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Essay: Air transport in Tunisia

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The civil aviation sector has grown to acquire a global dimension and generate a high added value. Thus airline transport has become the first mode of transport for both passengers and goods for international routes. Due to this proliferation in air transport, airports require judicious use treated in legislative and regulatory framework of civil aviation defined by international conventions, protocols and agreements. ..These legal procedures help ensure a good air traffic management.
We note also, that in Tunisia there are two airport managers: OACA and TAV Tunisie
It is a public and social institution responsible for:
‘ Covering the operation management and development of airports
‘ Performing all operations and services required for passengers.
‘ The regional and local control of air navigation
‘ Participation in the execution of research plans and backup
‘ The issuance of all documents required for aviation staff
TAV Tunisie:
TAV holding is successfully operating both Tunisian international airports, Enfidha-Hammamet airport and Monatir airport, with strong expertise and solid experience in conducting similar work, in the light of the conclusion of a concession contract with the Tunisian State May 14, 2007.
Enfidha-Hammamet Airport In Brief:
Enfidha-Hammamet airport is a new Tunisian airport Located in a strategic zone, overlooking some tourist areas such as Monastir, Sousse and 40 Kilometers southwest from the town of Hammamet. It is a prominent gateway to Tunisia with the proficiency and excellence of TAV airports, characterized with modernization and equipped with the latest technology after a record period time 823 days. At the beginning it was named ‘Zine el Abidine Ben Ali ?? on the name of the former president. However after ‘the spring revolution’ on 15 January 2011 a new name has been adopted ‘Enfida-Hamamet International airport’.
Monastir Habib Bourguiba Airport In Brief:
located in the Sahel of Tunisia, the airport is 8 miles west of Monastir and it was put into operation in 1968. The activity of Habib Bourguiba international airport is mainly due to the destination of tourists coming to explore the beauty of Monastir, Sousse and surrounding resorts, Port El Kantaoui in particular. The implementation of TAV operation in Monastir Habib Bourguiba Inetrnational airport started in January 2008. As a matter of fact this contributed to many improvement, for instance new equipment has been set to facilitate ?? good management and respond to customers’needs.
Hence both airports playing a vital role to make this region a center of commerce and industry, also to flourish the tourism sector and enhance air transportation.

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