Essay: Ireland: the invention of tradition.

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  • Ireland: the invention of tradition.
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In this assignment I will be looking at Ireland: the invention of tradition. While going through this essay I will be going through important points like the struggle for Irish independence under the ruling of the British empire in the 19th century, and how Irish past helped the nationalist in their cause.

During the 19th century Irish people was starting to get restless with the ruling from the British empire, there were people making posters and sending them into newspapers that was supporting them and who were against the British suppressed ruling of Ireland, and this started to show in the market too, as big house prices were falling and landlords were being forced out due to not being able to afford to keep them. IRA the biggest of the groups that was against the British ruling, started to burn the big houses so that people who supported their regime or was a part of their regime couldn’t occupy them, this was the start of the Ireland independence fight back towards the British who had control on what they do for over 600 years.

On Easter Monday of 1916 there was on estimate 1600 members of the public banded together to march on an agreed point in Dublin where they thought that the new government of Ireland should be, and that building was the general post office in O’Connell street which back then was called Sackville. Outside the GPO was a declaration form which was from the “the provisional government of the Irish republic” which started off like this “Irishmen and Irishwomen: in the name of god and of the dead generations from which she receives her old traditions of nationhood, Ireland, through us, summons her children to her flag and strikes for freedom” (Jeffery, 1999, p. 82)

After six days of fighting on the streets and over 500 soldiers, police men, civilians and rebels died and over 2,500 people being wounded the fighting stopped, Pearse a commander of the rebel army going against the British army called for a surrender. And even after the fighting had stopped on the streets, 15 more rebels were sent to get executed by the government.

The point I will be focusing on is on the architectural heritage of Ireland. I believe that the Irish were had enough of how the British have treated their country and their landmarks and that’s why they were forced to fight back against them, even though in 1912 there was a Irish parliament of sort they still done things in a very British way, with the home ruling be passed in 1912 and Ireland having some power back in their country they still felt suppressed by the British government. Irish people didn’t believe that the British were looking after the Irish traditions and heritage. By 1916 they had enough of being suppressed and made an up rising on O’Connell street, I believe that the nationalist wanted more than anything is too keep the memory of Ireland and to make sure that it wasn’t just another part of Britain, the way the country was going at that time, everything that made up Ireland for what it was slowly drifting away and being forgotten while being under the leadership of British monarch, and Irish nationalist couldn’t let that happen and when they finally got control of their own country they started to protect older constructions all around Ireland such as Newgrange and any castle that was built before the 1700, and all buildings that were damaged in all the conflict that come up to this point were reconstructed with materials that only come from Ireland and not anywhere else, which can be seen on buildings all around Ireland.

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