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Essay: Prejudice

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  • Prejudice
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Prejudice is an evil, fearful thing. Prejudice is when you make a preconceived opinion on someone, based not on actual experience or reason. Prejudice is extremely common today and people are being prejudice without even realising. An example of prejudice is if a black man walked into a store, grabbed an item and went to pay for the item, but the cashier said “Sorry, we cannot serve people like you here”. This is a perfect example of prejudice, the cashier is not serving the person, even though they do not know the person, and are just using information they have been taught from other people, that they shouldn’t serve black people. Today I will be talking to you about 3 pieces that relate back to prejudice.

Prejudice itself is best shown and explained in the book “To Kill A Mockingbird”, Prejudice is depicted through the use of plot, characters, themes and details. Prejudice can be seen in “To Kill a Mockingbird” through the use of characters, an example of this is during the court case, People were judged and discriminated from knowledge they have about black’s or whites, or what they were taught from their parents or people they hang around. Another great example of Prejudice in “To Kill A Mockingbird” is when Scout, Jem and Dill dare each other to touch Boo Radley’s house, Boo Radley was a man that stayed inside of his house for very long periods of time and did not like to socialise, going out only when having to get groceries or go shopping. People also believe that Boo Radley stabbed his father with a pair of scissors in his leg. This example is showing that people are judging Boo Radley from stories they have heard from him and without even seeing the man. These two examples prove that Prejudice is in every bit of the book, whether the use of Prejudice is related to race, sex, gender or social class.

The next piece that I analysed was a quote by Charles R. Swindoll, “Prejudice is a learned trait. You’re not born prejudiced; your taught it” is a great piece of text. I believe this quote is saying that Prejudice is a trait that can only be learned. The Prejudice trait is can only be learned by someone that is teaching you Prejudice or if you’re learning it from people around you, I believe this quote also has a hidden message behind it stating that everyone is born equally, and that you can only be taught to believe that you are better than someone else. The quote, explains this well and to the full truth, that you can only be taught the trait. I mean who is born, hating black people, who is born to hate white people It is something that you are taught by someone and has no place in society.

The visual piece of text that I have chosen shows a Muslim Man wearing a Turban on his head, with the words terrorist written on his head. Just from looking at this image, I guess you can already tell that he has been prejudiced. This innocent, Muslim man has been labelled as a bad person, as a terrorist that hurts people and has a mission to kill, when all we could know, has a loving family at home and he works as a banker. People are been prejudice towards people without even releasing how they are effecting people’s life’s or their futures or family’s. People like him, Muslims are victims of Prejudice daily, people calling them terrorist in the street or making racial actions or slurs to people. This man must deal with constant abuse and prejudice towards him, when he has done nothing wrong and just been born into the world and lived his life.

Overall I believe that Prejudice is a major problem in our society, People need to learn that we are all equal, No one can be better than someone else and that Prejudice is only something that can be learned from someone or you learn it from the people around you. The rates of prejudice are so astounding, that regardless of who you are, what background you’re from, how you grew up that you would have been prejudice at one point in your life. Only you can make a difference and stop Prejudice.

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