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Essay: Diversity and Inclusion – Wells Fargo / The Hershey Company / Boeing

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Wells Fargo & Company is a multinational financial services company headquartered in San Francisco, California, with central offices throughout the United States of America.
CEO of Wells Fargo, Tim Sloan, along with a few senior officials operate an Enterprise Diversity and Inclusion Council inside the company, who are accountable for the Council and its goals of diversity and inclusion. To show their seriousness to diversity and inclusion, they have pledged to donate $100 million by the next year to help out and support different social causes plaguing us.
The council has a lot of features, including career development, mentoring programs, networking and community outreach activities. Such activities ensure participation and inclusion. They also ensure a good workplace environment for everyone, where everyone is valued, accepted and respected. Wells Fargo ensures hiring and retaining a diversity of employees which are there in every level of management as well as other areas in the company and subsequently, they ensure growth in the company focussing on diverse leaders and mentoring them.
It is their commitment that has led to inclusion and diversity starting at the top of their board of directors and running to the bottom of the pyramid of work hierarchy, ranging to different team networks and diversity councils throughout the United States of America. Their inclusion commitment has also led to usage of diverse communities of suppliers, hence ensuring diversity at every level of the company.
The Hershey Company, or Hershey’s, is an American company and one of the largest chocolate and baked products manufacturers in the world.
The reason why it is considered as a big player in workplace diversity is because of it’s strong women representation in senior leadership. The president/CEO of Hershey’s is Michele Buck is one of the 44% of Hershey’s women in executive positions. This is twice as many as women in the top levels of companies. Hershey’s also has Business Resource Groups that are led by 8 employees in the company. The Hershey Company has women occupying many of the top positions in the company (Including CEO), throughout the company at 50% and 44% of the top positions on the executive committee.
The Business Resource Groups include Abilities First, African American, Asian, GenH, Latino, Prism, Veteran’s and Women’s, plays an important role in helping attract and retain employees from such backgrounds and connecting with them, within the company.
The Hershey Company has a staggering rate of female employees working which shows their commitment towards inclusion in workplace, along with diversity factor of the employees and has led Hershey’s to not just become a top company in their field, but in the world.
The Boeing Company is an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets, satellites, and missiles worldwide. The company also provides leasing and product support services.
Chairman, President and CEO Dennis Muilenburg heads the Diversity & Inclusion council of the company’s top executives and also serve as sponsors of its nine Business Resource Groups. These groups scout for talents in every area which results in profits to the business.
Boeing hosts two events, the Global and Diversity Inclusion Summit and the Global Women’s Leadership Conference, highlighting the work done towards and with Diversity Inclusion and the work done by women of the industry. These conferences are attended by employees throughout the world. In addition to these, Boeing also has been a host to 23 Empowering Women’s Forum in 8 sites, with around 1300 attendees, including 87 percent women and 41 percent ethnically diverse crowd, talking about women’s leadership, gender diversity, work-life effectiveness – and career success.
All this is done since the company’s beliefs include an environment where all are seen, heard, valued and respected, therefore unleashing full potential of their employees. Their Diversity and Inclusion council as well as the teams includes a special focus on veterans, individuals with disabilities and LGBTQ communities.
These strategies attract talent and deliver strategies for personal and professional development of employees at different levels of organisation.

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