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Essay: Individuality of hairstyles

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Different hairstyles have been around since the beginning of time. In the past few decades hairstyle has changed dramatically. Hair has gone from classy to simple to wild and now to chic. Hairstyle is a medium that portrays a society and also shows the choices of an individual. For instance, it helps people display their attitude, define their personality and communicate their beliefs and creativity in a silent yet very powerful manner. I did a lot of research on modern hairstyles and I am confident that hairstyle is like a mirror that reflects personalities of a person. Reminiscing into the history we can see that hairstyle does provide visible changes to a certain extent. Most of the time people associate hair styling only with female gender but nowadays men appeared to be more conscious about their hair then women.
At this moment in time, there are infinite ways we can style our hair, it’s only limited my your willingness to put effort and money on your hair.. As an illustration, we use different colors of dye to color our hair, curl it, straighten it, cut it and so much more. In this day and age, modern hairstyles are very much portrayed by teenagers and young adults. Teenagers are being told that appearance is the first thing someone notices about them. As a result, they tend to use their hair to express themselves. Cutting, styling and coloring it can make you feel in charge of your life and reflect your personality. Hence, people love changing up their hairstyle.

Personality refers to individual differences in characteristics patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving ( Alan , 2000 ). Teens as well as young adult use their hair to say to others that they are fun, rebel, conservative and etc. For instance, female teen or young adult that have short or cropped hairstyles is perceived as a confident and bold person. This is because it seem as though the wearer has nothing to hide. Short haired female also deemed to be more professional. Rose Weitz, a professor of Arizona State University stated that “ short hair in contemporary American culture is typically seen as less sexy, but more professional ”. Teens with short hair also comes off as the most confident, youthful, fun and flirty. It normally takes a lot of courage and self-confidence to be able to rock short hairstyle. Short hair also means that you don’t like to waste time own your hair, leaving more time to do other important tasks.

When a teen or a young adult wear their hair up, back and out of the way, it says a lot about their personalities too. Sporty pony tails, sleek buns and other simple styles show that you are ready to get down to business. You are letting the world know that you are a busy person, you are very organized and does not like to be interrupted, hence the smooth tightly pulled back hair.

These people are most likely to be taken seriously during working, a job interview or a major presentation at the office. When your hair is out of your face and not getting in your way, work will be done more effectively and in lesser time. It shows people your drive and ambition towards the project.

Furthermore, the choice of color you chose for your hair also speaks about you personality. If you are a person who likes to exotically color your hair, you are a rebel. You are hinting people that you are adventurous with you hairstyle. People who boldly color their hair are attention seeker people. Everyone is drawn towards a positive, bright and high-energy person. Wild, funky hair colors that do not occur naturally like pink or purple give clues that you are rebellious and a free spirit. They are definitely adventurous and always want to try something new, something out of the box.

In addition, emphatic side-parting display some very interesting personalities. Teens and young adults that have very neatly parted hair show that they are very careful people. They take things in serious consideration before doing it. They are also perceived to be modest, patient, sensible and very willing to be realistic. These people are apparently more reliable than people that have messy hair parting.

Hairstyling is a way to express key elements of who we are. By styling our hair in different ways, it gives non-verbal clues to who you are and that applies to both men and women.

How you are perceived in a staff meeting, your desirability to achieve your goals can all be told from the first impressions people have about your appearance. Most people likely don’t know is that first impressions based solely on appearance are actually fairly accurate. The impact hairstyles have on first impressions can be describe through a scenario ; first day at a new job. First and foremost, you should let your office dress code and rules be your guide. You have to know what kind of hairstyle are foreboded and avoid them. For example, a mohawk is definitely an inappropriate hairdo for the first day in the office. This is because it shows that you are a unprofessional, rebellious and most probably a rule breaker. Beyond that, you should choose a hairstyle that makes you look confident, ready, at ease and focused, for example a neat ponytail for female and a neatly parted hair for male. Commonly, the first day on the job involves lots of walking around and meeting new people. When a person meet you for the first time, they will be estimating your personalities by scanning from your head to toes. First impression is vital, your appearance gives people clues to what your personalities might be. People these days will treat you in certain ways based on the first impression you gave them. As materialistic as that sounds, we are living in a materialistic world and people judging a person’s personality based on appearances are always happening in this realistic society. Thus it is very important for you to have an appropriate hairstyle that allows your personalities to shine through. Above all, make sure your first day of work hair stay well and neat so you don’t have to do touch up every minute or two. From this scenario one may conclude that, people will be presuming a person personality in reference to your appearance. Different hairstyles give different impressions to people. You should wear your hairstyle based on your personality to avoid giving people the incorrect impression.

Our hairstyles give a glimpse into the personality behind the style. It is always great and liberating whenever you want to go to a salon to find a new way to express yourself. A female or male teenager also young adult will change his or her hairstyle many times during her life that can be signs of her evolving personality and focusing in life. Hair truly is a subtle and intricate language. Indeed, initial perceptions about our hairstyles might not be fair, but people make snap judgements about appearance all the time. Nowadays, teenagers and young adults dress and style themselves however they like and whatever is trending at the moment. They are more adventurous towards hairstyle and love to try anything new. As a result, their hairstyles won’t exactly be showcasing what their personality truly is. We must not quickly make conclusion about a person’s personality by just looking at their hairstyle. We must remember to not judge a book by its cover and get to know that person deeper before labelling them as hardworking, lazy, irresponsible or unprofessional. To sum it up, modern hairstyles act as a mirror that reflect a person’s personality to a great extent. Used minimally, a simple hairstyle can highlight your hard work and your shining personality.

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