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Essay: Crisis management – Johnson and Johnson

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  • Crisis management - Johnson and Johnson
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It consider as the process by which a business or organization deals with the emergency problems. in the other hand crisis management is action taken by an organization in order to keep its credibility and to maintain its good reputation after dealing with the situation happened that may negatively impact on the organization , that leads to minimizing sales of that organization’s product or service. (4)
There are certain characteristics of a crisis by which can be defined, where it forms a danger for the organization, these characteristics as following:

  • Unexpected.
  • Crisis forms high level of uncertainty.
  • Non-routine events.
  • Crisis is considered as a threat to important goals.

McNeil healthcare is one of brands of the Johnson & Johnson healthcare brands, which is producing medical products; the company was founded on March 16, 1879. The company long history reflects its superiority in the field of medical products. In the recent time the company markets a world advertise of well-known and trust OTC for relief of pain and fever, cold and flu. (5)

The Johnson & Johnson has passed numerous crises that made it stronger than the first and also it make the company make evaluation of it and methods of solving these problems. Once the J&J group faced crisis make people doubt about J&J and its credibility, the crisis was in Tylenol product. In 1982, Tylenol capsules contaminated with lethal poison leads to a huge problem, but the company effectively solves this problem by efficient crisis management team. Until 2010and 2011 the situation become so difficult, as McNeil-PPC faced another problems about its products defects. In March of 2011, the federal government has closed three J&J facilities among of them McNeil. The FDA found that the company continues in problems like not complying with federal law. In the time of the problem. The new radio that FDA prevents McNeil-PPC by federal law from manufacturing and distributing drugs from its Fort Washington, Pa and the other facilities.
McNeil provided the FDA in July 2010 with it action plan which provide with improving the quality of the system at the problem place of its U.S. manufacturing facilities. In order to continue the work, McNeil successes in the commitments as a part of the CAP and in the other hand it helps in providing assurance of products quality to the FDA. After applying different improvements in the company system such as making a whole review of the company organizing and culture, and taking more quality assurance measures, the company could pass this problem where the federal law allow to McNeil to reopen its closed facilities of Fort Washington, Pa and other closed facilities until it is certified by an outside expert and approval is given by the FDA in April 2010.
Applying crisis management helps in pass effectively the situation, as the Johnson & Johnson did. J&J has already faced a crisis and attempted to manage it.

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