Essay: How Newton was one of the most brilliant people in human human history

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  • How Newton was one of the most brilliant people in human human history
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The most important people in the world often provide us with unique knowledge and leave a mark in society that lasts for a very long time, if not forever. Newton, was one of the most brilliant people in human history. Thanks to his contributions to Mathematics and Astronomy, we now live in a more advanced and technologically complex world.
Newton has been key for developing new technologies and overall systems that have been applied worldwide. The law of Gravity is a clear example of how Newton changed the world since with the invention of such, he managed to create an explanation for several astronomical phenomenons as well as a meaning as to why objects fall in the first place. Another reason as to why Newton has been so revolutionary is because of his impact in society. Not only did he create mind-blowing systems but he teached people to think differently and to view the world from a more sophisticated and and elaborate way which creates smarter human beings and effectively, a culturally enriched society. His impact has been so large that the term ‘Newtonian’ has been used for generations to describe the bodies of knowledge that owe their existence to his theories. This effect has been seen with several other great minds that claim how Newton inspired them, such as Albert Einstein or Joseph-Louis Lagrange who both managed to impact society with their unique points of view and knowledge. Lastly, with Newton’s contributions to astronomy and mathematics, he stood out because Newton challenged past theories that were developed before his existence, and this is a key reason as to why he has been so important to our society. Past theories such as the Aristotle theory and many more we’re all proved somewhat wrong after Newton’s theories came to light.
Newton without a doubt has been the most influential scientist and mathematician to help us improve as human beings and grow more wise as a community with shared knowledge about the world and what surrounds us.

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The Enlightenment has been revolutionary because of how people’s beliefs changed so drastically in such a short time, and the one that stood out the most as a philosopher was John Locke, as he proved that humans should be equal and have the right to life, liberty, health and possessions, but what would he think if he had still lived until today?
John Locke was a strong believer of human rights and how everyone has the freedom to rebel if they do not agree with the situation . John Locke would be very shocked if he saw countries like Cameroon or Cambodia who live in terrible conditions and have exactly the opposite of what Locke claims to be ideal conditions. Cameroon and Cambodia are examples of unfree countries who force labour on their citizens to then make a profit, and this is exactly what Locke was voting against. Locke would also be very disappointed with how people have become less healthy again because of the forced labour. Conditions are poor and that leads to a decrease in overall health. Lastly, Locke would not like how slavery is still occurring as he wanted people to have possessions and live life freely. Slavery causes possessions to be reduced as the ones who force the slavery in the first place own the materials and resources, and therefore dominate the slaves and control them.
Locke would not be happy with what the world has to offer in this century. Lack of Freedom, Health and possessions which were all things he wished for humanity, are being abused and not properly managed, causing a unbalanced society full of flaws.

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