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Essay: Gutenberg’s printing press

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  • Gutenberg’s printing press
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The role of technology is paramount, even thoroughly profound, in the manner in which it has shaped the lives of individuals and societies all over the world. Since the inception of media, it has continued to exert strong influence on the very thread of human society and human organization. Therefore, the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press in the 15th century had a momentous impact, like internet has had a momentous impact to our generation today. To this very effect, the Gutenberg printing press was primarily responsible for some of the greatest revolutions known in history. For instance, it formed the very basis for the modern market economy and radically alternated the socio-political structure of Europe. Likewise, the internet also innovated the “informative revolution,” and even so continues to revolutionize the manner in which we seek information, communicate with others near us and or around the world, and attend business matters. This following paper will compare and contrast how the Gutenberg printing press and the Internet has promoted positive growth between social organization, the shift of power and control, and the increase de-centralization of authority structures.
The social response to the new technology introduced by Gutenberg was multifaceted. The important implication of the Gutenberg printing press in the emerging social climate of the 15 century, Europe overall was the dissemination of human knowledge. Imagine, in an era where the educational opportunity was prohibitively limited and reserved for the elite society. Printing then facilitated the accumulation of knowledge by making discoveries widely known and to prevent the information from being lost. Information was now distributed to a larger audience, much faster and at a lower cost. This then promoted and enabled society to follow news and take part in discussions of matters of interest.

Furthermore, the era of modern education of which that initially started with the press reached the age of the internet. This new innovative platform now also promoted information, whether public or private, or verbal or visual, this platform has collected information from all over the world. This platform had and has a deep implication for society. Learning and teaching was changed drastically by the quick availability and transition that now permitted the world to communicate through channels. The world was now able to connect through shared commerce, trade, policy, and governance. With that being said, the Gutenberg press and the internet enabled organizations to utilize to their full potential knowledge based information in order to prosper and grow.

During the time the printing press had become a powerful platform to support creativity and change, it is important to note that it also had some implications. As we know the printing press did permanently store ideas and information in books and by doing so, the church took their power and control to fight printing from happening in order for the community to not have the authority to challenge their beliefs or values and instead believe in the Gospel’s word as it is. Without Guttenberg’s printing press, valuable information would have not broken barriers and possibly would have not had the power to reform. In regards to technology today, citizens of the world have had the opportunity to utilize this platform to voice their opinions and concerns.

Overall, without Gutenberg’s printing press, I believe technology would not have been able to promote diverse ideas today. We then conclude that knowledge has definitely shaped our technology and in return, technology will never stop from shaping our knowledge. New platforms in technology will continue to be created and we have to be grateful for the impact both means of platforms have provided society with.

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