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In philosophical terms, there is a difference between methodological naturalism and metaphysical naturalism. First, let us define methodological naturalism, it is how it sounds, a scientific method. In other words, “trying to understand the world.” Scientists look for natural causes not supernatural predicaments. It is a method that we must obtain knowledge of the world around us; knowledge of the world god has created. Metaphysical naturalism states that, no realm of the supernatural exists, it is non-physical; even mental. Ruse seems to believe that if you are a methodological naturalist than you should also be a metaphysical naturalist. His theory is seen in many ways and all have different perspectives in his beliefs, especially from theists and atheists. In my opinion, I believe that Ruse, and his theory define the truth and is correct that if you are a methodological naturalist then states that you should also be a metaphysical naturalist, it makes plenty of sense. I for a fact abide that the relationship between methodological naturalism and metaphysical naturalism is the only reasonable entailment. Effectively there is no difference between methodological naturalism and metaphysical naturalism, if you are one, you should be the other because both these concepts contradict with one another. Through Ruse’s theory his argumentations from simplicity and an argument from consistency define why Ruse is correct in believing that methodological naturalism is technically saying that you are also a metaphysical naturalist.
Naturalism in contrast to supernaturalism is known as a natural law that is an idea or belief in which forces and laws operate the world, the philosophical study of the nature of reality and what the world is known to be, through the means of scientific relations. Naturalism excludes any means of supernatural activity thus defining that naturalism is atheism and that naturalism is basically the matter of reality, so how can people conclude that methodological and metaphysical naturalism don’t have any relation to one another. There set in beliefs that philosophical naturalists take one step further to believe that the rejection of science to believe in supernatural causes is true when in fact science is the main source of all our natural causes. Methodological naturalism and metaphysical naturalism are told apart by the fact that methodological naturalism is an epistemology of science while metaphysical naturalism is a position natural, physical causes (Barbara Forrest, 2000). It is generalized and accepted that both these concepts are unique and important aspects of modern scientific views are visualized in a sense that makes sense to believe in science than to rather not believe in it.

Being a methodological naturalist means that people believe in methods of science, taking the world and trying to understand it in a scientific perspective. It is pretty sensible when trying to understand what is existent and what is non-existent. From what is understandable methodological naturalism makes only one assumption, therefore, there exists an underlying view, that is the accounts of causation of natural kinds due to metaphysics. These prior beliefs or ‘working assumptions’

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