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In today’s world, the scarcity of water due to global warming and climate changes is a major problem. This cannot be reduced just by introducing water restrictions, it is necessary to collect and store water in order to use them during droughts and situations where the supply of water is limited. For this purpose, many cities have decided to build rainwater harvesting tanks in order to collect and store rainwater for future use.
Rainwater can be used in various ways including watering gardens, toilet flushes, household chores etc. Though, it is not advisable to drink rainwater, it can still be used for cooking after being boiled or cleansed.
This report will include investigating several things such as the sizes of the tanks required for a certain volume of water, the volume of water that should be used during different times of the year and so on.
Through this task, common questions like-
What is the capacity of rainfall that my roof can catch?
How often does rainfall occur? / What is the average rainfall in my area?
What dimensions of the tank would I need, to save a certain amount of water?
How much water would I need for a certain period of time? Would be answered
To prove: 1mm of rain that falls on 1m2 of surface = 1 litre of water in the tank.
L.H.S= 1 mm of rain on 1m2 of surface
Volume/ Capacity = h*A
= 1mm * 1m2
= 0.001m * 1m2 (Since 1mm= 0.001m)
= 0.001m3
1m3 = 1000 litre
∴ 0.001m3 = 1 litre.
R.H.S= 1 litre of tank
∴ L.H.S= R.H.S
This implies that the statement of the salesman: “Every millimetre of rain that falls on each square metre of your roof equals 1 litre of water in your tank” is TRUE.
Calculated amount of water collected by a 100m2 roof when 8mm of rain falls over it is as follows.
Surface area of roof= 100m2
Rainfall= 8mm
∴ Amount of water collected over night
= V= A*h
= 100m2 * 8mm
=100m2 * 0.008m (Since 1mm = 0.001m)
= 0.8m3
1m3 = 1000 litres= 1kl.
∴ 0.8m3 = 800 litres= 0.8l
This implies that 800 litres of water would be collected by a roof of 100m2 when the rainfall is 8mm.
The capacity of water collected by a 100m2 roof in the month of September when the
Average rainfall= 59.2mm is as follows.
Average rainfall of Adelaide in September 2013: 59.2mm
The surface area of the roof collecting rain water= 100m2
Amount of water collected
by a roof with surface area of 100m2 = Surface Area x The average rainfall
= 100m2 * 59.2mm
= 100m2 * 0.0592m (Since 1mm = 0.001m)
= 5.92m3
1m3= 1000 litres= 1kl
∴ 5.92m3= 5920 litres= 5.92kl.
∴ The amount of water expected to be collected in September by a roof with 100m2 surface are = 5920 Litres.
Given is the capacity of a tank with a roof …

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