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  • Documents in business
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Business documents help make business communication and sales. Documents can be used to analyse the effectiveness of a business. Paperwork often proves a relationship between business parties and the public and can be expressed legally for years to come. It is important a company document is well written and for the right purpose. Business documents range from the short e-mail messages to complex legal agreements. This kind of documentation is mostly prepared by accountants and lawyers, while others are prepared by office professionals, employees and business owners. The following written task is going to indicate a number of work environment documents.
A delivery order is paperwork given by a business or company to a carrier or driver which then goes to the customer. It goes with the delivery of a product and a copy of the delivery order is signed by the receiver of the order as legal proof of delivery of the item. On the delivery order is, delivery instructions, the delivery company name, the receiver’s name, a contact address, delivery instructions, a reference number, a product and number of products and description and there will be a place for the receiver to sign. It is important for businesses to keep good records of this document in case there are any problems of the delivered items. This task explains a number of different kinds of business documents.
A delivery order is one important business document used by many businesses that send items, products or goods to a client. It also includes a description of the item, quantity and price information. The client who is receiving the delivery may then have an opportunity to check the delivery and make sure that the delivered item matches the ones he has ordered. The delivery order is signed by the receiver which agrees with the information on the order. The customer will then get his own personal copy of the document for his or her records. This way, a delivery note is crucial to protect both parties involved in the transaction. If the note is signed, the receiver cannot come back and claim he did not receive the delivery, or the shipment did not match. This document is important to every business and an easy way to prevent disputes that could eventually turn out quite costly. If certain products are ordered but were not included in the shipment, this has to be mentioned on the delivery note as well, noting the possible expected date for the delivery of the items.
A second document is a purchase order. ‘Purchase orders help prevent overpaying and over-buying’ [Brightpearl, 2015]. A purchase order is when a buyer creates a purchase authorization document. It is a document of what a customer plans to purchase but may not purchase what the buyer wants. The order could change before committing to the order. When accepted by the seller, it is a binding contract for both parties. It lays down an order description, quantities, prices, discounted, payment terms, delivery or performance, history and other relevant terms and conditions describe a particular vendor. It is also called an order.
Another document is the a memorandum. A memorandum document; informal written brief, note, record, reminder, or summary used as a means of communication or to outline the terms of an agreement in its draft stage. The most important document in the constitution of a company is the Memorandum of Association of the company. The Articles of Association is the second most important document that needs to be registered by any company for its incorporation, registration and subsequent operation. It is a public document laying down the rules for the internal management of the company and it does not have the force of law.
Next business document type is executive summary. A executive summary highlight key points and usually a customized business plan for external audience or an investment recommendation, a short but comprehensive summary. The executive summary is usually considered to be the most important part of a business plan. Companies that want to get this, briefly tells the reader where and why in this section will be successful business idea. If you are looking for financing, the executive summary is the first opportunity to grab the attention of potential investors.
The last document type is a ‘business plan’. A business plan summarizes the near future of a project and is often a three year operational and financial target. This kind of document is prepared by the management of a company to show what the company wants to be achieved. This document serves as a blueprint to guide the policies and strategies and as circumstances change, new opportunities and or if threats emerge. The plan is for potential investors and for external audiences who are considering involvement in the ‘new’ business. A plan usually has the company credit history, present and forecast performance details. A business plan generally wants to show how that will affect the financial situation, the pro-forma balance sheet, income statements, cash-flow statements. A business plan is most important to avoid mistakes, to counterbalance investor’s emotions, to make sure everyone’s on the same page about information, to develop a game plan and to raise capital.
In brief, the above 5 business documents, a delivery order, a purchase order, a memorandum, an executive summary and a business plan can be found in most businesses. Business documents are legal paperwork, keep track of communication between sellers and buyers, company to clients, company to government departments i.e. the tax office and can keep track of goods, products and services.

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