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Animals that are endangered are exactly what you think it mean. Those animals are in danger of becoming extinct in other words nonexistent;there won’t be anymore of that kind of animal. The question is why are they becoming extinct what is happening to them. Well that is easy they are dying. Now why are they dying at a rapid pace. Once again that one is quiet easy too. There are either two answer to that question one we are killing them either by hunting them or destroying their homes and then climate change has gotten its way with them. The hardest question is how can we stop them from becoming extinct and actually help them without harming them or harming our environment. Thus we must take measures to protect the endangered animals in the world:by the government enacting stronger laws to protect them, reduce exploitations of their habitats and support organizations that educate and illuminate the problem.

Wolves are one of the animals that are actually recovering and coming back into the population. But just because they are growing in population doesn’t mean they aren’t still endangered. According to national geographic cite wolves are the largest members of the dog family.Their height is 2.2 -2.7 ft and they live about 8 years. A regular dog is smaller than that but they live about 10-13 years . Wolves are one of the biggest and tallest in the dog family. But are the ones that have the less population. According to national zoo when the gray wolves are getting something to eat they use their high speed to actually catch up to their pray and then they use their sharp teeth and claws to finish the job. “In the pack typically only the alpha mates. Mating may occur anytime from January to April with births taking place in the spring.” according to national zoo. The wolves have their specific time when to mate so their cubs can be born at a certain time period like the spring . Humans are always scared of the wolves and always try to kill them because they are scared and the humans are always thinking that they are a danger to us. Us humans attack domestic animals and countless wolves have been shot, trapped and poisoned because of this tendency according to national-geographic.But wolves don’t attack unless they are being threatened. Other than there being people saying that wolves are dangerous and all there are still some people that believed that they should be saved and have a law of protection. In the website Freep is said “Time and time again the courts have told the service that wolves need further recovery before their protection can be removed” (Collette Adkins). They still are not safe their protection should be revoked These animals should no be hunted anymore they are almost all gone and helping them is actually still possible. If we keep the law that we have for them and move them all into a place where the wouldnt be hunted by people and give them time to actually mate , the population might actually be able to be saved if they are all there and not afraid of being hunted.

Another animal that is endangered and could possibly go into extinction are the snow leopards.Snow leopards are found in high altitudes between 9,800 and 17,000 feet high on the mountains of central Asia . They usually travel alone are also single mothers and live in big spaces. When they give birth to their cubs the father is usually never there .Their habitat has to be cold and dry. According to Snow “Snow leopards are perfectly adapted to the cold , barren landscape of their high altitude home but some human threats have created and uncertain future for the cats”.Since these animals are about 22-26 inches in height and are 36-44 in length makes most people scared of them. When people are scared they tend to do irrational things. These things happen to involve killing these animals and killing more of these animals makes them endangered .The population of the rarely seen big cat has likely fallen to fewer than 450 in the country, mainly due to hunting.

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