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Risk taking is a characteristic piece of any enterprise establishment, yet isn’t regularly expressed in the definition of business choices. The term Risk has often been connected with unwanted events, and risk management has been characterized as investigating and limiting the likelihood and effect of undesirable events. This is just a single analysis of the total picture. Assessing positive results is similarly as vital component of ERM as assessing the drawback of ERM, as ERM is concerned about the entire picture undertaking and assessing risk procedure in connection to an arrangement of dangers. The target of ERM is to keep up risks at an acceptable level and guarantee the most ideal harmony amongst threats and opportunities – in accordance with the risk appetite and business methodology of the Board and Executive Management. It is concerned about guaranteeing the accomplishment of objectives as the enterprise creates and manages administration of the organization’s advantages, including evasion of losses as a result of undesirable events. This will incorporate issues happening in all levels of the organization. A pre-requisite for having the capacity to practice risk management is along the lines of strategies, to which objectives at different levels are associated. Risk assessments at all levels will be connected to a chain of targets which bolsters the overall business objective. Practically speaking this implies guaranteeing the most ideal reason for landing at choices at the different levels of the organization, so the choices made will bolster the general goals. Parallel, it is important to have deep knowledge to guarantee the accomplishment and monitoring of exercises.
Risk management can be characterized as a systematic, co-ordinated and pro-active dynamic exercises aimed at the assessment and treatment of vulnerability and events which can affect the accomplishment of objectives.

This incorporates the organization’s ability to:

• Influence the likelihood of positive or negative effects on events
• Understand/exploit connection between different kinds of Risk
• Monitor improvement of the Risk profile over time
• Initiate exercises which adjust the way of improvement to the required path
• Build a culture which guarantees the usage of exercises and prompts sound Risk management. This surmises all-encompassing views connected over every organizational unit, functions and Risk categories (strategic, financial, operational and other risks) hence evading “silo” considering and sub-improvement. Fundamentally Risk management is concerned about acquiring the most ideal reason for decisions and encouraging the proficient and compelling execution and observing of decisions made. This will be accomplished through a cognizant demeanor to a satisfactory level of Risk and the required Risk exposure.

Risk management at various organizational levels

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