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In the process of making the poster presentation for Credit Suisse, there are things that went well and things that didn’t. Regarding the effectiveness of the work, there are some advantages and disadvantages. In terms of the things our group executed well, examples like critical/comprehensive thinking, the amount of effort we put in, follow instruction and execute the presentation well and finally all of the above contributed to a well-organised presentation. Not everything went smoothly there are many disadvantages that need to be address and improve upon. Examples like our revenue stream is not complete, our strategies often have low feasibility, our poster included too much detail, the research we conducted are to some extend ineffective, there are also some self-contradicting points, and lastly some strategies we came up do not have actual benefits. Furthermore, summarising the lessons learned during the Credit Suisse presentation in the view of the fact that there is another group work. It is crucial to perform such evaluation since it helps with the transitioning to said future group work and more importantly to keep up what our group did well and avoid what went wrong. At the end, I will be discussing the lessons learned during the said future group work and the professional presentation -Online Ceramic exhibition.


1. Critical and Comprehensive thinking

– During the course of completing the presentation, critical and comprehensive thinking from each of the group member boosts the overall quality of the coursework and eventually help the presentation to be more effective. Critical thinking enables our group to identify the objective analysis of facts to form a judgement which gives members in the group an unbiased perspective, allowing everyone to approach the matter more fairly, furthermore, comprehensive thinking prompts questions stemming from the poster presentation which essentially gives the group different options and perhaps categories to approach and analyze together. To put it in perspective, the way of thinking critically helps our group to identify the needs and wants of Credit Suisse promptly and by thinking comprehensively it helps our group to approach the solutions for said needs and wants in different angles and eventually come up with various solution such as implementation of biometric security, virtual reality, real-time translator, etc. Hence by thinking critically and comprehensively tremendously boost the effectiveness of the poster presentation for Credit Suisse.

2. Effort

– During the process of making this poster presentation, just being critical and comprehensive are not enough, even if you have the most brilliant idea in the world it won’t mean anything unless you transform it into an actually product that can be presented. Therefore, putting in hours of work into the poster presentation and ensure that all the details are well presented are critical. In order to validate the ideas our group came up and making it into actually solutions, our group browsed many websites and read through related articles. By putting in lots of effort would ensure the ideas our group came up are well executed into actually solution for Credit Suisse and hence boost effectiveness.

3. Follow instruction

– With critical and comprehensive thinking and the amount of effort our group put in, it would all be useless if we did not follow the instruction and meet the criteria properly. It is crucial to understand what Credit Suisse’s needs and wants are so our group can dedicate our time and resources on finding the right solution and presented in a proper, instructed and formal way.

4. Well-organised presentation

– The aforementioned points combined together will produce a thoughtful, well-researched report to read but it is also essential to have a well-organised presentation. It would be meaningless to have a prefect report but a disaster presentation. Therefore, our group planned out the presentation part by part and each member wrote a script for their individual part and practiced until is smooth. By having a well-rehearsed and well-structured presentation further enhance and deliver our solution and boost effectiveness.


1. Incomplete revenue stream

– In our poster presentation, lack of revenue stream hinders our overall performance and weaken the effectiveness our group tries to deliver. Since some of the solution we produce are related to future technology therefore it is difficult to calculate the budget and we did not consider too much about the budget therefore some the solutions we provided related to technology are overprice and in some cases deemed impractical.

2. Low feasibility

– During the process of completing the poster presentation, the solutions our group came up with were at that moment deemed feasible since we did not know that budget is a problem but we should’ve thought about it. Some solutions including biometric identification system and incorporate virtual reality into meeting room and cooperate training. We should’ve go for the approach that would be more likely to be executed and more importantly reduce costs.

3. Too much details

– On the actual poster, our group put too much information on it therefore when we are presenting some information is hard for the people who are listening to locate and it is taking them longer to read and understand what the poster is about. We could’ve partition the poster and some detail information should be on a separate document. The approach our group took hinder the overall reading experience for others and therefore prohibit the solutions for smart working that our group try to deliver to the audience.
4. Cost bigger than benefits
– Some of the solutions our group provided indeed bring value and return to Credit Suisse but the cost overweighs the value it brings. For example, the biometric identification system and virtual reality technology, its symbolic meaning is far greater than the actual benefits it can generate at the moment since those aforementioned technologies are still consider unrealistic when trying to implement into a multinational cooperation like Credit Suisse.

Upon finishing the poster presentation, there are many things that our group did far from satisfactory. After evaluating the entire process of making this poster presentation, there are many aspects that require improvement. For instance, make sure that finances can back up with the ideas that we came up, most importantly is to stay practical, sometimes ideas/solutions do not need to be fancy but it needs to be feasible and easy to implement. Secondly is to make sure that the solutions bring actual benefits and it outweighs the cost. Instead of implementing technologies like biometric identification system and virtual reality that are immature and relatively expensive at the moment, perhaps look from the employees’ perspective and come up with solution that way may, or improve on existing product may suits the situation better. The approach to come up with solutions aside, there are lessons to be learn from the poster presentation as well. The most important and imminent one is to not have too much detail on the poster, our group’s poster had too much detail on the poster which makes it less a poster but more of a scientific report. Poster should be concise and straight to the point since people who are listening sometimes don’t have the time to listen for a long duration time. Therefore, the way our group approach the Credit Suisse poster is problematic and need to be rectify for future poster presentation.
In future group work and presentation, to start off by understand the desired of the company and fulfil its needs and wants and the solutions suggested did not overlap with existing products or functionalities. Make sure that the research conducted is effective and make sure that company understand the process of making the solutions into reality, for example installation period, how it can be managed. Also, to be clear about the benefits that the solutions deliver and make sure the solutions fit into how the company operates, without having to invest a huge sum of money. Furthermore, the solutions suggested are clear about the benefits and values which are delivered.

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