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Essay: The reasons for stress

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Many people talk about stress and stressors. What are the stress and stressors? Stress is a response to negative situations or events which are confronted. It influences people emotionally and psychologically. Small amount of stress may be healthy and beneficial for emotionally and psychologically; however, extensive amount of stress may be harmful to people. It is said that the source of stress is called stressor. Stressors could vary from person to person depending on her/his age, gender or psychology. However, stressors can be categorized into two main reasons.
One of the reasons is related to personal factors which are addiction and worrying about future. First of all, addiction is a physical and psychological desire which connected to specific drug or a phenomenon. As everyone knows, addict starts to behave unconsciously when s/he could not find drug. At this moment, s/he is very dangerous for people who are his/her relatives. After this situation, the person has stress because s/he could not remember what s/he did and said. The other addiction is social media addiction. People use social media as if the real world was there. For instance, a man who is social media addicted starts to bring about stress when he can not reach the internet connection. Secondly, people worry about the future. They can not know the future, they think the bad possibility and then this event may create stress. People who have children want to fulfill all the request of their children and they strive to make their children good and successful in their lives. Therefore, they have stress when they try to fulfill the requests and educate them. Moreover, people spend a lot of time to have a good career. Some people give up some requests such as marriage, hobbies only for own career. However, while people are doing these, if they are worry about not being have a good career, this situation may cause stress.
The second is related to social factors which are family and work issue. First of all, family is a big part of life. Therefore people are affected by the family problems. Big family problems are ‘divorce’ and ‘conflict among family members’. When people get divorce, their duties and responsibilities increase and they start to feel lonely. For example, a man who has a child is divorced. The man tries to get more involved his child and show to more love. That is, he tries to fill in absence of the mother. In addition, when family members disagree among them about a subject, they start to break the hearts of each others and then, they will not talk and listen to each other. These situations cause stress. The second problem is work issue. Work problems include ‘irregular and intense working hours’ and ‘pressure of boss’. If people have irregular and intense working hours, they can not take time off themselves and plan regularly. In other words, they do not have regular lives because of irregular working hours. Moreover, the boss wants them to work efficiently and if they did not do it, the boss would not be pleased due to this condition. Hence the boss put pressure on them. These situations bring about stress.
To sum up, there are two main elements which bring about stress in people’s lives. One of them is personal elements which are addiction and future concerns. The other factor is social elements which are family and work problems. According to research*, besides these factors, there are many elements which cause stress in people’s lives. Some of them are ‘death of family member’, ‘personal injury or illness’, ‘marriage’, ‘fired from job’, ‘marital reconciliation’, ‘pregnancy’ and ‘retirement’. If you want a better life, you should stay away from stress or there should be less stressors in your life.

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