to (Schoenfeld 2010) Hypertrophy is induced by traditional resistance training program but not limited to. Hypertrophy increases the sarcomeres (tubular muscle cell that increase glycogen storage) this is recognized as Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy. Myofibrils (myocytes containing myofibers longer sarcomeres chain that increase myofibril size) is understood as Myofibrillar Hypertrophy. (Schoenfeld 2010) unfolds that when an overload in the skeletal muscle is stimulated it causes a disturbance in Myofibers, consequently setting off (myogenic) the increase in size and amount of muscular tissue.
Resistance Training? and overload of the muscle? I’m still not quite comprehending I just finished stating in the introduction I endured several months of training and dieting with disappointing results what am I doing wrong?
Microtrauma is a small damaged muscle fiber that holds an essential role in muscular development when microtrauma occurs (from resistances training or other activities) the immune system is then activated by rejuvenating the damaged muscle fibers and risk factor of injury is then reduced. Arguments occur that damage to these fibers has been speculated as a symptom of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) initially why progressive overload is important to continue progress the body becomes resistant to stress additionally when looking at micro trauma it’s important to understand the mechanism of muscle contraction Concentric Contraction is when strength is satisfactory to overthrow resistance so then the muscle shortens. Eccentric Contraction is when the strength is inadequate to overthrow the external load on the muscle forcing the muscle to lengthen this is achieved when …

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