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In the article, Zinn goes on to compare woman to slaves, since in the early years woman were not treated as they are today. No voting rights, no sense as a human being. Zinn states that woman were invisible to society, as were slaves also, yet white women had little rights compare to slaves, and women that were slaves. Because men ran mostly all the jobs and had the more empowerment, women were just to be child bearers, and take care of the children,

‘found it especially useful to establish this special status of women, something akin to a house slave in the matter of intimacy and oppression, and yet requiring, because of that intimacy, and long-term connection with children’.

(Howard Zinn)

Much like throughout history, women were not treated fairly; there was a lack of respect towards women. The harsh reality that woman were treated as black slaves, yet given they were slaves to their husbands and society. Back in the early years women were expect to be obedient to their husbands, or masters, and often sexual abused, yet it was common since of the women this was happening to were just teenage women who often sold. The American law oppressed women during the early years because women were looked to have low standards or weak towards a man; lots of women were imprisoned in a loveless marriage and had no opportunity to do much.
Over time the treatment of women did get better, slowly. Yet it took many years for women, like slaves, to break free from the mistreatment from society.
Female servants and slaves were forced to submit with sexual abuse and bad treatment by their masters on regular basis. One of many consequences of opposition often came in the shape of physical beatings,’ They were poorly paid and often treated rudely and harshly, deprived of good food and privacy’ (Howard Zinn).
A husband’s control over their wives extended to many things, for example, taking any and all wages from working, leave the wife without money because her husband would control every aspect of his wife. Also there were laws set in place that was unfavorable towards women, which led to a lot of the control husband’s has over their wives. Religion was another form of control a husband had over this wife.
Many factors came forward for women to get the equal rights they deserve. As the demand for labor was going up, many women had to leave the homes and go out and work. The out-of-date stay at home and being taken as slaves was passing and women, and some men, pushed for women to have greater rights then what they currently had. Because the early years, the world was a male-dominated world, but as women left their homes, they became more aware of how they cane change their lives. As man did many labors, new jobs were created and women were getting higher education. Having going to college, countless women became professors and doctors, pushing for equal rights among society.
A People’s History Of The United States, by Howard Zinn

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