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Company history and background
Adidas AG adapted as Adidɑs since 1949 is a multinational partnership, established and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany that outlines and fabricates shoes, dress and embellishments. It is the biggest sportswear producer in Europe and the second biggest on the planet after Nike. It is the holding organization for the Adidas Group, which comprises of the Reebok sportswear organization, TaylorMade golf organization including Ashworth, Runtastic, an Austrian wellness innovation organization and 8.33% of Bayern Munich, the football club. Adidas organization income for 2016 was recorded at €19.29 billion.

The organization was begun by Adolf Dassler in his mom’s home he was joined by his senior sibling Rudolf in 1924 under the name Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. Dassler aided the improvement of spiked running shoes for various athletic occasions. To upgrade the nature of spiked athletic footwear, he changed from a past model of overwhelming metal spikes to using canvas and elastic. Dassler induced U.S. sprinter Jesse Owens to utilize his hand made spikes at the 1936 Summer Olympics. In 1949, after a breakdown in the connection between the siblings, Adolf made Adidas, and Rudolf set up Puma, which moved toward becoming Adidas organization business equal.

Adidas logo is three stripes which is utilized on the organization’s attire and shoe plans as an advertising help. Adidas purchased the marking in 1952 from Finnish games organization Karhu Sports which is the marking turned out to be successful to the point that Dassler portrayed Adidas as “The three stripes organization”. The brand name is uncapitalized and is adapted with a lower case “a”.

Company Overview

The adidas Group strives to be the global leader in the sporting goods industry with brands built on a passion for sports and a sporting lifestyle. They are committed to continuously strengthening our brands and products to improve our competitive position.
They are innovation and design leaders who seek to help athletes of all skill levels achieve peak performance with every product they bring to market.
They are consumer focused and therefore they continuously improve the quality, look, feel, and image of our products and our organizational structures to match and exceed consumer expectations and to provide them with the highest value.
They are a global organization that is socially and environmentally responsible, that embraces creativity and diversity, and is financially rewarding for our employees and shareholders.
They are dedicated to consistently delivering outstanding financial results.

• Performance
Sport is the foundation for all they do and executional excellence is a core value of our Group.
• Passion
Passion is at the heart of our company. They are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving.
• Integrity
They are honest, open, ethical, and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word.
• Diversity
They know it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds to make our company succeed. They encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion.


1. Basic Rules of Conduct
Execution, Passion, Integrity and Diversity are the center estimations of the adidas Group. As needs be, we anticipate that all representatives will behave in congruity with these center esteems and with the most extreme decency, trustworthiness and obligation in all parts of their organizations.

Consistence with the law and the lawful framework is the most critical guideline for the adidas Group. Each representative should act morally and agreeable with the laws and directions of the lawful frameworks inside which they are acting while at the same time doing the Group’s business. Infringement of the law must be stayed away from under all conditions.

One of the best qualities of the adidas Group is the decent variety of its workers and business accomplices. We cooperate with men and ladies of different nationalities, societies, religions and races, who unite an extensive variety of encounters, abilities and attitudes.

The adidas Group remains for Human Rights. We won’t endure any separation or individual provocation, be it sexual or in some other frame. Each worker must regard the individual poise, security and legitimate privileges of each person. This Code of Conduct might apply to interior participation and in addition to direct towards outside business accomplices. Despite the assents forced by the law, any worker blameworthy of an infringement of the law or of this Code of Conduct while doing the adidas Group’s business will be liable to train up to and including end.
1.1 Executive’s duties
Each official bears a unique moral obligation regarding the representatives depended to him/her. The official must prepare himself/herself properly, endless supply of new or extended authority obligations. Officials have an obligation of supervision. It is the duty of each official to guarantee that there is no infringement of this Code of Conduct or inward understandings and no infringement of the law inside their region of obligation which appropriate supervision could have averted or rendered more troublesome. Assignment of undertakings won’t discharge the official from duty and he/she should show this obligation through their own particular conduct.
The following shall apply in particular:
• The official should painstakingly choose workers not just based on their professional capabilities yet in addition their own character. The duty of care increments with the significance of the undertaking to be depended to the worker (duty of selection).

• The official must plan the assignment in an exact, finish and restricting way; specifically, the official must underscore consistence with the law and this Code of Conduct while educating representatives (duty of instruction).

• The executive must ensure that compliance with this Code of Conduct and with the law is monitored on a constant basis (duty of monitoring).

• The executive must clearly communicate to the employees that violations of this Code of Conduct or violations of the law are disapproved of and that employees who violate this Code of Conduct or the law while carrying out the Group’s business will be subject to discipline up to and including termination without consideration of their standing (duty of information).
1.2 Basic Rules and Common Sense
This Code of Conduct is expected to supply certain essential guidelines with respect to workers’ direct while doing the matter of the adidas Group. Be that as it may, this Code of Conduct can’t supplant Common Sense joined with great business judgment. Moreover, it can’t address all conditions that may introduce themselves. Nittier gritty rules can be acquired through the Group’s Global Policy Manual. If all else fails in regards to whether a proposed game-plan is legitimate or in consistence with the adidas Group’s center esteems, a representative should look for direction from their manager and the lawful branch of that worker’s adidas Group organization.
2. Treatment of Business Partners and Third Parties/Conflicts of Interest: Compliance with competition law and antitrust law
2.1 The adidas Group is committed to fair competition
Each representative is committed to consent to the laws of reasonable rivalry. Antitrust assessment can be troublesome in singular cases. Workers should look for direction from the lawful division of their specific organization inside the adidas Group if all else fails. A few kinds of conduct frequently constitute an infringement of antitrust law:

For example, workers may not go into verbal or composed concurrences with contenders to fix costs or creation levels. It is besides inadmissible to go into concurrences with contenders with the end goal of not rivaling each other, submitting false offers in offering or isolating up clients, locales and items.

Particularly in the European Union, representatives should not find a way to settle resale costs or endeavor to force fare or import forbiddances.
2.2 Offering and granting unlawful advantages
No worker may straightforwardly or in a roundabout way, neither in their nation nor abroad, offer or give unlawful advantages regarding their business dealings, neither as financial “kickbacks” nor as some other kind of advantage. Limited time endowments to representatives of business accomplices must be chosen in order to keep away from any appearance of lacking honesty or mistake. In instances of uncertainty, the beneficiary ought to be requested to acquire earlier authorization from their manager. On the off chance that the beneficiary denies such demand, this shows he/she thinks about this blessing as despicable himself/herself. Endowments may not be made to government employees or other open authorities. Workers finishing up contracts with advisors, delegates, operators or equivalent outsiders must make sure that these outsiders don’t offer or allow unlawful advantages either.
2.3 Demanding and accepting advantages
No representative may utilize their situation to request, acknowledge, acquire or be guaranteed any unlawful advantage. This does exclude tolerating intermittent blessings of irrelevant esteem (i.e. USD 100 or lower) therefore some other blessings, in any case, must be declined or returned. In instances of uncertainty the beneficiary ought to be asked for to acquire earlier consent from their chief for tolerating the blessing. On the off chance that the beneficiary denies such demand, this shows the beneficiary himself/herself views tolerating the blessing as ill-advised.

2.4 Additional special rules for awarding contracts
Employees whose work involves the awarding of contracts must comply with the following rules in addition to those set forth above:
The representative must illuminate their administrator on any individual intrigue he/she could have regarding the execution of their expert obligations. There must be no out of line separation for or against any providers in their opposition for contracts.

Solicitations from business accomplices may just be acknowledged if the event and extent of the welcome are proper and if rejecting the welcome would be unduly rude. No worker may have private contracts satisfied by organizations with which he/she has organization business dealings in the event that he/she could determine any preferred standpoint in this way constituting out of proportion between benefit rendered and thought gave in kind. This applies specifically if the representative is fit for practicing an immediate or roundabout impact upon the contracting of such organization through their position.
2.5 Donations on behalf of the Group
Applications for gifts put together by people should on a fundamental level be rejected. Gift installments to private records are restricted. For no situation may a gift be made in favors of any individual or association that would harm the notoriety of the adidas Group. The gift must be straightforward. The beneficiary of the gift and the beneficiaries real utilize thereof should be known. Workers must whenever have the capacity to legitimize the explanation behind the gift and its utilization as per the planned reason. Gifts ought to be assess deductible. Gifts to political gatherings and their associated associations are not allowed.

Additionally, insights about gifts in the interest of the Group are set out in our Corporate Giving Guidelines (Global Policy Manual – Social and Environmental Affairs). Gifts are not some methods for encouraging business exchanges. Date, sum and beneficiary must be unequivocally recorded. Gifts by methods for money installments should just be made in extraordinary cases and must be recorded with uncommon persistence by methods for receipts, and so on. Semi gifts are restricted as disregarding the standards of straightforwardness. Semi gifts are awards proposed to look like pay for a specific administration however are considerably more prominent than the estimation of the administration. Accordingly, it is in any event to a limited extent a matter of a given for different purposes.

2.6 Use of Group assets
The adidas Group anticipates that all representatives will treat their working gear, be it a pen or an auto, with unique care. Representatives may not utilize Group resources or property for individual increase (monetary or something else) past the receipt of pay and advantages from the Group regarding business. In particular, no adidas Group representative may utilize Group property for his or her very own advantage, including exchanging or bargaining property, or offering item or tests for individual pick up. Group property incorporates all items made by the Group, yet not obtained by the worker, different things or item from providers or endorsers and PC hardware and programming.

3. Handling of Information
3.1 Records and reports
Open and wonderful joint effort requires right and legitimate uncovering. This applies also to the relationship with financial specialists, laborers, customers and business assistants as they with the all-inclusive community and any regulatory work environments, for instance, for instance, supervisory specialists. As to this, laborers dealing with budgetary issues or connected with business accounting bear an exceptional obligation (see in like manner Paragraph 4 for Special Rules for Dealing with Financial Matters).

The overall public’s trust in the adidas Group depends, everything considered, on the rightness and respectability of uncovering. Any records, data aggregations, reports and records conveyed inside or provided for the stock exchange supervisory master, to some different authorities or to general society must be done, right, correct, promising and fathomable, and must be according to the exclusively suitable law. All portion trades must be recorded in a sensible and unambiguous way. The essential of genuine declarations applies to cost accounts as they will.
3.2 Confidentiality
Privacy must be kept up with respect to inner corporate issues which have not been made known to general society. This incorporates, for example, insights concerning the adidas Group’s association and property, as they’ll as issues of business, assembling, innovative work, and inner detailing figures. The commitment to keep up classification will keep on applying even after the end of the business relationship.
3.3 Data protection and data security
It is vital to make an abnormal state of information insurance in the adidas Group worldwide as they know that the achievement of the Group overall is reliant on worldwide systems administration of data streams, as well as most importantly on dependable and safe treatment of individual information. That applies to the treatment of all the individual information of common people, specifically the information of representatives, clients, investors, contracting gatherings or business accomplices and other outsiders.

Individual information may just be gathered, prepared or utilized seeing that this is important for foreordained, clear and honest to goodness purposes. Individual information should not be utilized for purposes other than those for which the information was initially gathered.
Elevated expectations must be guaranteed with respect to information quality (individual information might constantly be right) and the standards of information economy and information shirking. Because of expanding systems administration of data and correspondences frameworks, the insurance of individual information is a noteworthy concern today. Suitable specialized and hierarchical measures for taking care of individual information must be set up for the organization procedures and Information Technology frameworks, keeping unapproved people from accessing information handling frameworks on which individual information are prepared or utilized. The utilization of information must be straightforward for those concerned, their rights to address and grumble, to data and adjustment and, if pertinent, to complaint, blocking and cancellation must be defended.

3.4 Insider trading rules
Representatives who have insider data as to an organization must not bargain in such organization’s securities, regardless of whether recorded on the stock trade or on the managed showcase or exchanged on the unlisted market. This applies to insider data as to adidas AG and every single partnered organization inside the adidas Group as they will as to any situation where a representative gets insider data on some other organization. Insider data implies any data which isn’t open information and which can be utilized to impact a financial specialist’s choice to buy, offer or keep a security.

With a specific end goal to maintain a strategic distance from any appearance of an infringement of the insider exchanging rules, the individuals from the Executive Board may not influence exchanges in securities concerning adidas AG in the period from two weeks preceding the finish of a quarter until two days ensuing to the production of quarterly outcomes, and in the period from two weeks before the finish of a monetary year until two days consequent to the distribution of the aftereffects of the financial year. The same applies to representatives of the Group whose exercises or capacity gives them access to money related outcomes not yet distributed.

Insider data may not be passed on to people outside the adidas Group (e.g. writers, money related examiners, clients, experts, relatives or companions) without approval. Indeed, even inside the adidas Group, such data may just be passed on if the beneficiary very it to play out their expert obligations. Moreover, workers should dependably ensure that insider-pertinent information is secured or kept carefully guarded such that unapproved people can’t access it.
Representatives who have insider data may likewise not give venture tips to outsiders. Also, the accompanying is to be noted: Executives might be by and by at risk for harms if a representative disregards insider exchanging rules and if appropriate supervision could have avoided such infringement.

4. Special Rules for dealing with financial matters
The following Special Rules for Dealing with Financial Matters apply to the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, the Heads of Accounting, Reporting and Controlling, as they will as to persons performing similar functions, and to all other employees dealing with financial matters.
The aforementioned persons are required to act in accordance with the following guidelines with respect to all financial matters:
•​comply with the separately material laws and directions;

•​act with trustworthiness and respectability and stay away from genuine and clear irreconcilable circumstances amongst private and expert issues;

•​ensure the opportune and exact documentation of all business exchanges in the adidas Group accounts in full consistence with all appropriate inward rules and the “Global Financial Reporting Standards”;

•​ensure full, reasonable, precise, opportune and fathomable revelation of data in reports, archives and every other production arranged by them;

•​act with trustworthiness, duty, determination, fitness and reasonability when managing monetary issues. They may neither distort basic certainties nor unjustifiably impact free assessments or choices through, for example, offering motivators with respect to pay. If all else fails, a moderate standard should be connected in instances of assessments and choices;

•​ensure that all advantages and assets utilized by, having a place with or endowed to the adidas Group are taken care of mindfully and under supervision;

•​actively advance moral conduct as a capable accomplice. This applies to the relationship among each other as they’ll as towards subordinates;

•​maintain and share the learning required for managing money related issues;

•​assume the obligation regarding consistence with these Rules;

•​report opportune any infringement of the previously mentioned Rules to the adidas AG Compliance Officer or the approved consistence officer of the separate Group organization. The same applies to any express or decisive endorsement of the inability to consent to these Rules. Inability to make a move inside due time against a takeoff from an arrangement of these Rules will constitute indisputable endorsement.

5. Complaints and other information
Any worker may hold up an individual dissension with their director or some other individual/unit assigned for this reason or with a current inside works board. Representatives may likewise illuminate of conditions which point to an infringement of the Code of Conduct and, specifically, to criminal direct in the adidas Group. In the event that the arrangement of such data is supported, it will be dealt with privately at the worker’s demand unless authentic conditions require something else. In outrageous cases, specifically if criminal direct is suspected, workers may likewise give such data secretly; however , they should do as such in composed frame with solid actualities.

Contact people are, notwithstanding the previously mentioned units, the adidas AG Compliance Officer and the approved consistence officers of the Group organizations around the world. The issue will be examined immediately. Comparing move will be made, if suitable. All archives are protected in guardianship.

Moral valor will be bolstered in the adidas Group. Striking back for influencing an objection or collaborating with an examination to won’t go on without serious consequences. The adidas Group will execute fitting measures so as to secure the Compliance Program and the workers’ advantage.

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