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Essay: Employee recruitment

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  • Employee recruitment
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Employee recruiting means finding and / or attracting applicants for the employer’s open position. (Dessler, Gary 2015) An effective recruiting allows a company to fill in the open positions while their competitors may have missed out the solid opportunities. Meanwhile, effective recruiting is a challenge for several reasons. Firstly, some recruit methods are superior to others. Second, the successfulness of the recruiting is depending on non-recruitment issues and policies. Third, by following the employment law to prescribe what employer can and cannot do during the recruiting process. (Dessler, Gary 2015) A recruitment process may be undertaken by public-sector employment agencies, commercial recruitment agencies, or specialist search consultancies.
Rightway Electronic (M) Sdn. Bhd. used job advertisement template method to post their job vacancy in shop window. The employer emphasize although this method not really effective but it is useful. That is because this company is located in the shopping mall, so there was many people coming and going, if there are people interests with this kind of job, they will go in and ask for more detail about the job. The main reason why the employer choosing this type method of recruitment is because there is no printing or any distribution costs occurred, and it is a high-impact relatively low-cost small printed media advert. As they are not a big company, they do not have enough money and employees to do the larger job advertisement such as advertise vacancy through newspapers or even magazines. Through the simple way to recruit people, the company can save the cost as well as the time.
Employee selection is the process of putting the right person on the right job. It is a procedure of matching organizational requirements with the skills and qualifications of candidates. By selecting the right candidate, organization will face less absenteeism and also the employee turnover problems. Thus, employee selection is important with the reason which employee with the right skills will definitely perform better in the organization. (Dessler, Gary 2015)
After reviewing the applicants’ resume, the manager will then turns to selecting the best candidate for the job. (Dessler, Gary 2015) Rightway Electronic (M) Sdn Bhd do select their potential applicants based on their applicants’ qualifications and also their experiences, which can be concluded as the main key point for choosing the right people for their organization. Thus, an individual must maintain a positive attitude also must be optimistic and then display enthusiasm to learn and grow as well as adapt to the new changes. The organization usually emphasized on adaptability and strategy wanted their employees to have the willingness to improve themselves and in organization. (Coplin, 2012) The employees’ background inquiry is significant so that mismanaging hiring can be avoided or prevented and the employer will not need to bear or face the legal consequences. Moreover, the chat with the employees is important because the employer will able to determine whether the employees possess the right skills that will able to perform in their job and then achieve the company’s target or goals. (Dessler, 2011)
A talent management is a goal oriented and integrated process of planning, recruiting, developing, managing and compensating employees in order to get them ready and to play an important part in moving the company into the right direction. (Dessler, Gary 2015) It begins with understanding what jobs need to be filled, and the human traits and competencies which are observable and also measurable behaviors of a person that make performance possible. Research had shown that, there is a method to ensure employees are engaged in their work, which is, employees must be given with the tasks that they are able to use their strengths to do the job. When they enjoy what they are actually doing, they will perform better in their work. (Dubreuil, Forest, & Courcy, 2014)
Rightway Electronic (M) Sdn Bhd identifies their employees’ strength and expertise so they can perform well in their job. Organization will decide on increasing one’s increment as a reward based on the employee’s work performance. Next, the manager also did mentioned that, if their organization able to achieve their monthly sales target, there is a bonus for every of their employees. Although Rightway Electronic (M) Sdn Bhd has different races of employees, they still treat each of their employees equally regardless of races, genders, backgrounds, and also their age.

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