Essay: Comparative study of consumer satisfaction towards Mcdonalds and KFC

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  • Comparative study of consumer satisfaction towards Mcdonalds and KFC
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This dissertation report is based on the survey, which has been done in the Moradabad city. The main objective of the survey is to comparative study of consumer satisfaction towards Mcdonalds and KFC. The data used for the analysis is primary data and collected through the use of questionnaire. The respondents were the customer of Restaurants. The sample size of my research is 50, and the respondents are customers, a questionnaire consisting of 11 questions has been used to make this dissertation report. The data have been tabulated and shown in the form of a pie chart. Then it is interpreted and analyzed and further the conclusion of the study is drawn. And I have asked some questions to customers through which I am avail to conduct this dissertation report. I believe that this dissertation report will help to the reader for better understanding of the attitude of the customer.
About the Industry
Fast food industry in India has developed with the changing ways of life of the youthful Indian populace. The sheer assortment of gastronomic inclinations over the areas, genetic or obtained, has realized diverse modules the nation over. It might require some investment for the neighborhood endeavor to develop to the level of worldwide players in the field.
Large portions of the customary dishes have been adjusted to suit the rising fast food outlets. The essential adjustment is to diminish the handling and serving time. For instance, the common dinner which called for being served by an ever ready orderly is presently offered as a Mini-Meal over the counter. In its customary adaptation, a plate or a banana leaf was first set down on the floor or table. A few partners then tended to the burger joint, doling out various dishes and refilling as they got over in the plate.
In the fast food form, a plate officially organized with an assortment of cooked vegetables and curries alongside an altered amount of rice and Indian flatbreads is passed out over the counter against a prepaid coupon. The curries and breads shift contingent upon the district and neighborhood inclinations. The higher valued ones may add a sweet to the mix. Refills are for the most part not advertised.
The assorted qualities of Indian cooking postures logistical issues with regards to taking care of. Henceforth it is regular to serve diverse foods at various counters inside the same premises. Nearness of an extensive vegan populace, who shun non-veggie lover sustenance, has offered ascend to outlets which solely serve vegan fast food. Additionally, diverse assortment of nourishment might be served relying upon the seasons of the day. Refreshments such espresso, tea, soda pops and natural product juices may likewise be served in such outlets. A few outlets may moreover have exceptionally composed counters for dessert, chaats and so forth.
Well known arrangements of fast food business in India have the accompanying components in like manner:
• Wide opening out and about side
• Easy to keep up and solid stylistic layout
• A money counter where sustenance coupons are sold
• A sustenance conveyance counter which constantly is stone topped
• Additional counters for Ice Creams, Chaats, Beverages and so forth.
• A very much fitted kitchen found in order to be noticeable to the clients
• Tall tables, for the most part of stainless steel, where one can eat while standing
• A drinking fountain decorated with a water channel
• Rust-evidence and non-fragile ceramics
The majority of the fast food outlets in India are remain solitary foundation, few of them having more than one branch.
Another idea of fast food that is getting to be well known is that of Food Courts. It resemble assembling various Darshinis serving distinctive foods under one rooftop. Here likewise one needs to buy coupons and gather the nourishment from one of the few counters. Every one of these counters serves particular assortment of sustenance and might be possessed by various people or food providers. Nourishment Courts are regularly situated on much greater premises and may give seating office notwithstanding the stand and eat course of action. Regularly one business person possesses or tackles rent the whole premises and advances the spot under one name. He then lets out individual counters to various free administrators to offer diverse menu. Inner rivalry is kept away from by not permitting more than one counter to offer comparable nourishment.
A few universal fast food chains like Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald\’s, and Barista Coffee have their outlets in real urban areas. Bistro Coffee Day, again a brainchild of Bangalore based representative, is the main Indian chain which brags of several outlets and is available crosswise over India. Be that as it may, then it is ordered more as a coffeehouse than a fast food place.
Presently nearby chains combined with various remote quick nourishments have sprung up in India, prompting numerous sites not just taking into account the curated rundown of sustenances, eateries and audits additionally offering choice to book and get it conveyed at your doorsteps.
Built up in California amid the 1940s by two siblings, the McDonald\’s eatery turned into a mainstream teenager home base in the primary flush of post-war fortune. To nourish these energetic bodies, the siblings decreased the menu to the lasting top pick – ground sirloin sandwiches, connected sequential construction system methods to sustenance generation and extended to four eateries by 1953. Observing the siblings\’ prosperity, in 1955, Entrepreneur Ray Kroc purchased the privilege to establishment the McDonald\’s System. Renamed the McDonald\’s Corporation in 1960, Kroc centered his showcasing exertion on the family dinner and kids, spending vigorously on TV publicizing which advanced the grinning jokester face of its kid amicable brand mascot, Ronald McDonald. Today, the McDonald\’s establishment surpasses 30,000 eateries internationally and serves more than 50 million individuals in more than 121 nations every day.
1. McDonald\’s vision is to be the world\’s best brisk administration eateries experience.
2. McDonalds is focused on keeping up and building up the best nourishment items in the speedy administration eatery market.
3. With a specific end goal to convey this, the organization has made various duties to nourishment security and sustenance.
4. Lead the Quick Service Restaurant market by a system of site improvement and beneficial eatery openings, and by drawing in new clients. Expanding deals through advancements will empower them to proceed with their project of development.
5. McDonalds have a goal to constant upgrade and enhance their menu. This will better fulfill their clients and give clients more motivation to visit. Numerous thoughts for new things on the menu originate from the franchisees reacting to client request. Customer tastes change after some time and McDonalds needs to react to these progressions.
Statement of purpose
“McDonald\’s vision is to be the world\’s best fast administration eatery experience. Being the best means giving exceptional quality, administration, cleanliness, and worth, with the goal that we make each client in each eatery grin.”
McDonald\’s center competency is giving comfort when individuals need and need to eat fast food at costs that are aggressive and give best esteem to the client\’s cash. One of McDonald\’s upper hands is its attention on consistency of value, creation of sustenance and utilization of crude materials all around the globe. The world acknowledgment connected with the brand McDonald\’s itself is additionally one of McDonald\’s upper hands.
Request Trends:
There are numerous varieties saw in the interest patterns for McDonald\’s in India. The pattern took after by the high wage gathering is moderately steady and they involve a little rate. The adjustments in the economy have next to no impact on the interest patterns of McDonald\’s that is being trailed by this high salary bunch.
Different purposes behind these varieties are:
McDonald\’s is a brand that is generally seen by a normal Indiai client to be a spot which is gone by on some event or on occasion. The principle explanation behind this is the low discretionary cashflow that individuals have as a result of the swelling and some other unemployment reasons.
Then again McDonald\’s beaus, for example, undergrads, working people, children and families partial to spending a ton on fast food eateries make it a spot to be gone by much of the time. One reason is high extra cash by hands on people. Another reason is the fascination for McDonald\’s by children and in addition the individuals who adore it for each reason.
There are additionally worldwide issues which influence sustenance interest for McDonald\’s e.g. feathered creature influenza and dairy animals maladies in western nations cut down interest for McDonald\’s a few years prior as it was a known actuality that they get their meat from worldwide suppliers with a specific end goal to look after quality.
The interest additionally fell in view of the security issues that influenced interest for McDonalds, e.g. suicide assaults on western foundations a year prior.
One reason for the lessening in the interest pattern for McDonald\’s is the threatening state of mind of the overall population in India towards all the Western eateries and multinational organizations. In this manner the interest patterns for McDonald\’s have declined due to the a portion of the evil exercises that have been seen amid past a few years in regards to McDonald\’s.
In the same way as other different countries individuals in India are turning out to be entirely wellbeing cognizant. Fast food eateries are offering ascend to issues identified with heart and others, for example, stoutness and over the top cholesterol that are making individuals exceptionally cognizant. Along these lines it has been watched that to stay away from such issues individuals have changed their eating designs and are spending less on eateries, for example, McDonald\’s.
Key Success Factors:
McDonald\’s India has a forceful arrangement to extend in every single other citie of India and is quickly developing with the center to give well disposed and a brisk administration eatery experience to its clients.
There are numerous key achievement variables because of which McDonalds is fruitful in the business sector. We have been effective in recognizing a couple:
Every one of the establishments of McDonalds in India are possessed by Lakson Group of Companies. Aside from the way that LGC is one of India\’s greatest enterprises, their administration permits institutionalization of value as well as a more uniform and compelling advertising systems so as to manage in the business sector. In this manner McDonald\’s being its part needed to keep on striving to keep up its norms in the neighborhood area.
Numerous McDonald\’s eateries have incorporated a play area for youngsters and publicizing intended for kids, and some have been upgraded in a more “characteristic” style, with a specific accentuation on solace: presenting lounge zones and chimneys, and wiping out hard plastic seats and tables. This has given another standpoint to the McDonald\’s as a speedy administration eatery that is still not be seen on other fast food eateries.
McDonalds doesn\’t offer just burgers. Their all around enhanced menu is additionally one of the key achievement elements as the greater part of McDonald\’s rivals are very particular: KFC in chicken, Pizza Hut in pizzas and so forth.
With regards to eating out amid Ramadan in any fast food eatery, the name that snaps to the clients is McDonald\’s. The reason is the moderate arrangements that they offer, that appear to beat all others with regards to costs.
Another point of interest that McDonald\’s has on its rivals is the area of its establishments. Its principle preference is that it is situated in region that is effectively receptive. Besides it has in its surroundings other exceptionally alluring spots to be gone to by individuals who need to make the most of their life to the full. These spots are a wellspring of fascination not for the administrations they give but rather to McDonald\’s also. For instance one of its outlets has been opened in Park Towers in Karachi in order to pull in the customers who visit it oftentimes. Another key area that McDonald\’s has gained is at the Clifton shoreline. This has constrained numerous others close-by eateries and one of the exceptionally popular food eateries with the name of Kublai Khan to get shut. Same is the situation in Rawalpindi/Islamabad where McDonald\’s holds a critical vital area. The clients that are headed to the Cinemas are naturally pulled in towards McDonald\’s.
All hamburger patties are flame broiled; seasonings comprising essentially of salt and dark pepper.
• Big Mac: Along with the Quarter Pounder with cheddar, this is one of the two McDonald\’s mark menu things. Presented in 1967 as a reaction to the lead burger at Big Boy eateries. Two 1.6-ounce (45 g) (approx. uncooked weight) ground hamburger patties, uncommon Big Mac sauce (like Thousand Island dressing), destroyed ice shelf lettuce, cheddar, two pickle cuts, and re-hydrated onions on a toasted sesame seed bun, with an extra center bun (called a “club layer”) isolating both meat patties. In Australia a Big Mac normal serving size is 201 grams.
• Quarter Pounder: Along with the Big Mac, this is one of the two McDonald\’s mark menu things. 4-ounce (113 g) (approx. uncooked weight) ground hamburger patty with ketchup, mustard, fragmented onions, two pickle cuts (numerous nations do exclude pickles), and two cuts of cheddar. The Quarter Pounder was concocted by Al Bernardin, an establishment proprietor and previous McDonald\’s Vice President of item improvement, at his McDonald\’s in Fremont, California, in 1971. In a few markets new to Imperial estimations, (for example, France), it is known as a Royal Cheese, or variations thereof, for example, McRoyale. Likewise accessible as the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, which incorporates another patty of the same extents and a cut of cheddar, or as a quad sandwich in parts of Australia.
• Hamburger and cheeseburger: a 1.6-ounce (45 g) ground meat patty, with 0.125 ounces (3.5 g) ketchup, mustard, a solitary dill pickle, re-hydrated onions, on a toasted bun. At one time at an early stage in McDonald\’s history, the pickle was ousted from the sandwich. Likewise sold as a twofold or triple, including an additional pickle cut for every hamburger patty included. The twofold cheeseburger was initially offered as a special thing in the 1950s, and was added to the normal menu in 1965. A triple burger and a bacon twofold cheeseburger are discretionary things and are not generally accessible in all eateries or markets. A green bean stew twofold cheeseburger with bean stew peppers is offered in New Mexico. In Australia the normal serving size for a Cheeseburger is 110 grams.
• Twofold Cheeseburger has two 1.6-ounce (45 g) ground meat patties, with 0.125 ounces (3.5 g) ketchup, mustard, two cuts of dill pickle, re-hydrated onions, and two bits of cheddar on a toasted bun.
Chicken McNuggets – Introduced in 1980 as a swap for the McChicken, these are little chicken lumps presented with plunging sauces of Barbecue, Sweet n\’ Sour, Honey, and Hot Mustard. Accessible in 4, 6, 10 (initially 9), or 20 pieces. Up until 2003, they were a mix of liquified white and dull meat, now they are made with just condensed white meat. In 2011, 4 new diving sauces were familiar and included with the lineup: Sweet Chili, Honey Mustard, Spicy Buffalo, and Creamy
Chicken Selects – McDonald\’s variation of chicken strips. They were introduced taking after mid 1998 and offered again as a constant part of the menu in late-October 2003. They are sold in 3, 5, or 10 pieces sizes and join choices of red hot wild bull, rich homestead, Honey Mustard, and Chipotle barbecue diving sauces; sauce determinations in the UK are smokey flame broil, sharp cream and sweet bean stew sauce. Sold in the United States, Canada, Israel and the UK. Available in Australia under the name Chicken McDippers.
McDonald\’s French Fries
McDonald\’s initially acquainted plates of mixed greens with its menu in 1985. Since that time, they have rebuilt their serving of mixed greens lines a few times. In the U.S., the most current plate of mixed greens offerings are a piece of the McDonald\’s Premium line. Initially presented in 2003, the Premium Salads all are a blend of ice sheet lettuce and an exceptional lettuce grouping (romaine, and so forth.), with cherry tomatoes and diverse fixings to separate them; furthermore all plates of mixed greens can be finished with warm flame broiled or fresh chicken. The majority of its servings of mixed greens are a piece of McDonald\’s turn towards making a more advantageous picture.
Chicken McNuggets
• McKinley Mac – A burger that resembles the Big Mac, yet it utilizes two quarter pound meat patties. Sold just in Alaska.
• McLobster – Some McDonald\’s eateries in New England and the Canadian Maritimes offer lobster moves as a regular menu thing, called the McLobster.
• The menu in India has various novel things:
o Chicken Maharaja Mac – like a Big Mac, however with two squeezed spiced chicken patties rather than meat, presented with a mustard sauce
o Paneer Salsa Wrap (“paneer is an Indian unsalted white cheddar).
o Chicken Mexican Wrap
KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a fast food eatery network headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, United States, which represents considerable authority in seared chicken. An “American symbol”, it is the world\’s biggest chicken eatery network and the second biggest eatery network in general as measured by deals afterMcDonald\’s, with more than 17,000 outlets in 115 nations and regions as of December 2011. KFCrestaurants offer steady marking and comparative menus around the world. Most outlets are worked on an establishment premise, with a minority worked specifically by the organization itself. Franchisees buy certain things from the guardian organization, pay a sovereignty as a rate of profit, and contribute towards neighborhood promoting costs.
KFC was established by Harland Sanders, who started offering broiled chicken from his roadside eatery in Corbin, Kentucky amid theGreat Depression. Sanders was one of the principal individuals to see the capability of the eatery franchising idea, with the main “Kentucky Fried Chicken” establishment opening in Utah in 1952. The establishment promoted chicken in the fast food industry, in this manner expanding the business sector and testing the strength of the ground sirloin sandwich. Advertising himself as “Colonel Sanders”, he turned into a fanciful figure of American social history, and his picture is still noticeably utilized as a part of KFC marking. The organization\’s quick extension saw it develop too huge for Sanders to oversee, and he in the end sold the organization to a gathering of speculators. KFC was one of the principal fast food chains to go universal, opening outlets in England, Mexico and Puerto Rico by the mid-1960s. In the mid 1970s, KFC was sold to the spirits firm Heublein, who were assumed control by the R.J. Reynolds aggregate, who sold the chain to PepsiCo. All through the 1970s and 1980s, KFC experienced blended accomplishment at home as it experienced a progression of corporate proprietors who had practically no involvement in the eatery business, in spite of the fact that it kept on growing in abroad markets. In 1987 KFC turned into the primary Western eatery network to open in China. KFC has following extended quickly in China, and the nation is presently the organization\’s most productive business sector. PepsiCo spun off its eateries division (additionally including Pizza Hut and Taco Bell), as Tricon Global Restaurants, which later changed its name to Yum! Brands.
KFC principally offers singed chicken pieces and varieties, for example, chicken sandwiches and wraps, servings of mixed greens and side dishes such asFrench fries and coleslaw, sweets and sodas, frequently supplied by PepsiCo. Its most celebrated item is weight broiled chicken pieces, prepared with Sanders\’ “Unique Recipe” of 11 herbs and flavors. The definite way of these fixings is obscure, and speaks to an outstanding competitive innovation. Extensive parts of fricasseed chicken are served in a cardboard “pail”, which has turned into a mark of the chain subsequent to being presented by franchisee Pete Harman. KFC is acclaimed for the trademark “finger lickin\’ great”, which has subsequent to been supplanted by “No one does chicken like KFC” and “So great”.
KFC has been the objective of a progressing effort by the every living creature\’s common sense entitlement association PETA, althoughcompany administrators have dissented that the chain is unjustifiably singled out for feedback. The chain has additionally been blamed by Greenpeace for adding to thedestruction of the world\’s rainforests with unsustainably sourced cardboard and paper bundling. In 2012, in China, the organization was found to have been purchasing poultry that had been raised with illicit levels of development hormone and anti-microbials. This brought about an eatery blacklist by countless through December and January of 2013.
Chicken Zinger
Succulent, firm chicken filet, finished with chunk of ice lettuce and flavorful mayo, served in a delicate sesame bun.
Veg Zinger
A fresh filet of 100% genuine veggies, finished with chunk of ice lettuce and mayo, served in a delicate sesame bun. It\’s succulent, fiery, crunchy!\’ An energizing expansion grew uncommonly for our fans in India
Chicken rocks in a hot new role! Taste the freshness of tomatoes, lettuce and pepper mayo. Savour the warm, toasty tortilla. Relish your favorite finger-licking chicken with a twist
2 pc Hot n Crispy
Treat your tastebuds to spicy, crunchy, juicy chicken that sets your taste buds alight.
2 pc Fiery Grilled
Marinated and seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices, and then grilled to perfection, Fiery Grilled Chicken is spicy, juicy and truly irresistible.
2 pc Curry Crunch
Your favorite crunchy, juicy chicken, now with an Indian Twist!
Family Feast
Chomp some chicken. Munch some fries. Share a rizo. And wash it all down with a swig of Pepsi. We\’ve got something for the whole family!
Best of KFC
All that\’s good about KFC in one big meal. This one\’s not for the faint hearted!
 To study the comparison between Mcdonalds and KFC
 To study the market position of both the company among customers
 To study the customer satisfaction level with Mcdonalds and KFC
Friend, et al., (2002) Establishing sensible eating habits from young is essential in shaping food preferences later in life. An adequate diet is essential for child and adolescent growth but exactly how much an individual needs varies with size and build, growth rate and level of physical activity. For any person to remain healthy and avert acquiring any diseases, it is extremely important for the person to develop a proper eating habit. It is only when a person controls his diet and watches the food and drinks which go into the body that he would be able to protect him from any of the diseases. Without maintaining a healthy eating habit, it is only a matter of time before one falls sick or develops serious medical life-threatening complications. In healthy eating lies the key to acquiring a healthy body and a healthy mind.
Treynor (2005) Eating out has become the order of life. Youngsters prefer aerated drinks and fast foods to home made meals. This can be attributed mainly to the appealing advertisements carried out on televisions. Ads on television have had a marked effect on the choice of food items, especially among the younger generation. The popular Icons of Sports world and the movie stars campaign for consumables and the younger generation is influenced by these acts of their idols. It reflects the fact that nutritious and well-balanced food is increasingly becoming a rarity and eating a proper meal is not a priority any more for many, who are often hard-pressed for time.
Treynor and Mazuy (2006) Good nourishment is the secret of a healthy and happy life. Without maintaining a healthy eating habit, it is only a matter of time before one falls sick or develops serious medical life-threatening complications. In healthy eating lies the key to acquiring a healthy body and a healthy mind. At different stages of a person\’s life, the demands of the body, as far as nutrients are concerned, would be different. The health requirements of a growing child would certainly be different from that of someone who his of 90 years of age. Thus the age of the person is of prime importance when a proper diet plan is being discussed. Apart from the factor of age, the sex of a person also plays a critical role in healthy eating habits. The nutritional needs of woman are often different from those of a man. But there are some common food health requirements which cut across all sort of groups. A healthy eating habit requires that the people have regular intake of nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. One of the safest sources of all these nutrients is the vegetables. Including varied kinds of vegetables in one\’s diet would certainly yield good results for the person. Eggs and milk are also quite efficient sources of many of the nutrients mentioned. Healthy food and drinks coupled with regular exercises would put you on to the path of healthy living. Consulting a dietitian is also of the interesting ideas which one could try out.
Fama (2007) There are all kinds of health issues related to unhealthy eating habits. Diabetes would be the number one health concern due to over consumption of sugar. In addition to this, Obesity, thyroid dysfunction, kidney malfunction, and intestinal problems can all be directly associated with too much sugar consumption. Then there are ill-effects of too little food consumption. When we do not consume what we need to maintain our health, problems like gum diseases, heart disease, muscle deterioration, vision loss, and anorexia occur.
Moreover once our body reaches the point of unhealthy functioning, it\’s almost impossible to correct one problem without creating another. Thus to maintain the healthy functioning of the body, a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals is required. If one does not receive these through meals, one may take supplements.
(Kotler et al 2003) A market in this context refers to a number of all actual and potential buyers of a product. These buyers have a need to satisfy their needs through exchange. These needs make up the demand for particular products and services. Several components must be considered, as all these components have a direct or indirect impact on Pizza Hut’s success.
Changes in the below described components over the last couple of years have led to big changes in people’s attitudes towards healthy food. It explains why Australians today want to eat healthy and nutritious-rich food in order to keep themselves healthy and that Pizza Hut must adjust their range of product and their company image to appeal to these new expectations, people have.
(Kotler et al 2003) Pizza Hut operates in a larger macro environment of forces that creates opportunities, but also threats. A company such as Pizza Hut usually cannot influence trends in the macro environment, as they affect people and organisations on a larger scale. However, Pizza Hut has to carefully examine macro environmental trends and must create competitive responses to such trends. There are six major macro environmental forces Pizza Hut has to take into account. The microenvironment consists of all forces that are close to Pizza Hut, and on which Pizza Hut has an impact. They directly affect Pizza Hut’s ability to serve its customers.
Data Type Primary & Secondary
Sampling Unit Customers of watches
Sampling Type Convenience Sampling
Sample Size 50
Research Tool Questionnaire
Type of Research Descriptive
Data Collection Method Survey
Area Moradabad
Question 1: Do you prefer to go restaurants?
Options Number of Respondents Percentage
Yes 50 100%
No 0 0%
Table No.01
Graph No.01
This diagram demonstrated that of 50 respondents, all respondents said they are prefer to go restaurants.
Question 2: Which Restaurant do you prefer to go?
Options Number of Respondents Percentage
McDonalds 30 60%
KFC 20 40%
Table No.02
Graph No.02
This graph demonstrated that of 50 respondents, 60% respondents said that McDonalds and 40% respondents said that they want to go KFC Restaurant.
Question 3: Which factor do you consider while going to restaurant?
Options No. of Respondents Percentage
Price 17 34%
Quality & Taste 13 26%
Location 10 20%
Others 10 20%
Table No. 03
Graph No. 03
This diagram demonstrated that of 50 respondents, 34% cost, 36% respondents said quality and taste, 20% respondents said area and 20% respondents said other consider while going to eatery.
Question 4: Which restaurant provides home delivery?
Options No. of Respondents Percentage
McDonalds 38 76%
KFC 12 24%
Table No. 04
Graph No. 04
This graph demonstrated that of 50 respondents, 76% respondents said McDonalds and 24%
respondents said KFC eatery gives home conveyance
.Question 5: Which restaurant has excellent selection of items?
Options No. of Respondents Percentage
McDonalds 28 56%
KFC 22 44%
Table No. 05
Graph No. 05
This diagram demonstrated that of 50 respondents, 56% respondents said McDonalds and
44% respondents said KFC eatery has fabulous choice of things.
Question 6: Which restaurant has better combo meal offers?
Options No. of Respondents Percentage
McDonalds 29 58%
KFC 21 42%
Table No. 06
Graph No. 06
This diagram demonstrated that of 50 respondents, 58% respondents said McDonalds and
42% respondents said KFC eatery has better combo dinner offers.
Question 7: which restaurant is providing appropriate awareness through advertisement about the launch of new products?
Options No. of Respondents Percentage
McDonalds 32 64%
KFC 18 36%
Table No. 07
Graph No. 07
This graph demonstrated that of 50 respondents, 64% respondents said McDonalds and 36%
respondents said KFC eatery is giving proper mindfulness through promotion about the
Question 8. Which restaurant is using e-marketing for promotion of its product like ads or video on websites or social networking sites?
Options No. of Respondents Percentage
McDonalds 25 50%
KFC 25 50%
Table No. 08
Graph No. 08
This graph demonstrated that of 50 respondents, 64% respondents said McDonalds and 36%
respondents said KFC eatery is giving proper mindfulness through promotion about the
dispatch of new items.
Question 9. Which restaurant is using effective advertisement to attract customers?
Options No. of Respondents Percentage
McDonalds 26 52%
KFC 24 48%
Table No. 09
Graph No. 09
This diagram demonstrated that of 50 respondents, 52% respondents said McDonalds and
48% respondents said KFC eatery is utilizing viable notice to pull in clients.
Question 10. Which restaurant’s distribution channel is more effective?
Options No. of Respondents Percentage
McDonalds 32 64%
KFC 18 36%
Table No. 10
Graph No. 10
This graph demonstrated that of 50 respondents, 64% respondents said McDonalds and 36%
respondents said KFC eatery\’s circulation channel is more viable.
Question 11. Which restaurant has good staff?
Options No. of Respondents Percentage
McDonalds 30 60%
KFC 20 40%
Table No. 11
Graph No. 11
This outline demonstrated that of 50 respondents, 60% respondents said McDonalds and 40% respondents said KFC eatery has great staff.
1. All respondents said they are prefer to go restaurants
2. Most of the respondents said they prefer McDonalds they prefer to go Restaurant.
3. Most of the respondents said McDonalds provides home delivery
4. Most of the respondents said McDonalds has excellent selection of items
5. Most of the respondents said McDonalds has better combo meal offers
6. Most of the respondents said McDonalds is providing appropriate awareness through advertisement about the launch of new products.
7. Most of the respondents said McDonalds is using e-marketing for promotion of its product like ads or video on websites or social networking sites
8. Most of the respondents said McDonalds is using effective advertisement to attract customers.
9. Most of the respondents said McDonald’s distribution channel is more effective.
10. Most of the respondents said McDonalds has good staff
The factors that influence the decision of pattern to select restaurants. In order of importance, quality of food; taste of the food; and hygiene and cleanliness were at the top of the list of the most important factors; availability of new items; and cultural familiarity were the least important factors, pleasant atmosphere, and good parking facilities. These results suggest that restaurant operators should pay attention to keeping food quality high, and maintaining a clean and hygienic establishment. This survey tells about the demographics of your customers as well as give you insight into what they really think about:
• Food quality
• Menu selection
• Menu pricing and value
• Waiting times
• Promptness of service
• Professionalism and friendliness of server(s)
• Server\’s knowledge of menu
• Decor
• Restaurant location
• Overall restaurant experience
After the study this is concluded that Mcdonalds marketing strategies is better than KFC because it is focusing more on promotional activities
This study provides information, which facilitates a better understanding of customers and their needs, and systems that can be implemented to ensure customer satisfaction. Restaurateurs should remember that consumer behavior is learned through association. Customer behavior is conditioned and reinforced by experiences they have; and reinforcement is anything that either positively or negatively influences or strengthens a response. The results of this study showed that food operators need to be aware of the following:
• KFC should Improve and emphasize hygienic practices and cleanliness in all activities performed in restaurant areas, including the restrooms.
• Staff should be properly trained to deliver quality service. Performance standards should be set and staff trained to meet or exceed these standards.
• KFC should Improve restaurant ambience. If necessary use the services of a professional interior designer, just as many other restaurants do. This will give them an edge over the competition.
• KFC should Consistently control quality of food. Train staff in the importance of standardization of each dish, and maintenance of the same.
• KFC should Set reasonable prices, and
• KFC should Try to create positive word-of-mouth advertising by providing quality food and service.
In spite of the fact that the study was done with amazing energy and cautious arranging there are a few confinements, which impaired the examination viz,
1. Time Constraints: The time stipulated for the venture to be finished is less and consequently there are chances that some data may have been forgotten, however due consideration is taken to incorporate all the significant data required.
2. Test size: Due to time imperatives the example size was moderately little and would have been more illustrative in the event that I had gathered data from more respondents.
3. Precision: It is hard to know whether every one of the respondents gave exact data; a few respondents tend to give misdirecting data.
4. Accessibility: It was hard to discover respondents as they were occupied in their timetable, and accumulation of information was exceptionally troublesome
• Kothari C.R., Research Methodology- Methods and techniques, new age international publishers, 2007, 2nd edition, pp. 26, 95, 111.
• Malhotra, Naresh K., Marketing Research, An Applied Orientation, Fourth Edition, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2005, Part II, pp. 71-340.
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Dear respondent,
I am the student of TMU University conducting a market survey report “A comparative study of marketing strategies of McDonalds and KFC in Moradabad”. Kindly spare few minutes to fill up this questionnaire. Any information provided by you will be used for academic purpose only.
 Name of the respondent :……………………………………………………………………………………
 Residential/ office address :………………………………………………………………………………..
 Contact no. :……………………………………………………………………………………………………
 Age group of the respondent : 18-25 ( ) 25-35 ( ) 35-45 ( ) 45 or More( )
 Education/ qualification: …………………………………………………………………………………
 Occupation :…………………………………………………………………………………………………..
Question 1: Do you prefer to go restaurants?
a)Yes b)No
Question 2: Which Restaurant do you prefer to go?
a) McDonalds b) KFC
Question 3: Which factor do you consider while going to restaurant?
a) Price b) Quality & Taste c) Location d) others
Question 4: Which restaurant provides home delivery?
a) McDonalds b) KFC
Question 5: Which restaurant has excellent selection of items?
a) McDonalds b) KFC
Question 6: Which restaurant has better combo meal offers?
a) McDonalds b) KFC
Question 7: which restaurant is providing appropriate awareness through advertisement about the launch of new products?
a) McDonalds b) KFC
Question 8. Which restaurant is using e-marketing for promotion of its product like ads or video on websites or social networking sites?
a) McDonalds b) KFC
Question 9. Which restaurant is using effective advertisement to attract customers?
a) McDonalds b) KFC
Question 10. Which restaurant’s distribution channel is more effective ?
a) McDonalds b) KFC
Question 11. Which restaurant has good staff ?
a) McDonalds b) KFC
Signature of the respondent
Thank You for your valuable time

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