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Light is a symbol of life and well being, without it nothing exists. It brings in sunshine for civilians to be able to see and enlighten their mood. For centuries, natural light has been a substantial asset in architecture. It also may be used to create shadows to incorporate with calendars, three dimensionality, boundaries, and more. It has always been an important part of cathedrals in history. Architecture incorporates natural light into buildings for all of these purposes. But one of the most impactful effects it brings amongst humans is their mood and health. Natural light affects people’s behaviors because of the different atmosphere and environment it promotes, as it is proven to cheer people up.
Natural light is known to create a healthy and content environment when working in a building. According to Wymelenberg, scientists of the Lighting Research Center have reported that day lit environments increase occupant productivity and comfort (Wyemelenberg 1). It benefits for people to adapt to a working environment and focus as opposed to being in a closed space with only artificial lighting which is proven to be a distraction and depress people’s moods and motivations. Closed spaces create an imprisonment and uncomfortable atmosphere. Being exposed to the outdoors creates a better working style. Sky lighting, which is incorporating windows in the ceiling and make it visible to see the sky, have been proven by a 1999 study “Sky lighting and Retail Sales…” to improve retail sales (Wymelenberg 1). Sky lighting is a very popular way of bringing natural light in, as it also gives a great view to the sky, which can help enlighten people.
Many hospitals and museums also encompass sky lighting as it makes their patients comfortable, creates a pleasing experience, and affects their health positively. “Clinics and hospitals were particularly designed to take advantage of natural light because it was thought that sunlight could heal”(Hutchinson 3). Natural light can be just as effective and essential as ventilation is. According to the Department of Architecture of the National University of Malaysia, it helps to improve health and psychological reactions (National University of Malaysia 4). It also provides a source of vitamin D, which is extremely necessary because many people spend most of their time indoors out of sunlight and if they don’t get enough exposure it can later on affect their bones. Exposure to natural light has been proven to lower blood pressure, raise body temperature, lessen sleepiness, and motivate people (Sorenson 5). Research also proves that exposure makes its patients spend less time at the hospital than those located in darker confined spaces, which can affect their immune system (Nature Bright 6). This is common because when patients are in dark confined spaces trying to heal, it hinders their healing process and increases stress levels. Also, it improves up to twenty two percent of its patients to not necessarily need more pain medications (Nature Bright 6). Many people suffer from Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) due to lack of exposure to natural …

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