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The thought of getting bit by a shark, is often accompanied by the thought of pure horror. Regardless, if that person be an environmentalist, or just your average beachgoer going to a swim, the realities of a shark bite are too horrifying to imagine. Which is why, coastal beaches absolutely must continued to be permitted to use shark nets, an effective tool in preventing shark attacks.

The use of shark nets, has been proven repeatedly to have a dramatic decrease in the number of recorded shark bites, compared to locations without netting. Within, Shark Nets: A tangled web of destruction, it states, “There were over 4 times more shark bites recorded in the United States, compared to Nepal, South Africa, where shark netting is in use” (Text 2, lines 4-5). This quote directly proving the effectiveness of shark netting, showing us how shark netting has directly decreased the number of recorded shark bites. As well as how, the lack of shark nets, often results of in a significant more number of recorded shark bites, than places without such netting. However, this is not the only real world incidence were shark nets have been proven effective. In, Shark Nets, it states, “Since their introduction in 1936, not a single shark attack has been recorded at beaches where nets have been installed,” (Text 1, lines 2-3). This quote additional evidence, in proving that shark netting is incredibly effective. In certain cases, such as this one, preventing shark bites from occurring entirely.

In addition to providing physical protection from sharks, shark nets also provide psychological support for swimmers. As the fear of a shark bite is real, within, Shark Nets, it states, “Shark nets have been protecting australian swimmers from a death too awful to contemplate,” (Text 1, line 1-2). This quote proves that there is a real fear of shark attacks, so therefore every measure must be put into place to prevent such attacks from occurring. The presence of a physical barrier has been proven to calm those fears, as well as been previously proven to be incredibly effective.

However, as with everything, shark net usage has its skeptics, with certain people opposed to its usage. Often claiming that its usage has yet to be scientifically proven to prevent attacks, in, Sharing the Sea with Sharks, “Scientists i spoke believe public education is still the best method…while a technological solution is still years away,” (text 4, lines 36-37). This quote acknowledges, that public education is still the best method, however, it doesn’t say that shark netting is not a method. And the government should be using every method that has been proven effective to protect their coast swimmers. As shark netting has been proven effective, in certain cases, such as in Australia, “Since their introduction in 1936, not a single shark attack has been recorded at beaches where nets have been installed,” (Text 1, lines 2-3). Preventing shark attacks entirely, decreasing the threat of a shark attack to near zero. Completely invalidating the opposition’s point, that public education is the best method, as shark netting, while not the best method, is a proven effective method. So shark netting has no justifiable reason to not be continued to be used.

Shark netting is an incredible effective method of protecting coastal swimmers from horrifying shark attacks. And despite certain people objections to its effectiveness, it has been proven repeatedly, in real world situations, not just controlled experiments to be incredible effective. Its benefits completely outweigh its possible negatives, so therefore shark netting must be continued to be allowed to be in use.

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